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Microelectronics: Design, Technology, and Packaging II
Editor(s): Alex J. Hariz

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Volume Number: 6035
Date Published: 24 January 2006

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A unique new microtechnology facility for Australia
Author(s): H. Barry Harrison
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The morphology of hydrogenated diamond-like films and the effect of the sp2 fraction disorder on electronic and micro-mechanical properties
Author(s): M. Rybachuk; J. M. Bell
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Thermal wave dopant profiling for phosphorous ion implantation
Author(s): Kang Hai Lee; Thirumal Thanigaivelan; Kamarulazizi Ibrahim
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Fabrication of integrated optic fibre tip for micron CMMs touch trigger probe application
Author(s): H. Ji; H. Y. Hsu; J. Chua; L. X. Kong; A. B. Wedding; M. She; G. C. I. Lin; K. C. Fan
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Low-loss SPDT metal-to-metal contacts RF MEMS switch operated by electrostatic actuation
Author(s): T. Seki; Y. Uno; K. Narise; T. Masuda; K. Inoue; S. Sato; M. Jojima; F. Sato; K. Imanaka; S. Sugiyama
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The potential of silicon carbide for memory applications: bridging the technological gap between data storage and data processing
Author(s): Sima Dimitrijev
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A real-time asymmetric multiprocessor reconfigurable system-on-chip architecture
Author(s): Xin Xie; John A. Williams; Neil W. Bergmann
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Dynamic loading of peripherals on reconfigurable system-on-chip
Author(s): Yi Lu; Neil W. Bergmann; John A. Williams
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Energy efficient low power shared-memory Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) processor with dynamic voltage scaling
Author(s): D. Fitrio; J. Singh; A. Stojcevski
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Emerging issues in millimeter-wave HEMTs for telecommunications
Author(s): Anthony E. Parker
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Modeling, design and simulation of tunable band pass filter using RF MEMS capacitance and transmission line
Author(s): Shimul Chandra Saha; Ulrik Hanke; Trond Sæther
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Analysis of UHF RFID CMOS rectifier structures and input impedance characteristics
Author(s): Behnam Jamali; Damith C. Ranasinghe; Peter H. Cole
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Innovative techniques for extending the range and node limits in Bluetooth-based wireless sensor networks
Author(s): Matthew J. Fraser; Daniel A. James; David V. Thiel
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Reduced wire-length and routing complexity for LDPC decoders
Author(s): Gabofetswe A. Malema; Michael J. Liebelt; Cheng Chew Lim
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Underwater Sensing Platform Network (USPN): A novel smart environmental sensor network
Author(s): Wensheng Luo; Neil W. Bergmann
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Static design methodology dedicated to low power analog circuits
Author(s): François Rudolff; Fabrice Guigues; Edith Kussener
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VLSI circuit and systems for microphotonic applications
Author(s): S. Lachowicz; A. Rassau; C. Kim; S.-M. Lee
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Low cost mm-wave Doppler/FMCW transceivers for ground surveillance applications
Author(s): H. J. Hansen; R. W. Lindop; D. Majstorovic
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Matched filter design optimisation for UWB receiver for sensor network application
Author(s): Rohit Naik; Jugdutt Singh; Ronny Veljanovski
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Photovoltaic effect of ferroelectric PLZT in a layered and preferentially oriented film
Author(s): Masaaki Ichiki; Harumi Furue; Takeshi Kobayashi; Yasushi Morikawa; Takeshi Nakada; Chiaki Endo; Kazuhiro Nonaka; Ryutaro Maeda
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Design and implementation of a highly efficient piezoelectric power harvesting and vibration damping system
Author(s): Stephen van der Velden; Ian Powlesland; Scott Moss; Paul Beckett; Jugdutt Singh
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The effect of barrier shape on thermionic refrigerator performance
Author(s): M. F. O'Dwyer; T. E. Humphrey; R. A. Lewis; C. Zhang; K. A. Chao
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Micro hot embossed plastic millimeter-wave systems
Author(s): Ying Cai; Firas Sammoura; Chen-Yu Chi; Liwei Lin; J.-C. Chiao
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Characterizing charge trapping in microwave transistors
Author(s): James G. Rathmell; Anthony E. Parker
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Improved contact resistance stability in a MEMS separable electrical connector
Author(s): M. P. Larsson
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Specific contact resistivity of Al-NiSi contacts using Cross Kelvin Resistor test structure chains
Author(s): Anthony S. Holland; Madhu Bhaskaran; Sharath Sriram; Geoffrey K. Reeves; Vykundh Ravichandran; Vishal Dodhu Borase; Shreekkanth Bhaskaran
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Sensitivity to the onset of microfluidic slip in a microchannel
Author(s): Renate Sitte; Jan Westphal
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Efficient simplification strategies for symbolic circuit expressions of linear analog integrated circuits
Author(s): Balavelan Thanigaivelan; Adam Postula; Yong Ding
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Scaling effects on deep-submicron vertical MOSFETs
Author(s): A. Ahmadi; D. D. Rowlands; K. Alam
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Modelling and analysis of fringing and metal thickness effects in MEMS parallel plate capacitors
Author(s): Kriyang Shah; Jugdutt Singh; Aladin Zayegh
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Knowledge-based process simulation and design system for MEMS
Author(s): J. Popp; T. Schmidt; A. Wagener; K. Hahn; R. Brück; A. Hössinger
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Smart integrated sensor networks for the marine environment
Author(s): Francesco Grimaccia; Alessandro Gandelli; Ron W. Johnstone; Tony Chiffings; Riccardo E. Zich
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Sensitivity analysis of cantilever biosensors
Author(s): S. N. Fernando; M. W. Austin; J. P. Chaffey
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An embedded wireless sensor network at 433 MHz for agricultural applications
Author(s): Daniel A. James; Justin Channells; Neeli MadhusudanRao; David V. Thiel
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Comparative study of surface acoustic wave based hydrogen sensors with: InOx/SiNx/36° YX LiTaO3 structure
Author(s): Alexandru C. Fechete; Wojtek Wlodarski; Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh; Anthony S. Holland; Jarek Antosziewski; Saulius Kaciulis; Luca Pandolfi
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A new investigation of high-frequency thermopile response
Author(s): Shu-Jung Chen; Chih-Hsiung Shen
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An intelligent data processing system for a wireless sensor node for health care application
Author(s): Hai Phuong Le; Jugdutt Singh
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Study of single-chip silicon micromachined microphones
Author(s): Lu-Lee Liao; Wen-Chieh Wei; Hong-Ching Her; Shih-Chin Gong
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Design and optimisation of power rectifiers for passive RFID systems in monolithic CMOS circuit
Author(s): Behnam Jamali; Damith Ranasinghe; Peter Cole
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Subthreshold defect generation by intense electron beams in semiconductors for microelectronics
Author(s): M. Ghoranneviss; A. H. Sari; M. H. Hantehzadeh; H. Hora; F. Osman; K. R. Doolan; R. Höpfl; G. Benstetter
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Behavioral modeling and simulation of RF LNA with VHDL-AMS
Author(s): Hong-qiang Li; Chang-yun Miao
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Collaborative signal processing framework and algorithms for targets tracking in wireless sensor networks
Author(s): Hui Ma; Brian Ng
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Transient SPICE model for trap related current lag in devices
Author(s): Saif Uz Zaman; Anthony Edward Parker
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Fabrication techniques and RF performances of transmission lines on polymer substrates
Author(s): Jianqun Wang; Ying Cai; Thermpon Ativanichayaphong; Mu Chiao; J.-C. Chiao
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Design and simulation of an ultrasonic transducer
Author(s): Zhenxian Yu; Yanru Shi; Hung-Yao Hsu; Lingxue Kong
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Conventional and total momentum filtered thermionic devices
Author(s): M. F. O'Dwyer; T. E. Humphrey; R. A. Lewis; C. Zhang
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Characterising HEMT devices for MMIC distortion prediction
Author(s): James Brinkhoff; Anthony E. Parker
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Design and characteristics of L-C thin films filter at microwave frequency band
Author(s): In-Sung Kim; Bok-Ki Min; Jae-Sung Song
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Modulation recognition for real HF signals
Author(s): James E. Giesbrecht; Russell Clarke; Derek Abbott
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Local-strain effect of the SiN/Si stacking and nano-scale triple gate Si/SiGe MOS transistor
Author(s): C. H. Chang; C. Y. Chou; C. N. Han; C. T. Peng; Kuo-Ning Chiang
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Design considerations of reconfigurable antennas using MEMS switches
Author(s): Thermpon Ativanichayaphong; Ying Cai; Jianqun Wang; Mu Chiao; J.-C. Chiao
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Validation of a soil interface model to account for apparent aberrations in capacitive soil moisture sensors
Author(s): Peter Johnson; Kym Watling; David V. Thiel; Daniel A. James
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Considerations in the design of support circuitry for MEMS sensors in biomedical applications
Author(s): Kerry L. Dunn; Alex J. Hariz
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Design and fabrication of a MEMS-based piezoresistive pressure sensor for use in pharyngeal manometry
Author(s): Richard L. Petty; Alex J. Hariz
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Optimization of flexure geometry in out-of-plane capacitive accelerometer for mechanical sensitivity enhancement
Author(s): Azrif Manut; Ibrahim Mat; Mohd Ismahadi Syono
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Optimizing piezo-resistive strain gauge characteristics for intelligent strain sensing applications
Author(s): D. Macnamara; D. Thiel; D. James; P. Lisner
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Top-down methodology in industrial mixed-signals design
Author(s): E. Liao; A. Postula; Y. Ding
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