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ICO20: Display Devices and Systems
Editor(s): Tatsuo Uchida; Xu Liu; Hang Song

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Volume Number: 6030
Date Published: 11 January 2006

Table of Contents
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Fabrication of Si field emitters with a focus electrode
Author(s): Hidenori Mimura; Yoichiro Neo; Hidetaka Shimawaki
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Large area deposition technique of magnesium oxide thin film for plasma display panel applications
Author(s): Young-Wook Choi; Jeehyun Kim
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Characteristics of mist 3D screen for projection type electro-holography
Author(s): Koki Sato; Toshimichi Okumura; Takumi Kanaoka; Shinya Koizumi; Satoko Nishikawa; Kunihiko Takano
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Reconstruction of full-color images with a RGB time-sharing holographic display system
Author(s): Kunihiro Sato; Atsuhiko Sugita; Masakazu Morimoto; Kensaku Fujii
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Recording and reconstruction of 3D color images of practical objects by phase-shifting holography
Author(s): Yusuke Hamada; Kunihiro Sato; Masakazu Morimoto; Kensaku Fujii
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Information reduction in hologram and a 3D display with a movable light source
Author(s): Shingo Hamada; Kunihiro Sato; Masakazu Morimoto; Kensaku Fujii
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The effect of NPB morphology on OLEDs optoelectronic characteristics
Author(s): Yurong Jiang; Zhinong Yu; Wei Xue
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Design of an improved data signal timing for an amorphous silicon active-matrix organic LED display
Author(s): Yan-ping Liao; Zhi-wei Zhang; Xi-bin Shao; Jin-e Liu; Guo-zhu Fu; Hai Jing; Fa-bin Qiu; Kai Ma
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Design and fabrication of color filters for projection display system
Author(s): Xueke Xu; Jianda Shao; Zhengxiu Fan
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Sulfuric acid treatment of indium tin oxide for application of organic light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Wei-zhi Li; Xing-qiao Ji; Zhi-you Zhong; Tao Wang; Ya-dong Jiang
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Study on the electrical qualities of OLED with various thicknesses of the emissive layer
Author(s): L. Chen; J. Q. Zhao; S. J. Xie
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Effects on the spectrum of the blue organic light-emitting diodes by the indium tin oxide surface treatment
Author(s): Xing-qiao Ji; Wei-zhi Li; Zhi-you Zhong; Tao Wang; Ya-dong Jiang
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Low threshold field electron emission of diamond films
Author(s): Lili Liu; Yuxue Xia; Song Chen; Da Lei; Haifeng Zhao; Jingqiu Liang; Mingfei Li; Weibiao Wang; Changzhi Gu; Hong Ji
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Field emission properties of ZnO nanowires
Author(s): X. Q. Meng; D. Z. Shen; J. Y. Zhang; D. X. Zhao; Y. M. Lu; Z. Z. Zhang; X. W. Fan
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Influence of ITO surface treatments on the performance of polymer light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Zhi You Zhong; Ya Dong Jiang; Tao Wang; Wei Zhi Li; Xing Qiao Ji
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Ageing effect of treated ITO substrates on the performance of organic electroluminescent devices
Author(s): Ya Dong Jiang; Zhi You Zhong; Tao Wang; Wei Zhi Li; Xing Qiao Ji
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A new driving method for LCoS with frame buffer pixels
Author(s): Yulong Song; Zhihua Ling
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Fluorescence lifetime and quantum efficiency of Y2O3:Eu nanocrystals
Author(s): Qingyu Meng; Baojiu Chen; Wu Xu; Xiaojun Wang; Yihua Xie; Shaozhe Lu; Huasheng Lai; Yanmin Yang; Xiaoxia Zhao; Weihua Di; Guozong Ren
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The effect of electrode materials on the performance of OLEDs
Author(s): Z. Y. Zhong; Y. D. Jiang
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In-plane-switching π-twist liquid crystal displays
Author(s): Yubao Sun; Hongmei Ma; Zhidong Zhang
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Backflow effect in an inverse twisted nematic liquid crystal display
Author(s): Zhidong Zhang; Li Jiang
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Temperature dependence of structural and luminescent properties of Tb3+ doped YPO4
Author(s): Weihua Di; Xiaojun Wang; Baojiu Chen; Xiaoxia Zhao; Guzhong Ren; Qingyu Meng; Yanmin Yang; Huasheng Lai; Shaozhe LÜ
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Luminescent properties of YBO3: RE3+(RE=Ce,Tb) in the UV/VUV region
Author(s): Xiaoxia Zhao; Xiaojun Wang; Baojiu Chen; Weihua Di; Qingyu Meng; Yanmin Yang
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Digital photofinishing system based on liquid crystal on silicon
Author(s): Minmin Zheng; Huimin Yan; Xiuda Zhang; Yanli Du
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Fabrication of polysilicon thin film on glass with low-temperature UV-assisted crystallization
Author(s): J. Y. Huang; Zh. H. Ling; H. Jing; G. Zh. Fu; Y. H. Zhao
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Novel green and red PLEDs based on silole-containing polyfuorenes
Author(s): Junwu Chen; Yong Cao
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The project realization of eliminating stereo display flicker
Author(s): Guangwei Zhang; Zhiyong An; Dawei Feng
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Direct design of a polarization interference filter by adaptive simulated annealing algorithm
Author(s): Yuling Liu; Yanping Chen; Jingyi Xiong; Yingbo He; Feihong Yu
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Dependence of the molecular reorientation on the direction of incident light in azo-dye doped liquid crystals
Author(s): Luogen Deng; Guohui Wang; Junliang Zhang; Liyuan Luo; Bin Shao; Yunhong Zhang
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Study on the fabrication of orange micro-LED arrays for display
Author(s): Xia Jin; Jingqiu Liang; Jia Li; Lina Zhao; Weibiao Wang
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Development of high definition liquid crystal display with excellent moving image
Author(s): Hidehiro Seki; Kazuhiro Wako; Kazuo Sekiya; Takahiro Ishinabe; Tetsuya Miyashita; Tatsuo Uchida
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A power system design and analysis of carbon nano-tubes field emission displays
Author(s): Jong C. Wang; W. C. Yao
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