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Nanosensing: Materials and Devices II

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Volume Number: 6008
Date Published: 17 November 2005

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Photoactuation in nafion-carbon nanotube bilayer composites
Author(s): Igor A. Levitsky; Peter T. Kanelos; Elana A Viola; William B. Euler
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Carbon nanotube platform for fluorescence based biosensor systems
Author(s): Hee Cheul Choi; Hye Ryung Byon
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Carbon nanotube growth from ion-implanted catalyst by chemical vapor deposition
Author(s): Yongho Choi; Jennifer Sippel Oakley; Andrew Rinzler; Ant Ural
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Carbon nanotube photo-physics
Author(s): G. Dresselhaus; Ge. G. Samsonidze; S. G. Chou; M. S. Dresselhaus
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Surface-immobilized polyampholytic silver nanoparticles for SERS detection of cations and anions in aqueous solutions
Author(s): Siliu Tan; Denis Pristinski; Svetlana Sukhishvili; Henry Du
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Nanoshell, nanosphere, and nanowire geometries for hot spot formation in surface enhanced Raman scattering
Author(s): O. J. Glembocki; S. M. Prokes; H. Szmacinski; J. Liu; F. Kub; C. Kub
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SERS as sensing method for bio-molecules on MBE-grown quantum dots
Author(s): R. Livingstone; L. G. Quagliano; N. Perez-Paz; M. Munoz; M. C. Tamargo; F. Jean-Mary; J. R. Lombardi
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Growth and characterization of single crystal semiconductor Ga2O3 nanowires and nano-ribbons for sensing applications
Author(s): S. M. Prokes; W. E. Carlos; O. J. Glembocki
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High temperature electrical conductivity of nano-structured ZnO
Author(s): Sangtae Kim
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Nanosensing applications of In2O3 nanowires and carbon nanotubes
Author(s): Chongwu Zhou; Chao Li; Marco Curreli; Henry Lin; Fumiaki N. Ishikawa; Ram Datar; Richard J. Cote; Mark E. Thompson
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Chemical sensing with ZnO nanowire FETs
Author(s): Zhiyong Fan; Jia G. Lu
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Nano-scale chemical and biological sensors
Author(s): Sven Moller; Garry D. Hinch; Kenneth J. Duda; Pavel Kornilovitch; Kevin F. Peters; Kenneth Ward; Qingqiao Wei; Xioafeng Yang
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Circuit interfaces and optimization for resistive nanosensors
Author(s): Rajeevan Amirtharajah; Albert Chen; Darshan Thaker; Frederic T. Chong
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Chemical and biological sensing through optical resonances in pendant droplets
Author(s): Melikhan Tanyeri; Dosi Dosev; Ian M. Kennedy
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Chip-scale fluorescence sensors
Author(s): Daniel A. Cohen; Hisashi Masui; Mathew Schmidt; Brendan Moran; Steven P. Denbaars
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An InAs/GaAs quantum dot long-wave infrared photodetector with high photodectivity at 180K
Author(s): Xuejun Lu
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Novel nano-sensor for biomedical and industrial applications
Author(s): Rabi Sengupta; Achyut K. Dutta
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Characteristics of resonant leaky-mode biosensors
Author(s): R. Magnusson; Y. Ding; K. J. Lee; P. S. Priambodo; D. Wawro
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Quantum-dot based avalanche photodiodes for mid-infrared sensing
Author(s): Majeed M. Hayat; Oh-Hyun Kwon; J. Shao; Sanjay Krishna
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Dispersive photonic nanostructures for integrated sensors
Author(s): Martina Gerken; Uli Lemmer
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Photolithographically controlled emission from photonic crystals
Author(s): Irina Puscasu; Martin Pralle; Mark McNeal; Anton Greenwald; Ed Johnson; Ashish A. Shah
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Organic semiconductor distributed feedback lasers
Author(s): W. Kowalsky; T. Rabe; D. Schneider; H.-H. Johannes; C. Karnutsch; M. Gerken; U. Lemmer; J. Wang; T. Weimann; P. Hinze; T. Riedl
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Integration of subwavelength metal gratings with MEMS actuators
Author(s): David A. Horsley; J. Provine; Jack Skinner
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Novel multi-color image sensors for bio-chemical, bio-medical, and security applications
Author(s): Achyut K. Dutta; Nibir K. Dhar; Priyalal S. Wijewarnasuriya; M. Saif Islam
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Molecular assembling for dye-sensitized photonic devices: opportunities for nanotechnology in energy harvesting
Author(s): Ahalapitiya H. Jayatissa
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Microarray immunoassay for phenoxybenzoic acid using polymer-functionalized lanthanide oxide nanoparticles as fluorescent labels
Author(s): Mikaela Nichkova; Dosi Dosev; Shirley J. Gee; Bruce D. Hammock; Ian M. Kennedy
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Nanomedicine: a new paradigm in diagnosis and therapy
Author(s): S. Sridhar; M. Amiji; D. Shenoy; D. Nagesha; V. Weissig; W. Fu
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Ultra-narrow width air-gap Si FET integrated with micro-fluidic delivery for charge based sensing
Author(s): Ali Gokirmak; Sandip Tiwari
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Nanostructured disposable chips for electrochemiluminescence-based biosensing
Author(s): Ming Zhou; Alexis Laforgue; C. Geraldine Bazuin; Robert E. Prud'homme
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Processing and optical properties of sol-gel derived nanostructured CdWO4 films
Author(s): H. M. Shang; Y. Wang; M. Bliss; G. Z. Cao
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Diffractive optical elements for photonic gas sensors
Author(s): N. Madamopoulos; G. Siganakis; A. Tsigara; L. Athanasekos; S. Pispas; N. Vainos; E. Kaminska; A. Piotrowska; A. Perrone; C. Ristoscu; K. Kibasi
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Enhancement of biomolecular detection sensitivity by surface plasmon resonance ellipsometry
Author(s): Hyun Mo Cho; Won Chegal; Yong Jai Cho; Young-pil Kim; Hak-sung Kim
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Imaging ellipsometry combined with surface plasmon resonance for real-time biospecific interaction analysis
Author(s): Won Chegal; Hyun Mo Cho; Yong Jai Cho; Young Pil Kim; Hak Sung Kim
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Investigations on adsorption-dependent optical thickness changes of molecular sieve zeolite thin films for chemical sensor development
Author(s): Juan Hui; Liangxiong Li; Jian Zhang; Ming Luo; Junhang Dong; Hai Xiao
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Effect of the radiation reaction force on infrared signals from the apertureless near field scanning optical microscopy technique
Author(s): Mark P. J. L. Chang; Erick A. Roura
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Optimization of nano-photonic sensors and detectors by information theoretic principles
Author(s): Karan D. Mohan; Mohammad A. Khan; Amin N. Dharamsi
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