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Smart Medical and Biomedical Sensor Technology III

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Volume Number: 6007
Date Published: 10 November 2005

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Applications of surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) for biosensing: an analysis of reproducible commercially available substrates
Author(s): Troy A. Alexander
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Characterization and optimization of novel surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS)-based nanoimaging probes for chemical imaging
Author(s): Mikella E. Hankus; Gregory J. Gibson; Brian M. Cullum
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Amplified electrocatalysis at DNA-modified nanowires for ultrasensitive biosensing
Author(s): Melissa A. Lapierre-Devlin; Shana O. Kelley
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Development of an electrochemical biosensor without a sandwich assay
Author(s): James J. Sumner; Kevin W. Plaxco; Carl D. Meinhart; Hyongsok Soh
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Novel surface coatings for antibody attachment to surface plasmon resonance sensors
Author(s): Michael R. Malone; Jean-Francois Masson; Stephen Beaudoin; Karl S. Booksh
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Development of salicylidene derivatives as novel receptors for anion sensing and recognition
Author(s): Yousef Hijji; Gilbert Wairia
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Label-free detection of antigens using implantable SERS nanosensors
Author(s): Honggang Li; Caitlin E. Baum; Brian M. Cullum
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Automated spectral acquisition: a smart biomedical sensor technology
Author(s): Lindy McClelland; Shona Stewart; John Maier; Matthew Nelson; Patrick Treado
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Scanning laser ophthalmoscope design with adaptive optics
Author(s): Sophie P. Laut; Steven M. Jones; Scot S. Olivier; John S. Werner
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In vivo application of 2-D lateral scanning mode optical coherence tomography for glucose sensing
Author(s): Roman Kuranov; Donald Prough; Veronika Sapozhnikova; Inga Cicenaite; Rinat Esenaliev
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Ultra-wideband radar methods and techniques of medical sensing and imaging
Author(s): Christine N. Paulson; John T. Chang; Carlos E. Romero; Joseph Watson M.D.; Fred J. Pearce; Nathan Levin M.D.
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Effect of skin and fat layers on the spatial sensitivity profile of continuous wave diffuse reflectance near-infrared spectra
Author(s): Ye Yang; Michael A. Shear; Olusola O. Soyemi; Babs R. Soller
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In vivo noninvasive measurement of muscle pH during exercise using near-infrared spectroscopy
Author(s): Olusola Soyemi; Michael Shear; Michelle Landry; Dulce Anunciacion; Babs Soller
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Multivariate calibration with slowly responding reference measurements
Author(s): Michael A. Shear; Olusola O. Soyemi; Michelle Landry; Babs R. Soller
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NMPPAS fiber optic microprobe for sub-surface brain tumor diagnosis
Author(s): John B. Kiser; Nirmala Chandrasekhran; Brian M. Cullum
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Bimorph deformable mirror: an appropriate wavefront corrector for retinal imaging?
Author(s): Sophie Laut; Steve Jones; Hyunkyu Park; David A. Horsley; Scot Olivier; John S. Werner
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Shape memory polymer therapeutic devices for stroke
Author(s): Thomas S. Wilson; Ward Small IV; William J. Benett; Jane P. Bearinger; Duncan J. Maitland
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Ten-minute analysis of drugs and metabolites in saliva by surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Chetan Shende; Frank Inscore; Paul Maksymiuk; Stuart Farquharson
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Development of aptamer-based sensors for the real-time detection of proteins
Author(s): Dimitra N. Stratis-Cullum; Ellyn M. Johnson; Paul M. Pellegrino
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Selective multivariate analysis of blood glucose with near infrared spectra
Author(s): Airat K. Amerov; Gary W. Small; Mark A. Arnold
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Detection of biomolecules in complex media using surface plasmon resonance sensors
Author(s): Michael R. Malone; Jean-Francois Masson; Margaret Barhnart; Stephen Beaudoin; Karl S. Booksh
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Multiplexed polymer surface plasmon sensor with integrated optical coupler
Author(s): Hyeon-Bong Pyo; Se Ho Park; Kwang Hyo Chung; Chang Auck Choi
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Microsphere based saliva diagnostics
Author(s): David M. Rissin; Christopher DiCesare; Ryan B. Hayman; Timothy M. Blicharz; David R. Walt
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Structurally integrated organic light-emitting device (OLED)-based multianalyte sensing through analyte-oxidase interactions
Author(s): Ruth Shinar; Chengliang Qian; Yuankun Cai; Zhaoqun Zhou; Bhaskar Choudhury; Joseph Shinar
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Developing rapid point-of-care multiplex detection for use in lateral flow devices
Author(s): R. S. Rao; J. S. Albala; S. M. Lane; D. L. Matthews; A. M. Fisher; J. L. Lambert; M. A. Coleman
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A label-free optical waveguide biosensor with sub-wavelength gratings
Author(s): Jenq-Nan Yih; Yen-Chieh Mao; Yi-Ming Chu; Wei-Han Wang; Lai-Sheng Chen; Fan-Ching Chien; Kuang-Li Lee; Pei-Kuan Wei; Shean-Jen Chen
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Flow through PCR module of BioBriefcase
Author(s): E. Arroyo; E. K. Wheeler; R. Shediac; B. Hindson; S. Nasarabadi; G. Vrankovich; P. Bell; C. Bailey; T. Sheppod; A. T. Christian
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Predictive assay for cancer targets
Author(s): Amanda Suess; Christine Nguyen; Karen Sorensen; Jennifer Montgomery; Brian Souza; Kris Kulp; Larry Dugan; Allen Christian
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Small sample whole-genome amplification
Author(s): Christine Hara; Christine Nguyen; Elizabeth Wheeler; Karen Sorensen; Erin Arroyo; Greg Vrankovich; Allen Christian
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Single photon detection module for multi-channel detection of weak fluorescence signals
Author(s): Vinit Dhulla; Georgiy Gudkov; Andrey Stepoukhovitch; Andriy Tsupryk; Olga Kosobokova; Dmitri Gavrilov; Vera Gorfinkel
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