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Nanofabrication: Technologies, Devices, and Applications II

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Volume Number: 6002
Date Published: 10 November 2005

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E-beam-patterned hydrogels to control nanoscale surface bioactivity
Author(s): P. Krsko; I. Saaem; R. Clancy; H. Geller; P. Soteropoulos; M. Libera
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Gap effects on whispering-gallery mode microresonances
Author(s): Zhixiong Guo; Haiyong Quan; Stanley Pau
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Left-handed high energy density waveguides: nano-light propagation and focusing
Author(s): V. Podolskiy; J. Elser; R. Wangberg; E. Narimanov
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The development of surface-plasmon-based sensors using arrays of sub-wavelength holes
Author(s): A. G. Brolo; R. Gordon; K. Kavanagh; D. Sinton
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Enabling nanoscale science and engineering via highly flexible low-cost maskless lithography
Author(s): Henry I. Smith; Rajesh Menon; Amil Patel; David Chao; Michael Walsh; G. Barbastathish
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Epitaxial and endotaxial semiconductor quantum dots: atomic order, morphological transformations, and structural transitions
Author(s): Peter Moeck
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Photoluminescence properties of Er-doped Y2O3 thin films by radical-enhanced atomic layer deposition
Author(s): Trinh T. Van; John Bargar; Roman Ostroumov; Kang L. Wang; Jane P. Chang
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Single nanoparticle semiconductor devices
Author(s): Yongping Ding; Ying Dong; Ameya Bapat; Julia Deneen; C. Barry Carter; Uwe R. Kortshagen; Stephen A. Campbell
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ALD as enabling technology for the next generation of microprocessors
Author(s): Adrien R. Lavoie; Val Dubin
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Self-assembling formation of Si-based quantum dots and control of their electric charged states for multi-valued memories
Author(s): Seiichi Miyazaki
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Low-k/copper integration scheme suitable for ULSI manufacturing from 90nm to 45nm nodes
Author(s): T. Nogami; S. Lane; M. Fukasawa; K. Ida; M. Angyal; K. Chanda; F. Chen; C. Christiansen; S. Cohen; M. Cullinan; C. Dziobkowski; J. Fitzsimmons; P. Flaitz; A. Grill; J. Gill; K. Inoue; N. Klymko; K. Kumar; C. Labelle; M. Lane; B. Li; E. Liniger; A. Madon; K. Malone; J. Martin; V. McGahay; P. McLaughlin; I. Melville; M. Minami; S. Molis; S. Nguyen; C. Penny; D. Restaino; A. Sakamoto; M. Sankar; M. Sherwood; E. Simonyi; Y. Shimooka; L. Tai; J. Widodo; H. Wildman; M. Ono; D. McHerron; H. Nye; C. Davis; S. Sankaran; D. Edelstein; T. Ivers
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Self-assembled porous silica/Cu damascene interconnects for 45nm node and beyond
Author(s): T. Kikkawa; R. Yagi; S. Chikaki; M. Shimoyama; T. Ono; N. Fujii; K. Kohmura; H. Tanaka; T. Nakayama; A. Ishikawa; H. Matsuo; Y. Sonoda; N. Hata; Y. Seino; T. Yoshino; K. Kinoshita
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Fabrication of mesoporous silica for ultra-low-k interlayer dielectrics
Author(s): Nobutoshi Fujii; Kazuo Kohmura; Takahiro Nakayama; Hirofumi Tanaka; Nobuhiro Hata; Yutaka Seino; Takamaro Kikkawa
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Process control and material properties of thin electroless Co-based capping layers for copper interconnects
Author(s): Nicolai Petrov; Charles Valverde; Qingyun Chen; Chen Xu; Vincent Paneccasio; Daniel Stritch; Christian Witt; Elizabeth Walker; Jeff Barnes; Michael Pavlov; Eugene Shalyt
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Nanoimprint lithography: review of aspects and applications
Author(s): D. J. Wagner; A. H. Jayatissa
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Atomic force microscopy at the 100-nm scale: practical, theoretical, and metrological outlook
Author(s): S. N. Magonov
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New routes for imaging the optical near-fields of plasmonic nanostructures
Author(s): Gary P. Wiederrecht; Alexandre Bouhelier; Jeffrey E. Hall; Jasmina Hranisavljevic; Yann Gilbert; Renaud Bachelot; Alexandre Vial; Pascal Royer
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The shear-force/ultrasonic microscope: a nanometrology tool for surface science and technology
Author(s): A. La Rosa; N. Li; K. Asante
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Theoretical study of nonlocal effects in the optical response of metallic nanoshells
Author(s): Railing Chang; P.T. Leung
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Nanomaterials fabrication and physics
Author(s): Z. F. Ren; J. Rybczynski; S. H. Jo; D. Banerjee; S. Chen; D. Z. Wang; J. Y. Huang
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Fabrication and primary photoevents in self-assembled nanocomposites based on semiconductor quantum dots and tetrapyrrole chromophores
Author(s): Eduard I. Zenkevich; A. Shulga; Thomas Blaudeck; F. Cichos; Christian von Borczyskowski
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Kinoform lenses: toward nanometer resolution
Author(s): Aaron Stein; Kenneth Evans-Lutterodt; Ashley Taylor
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Generation and manipulation of multi-cycle terahertz pulses via optical rectification in poled lithium niobate
Author(s): Yun-Shik Lee; N. Amer; W. C. Hurlbut; B. J. Norton; J. R. Danielson
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2D photonic crystals fabricated in wide bandgap nanocrystalline diamond
Author(s): Jeffrey W. Baldwin; Maxim Zalalutdinov; James E. Butler; Tatyana Feygelson; Brian H. Houston
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High resolution angular measurement using surface-plasmon-resonance heterodyne interferometry at optimal incident wavelengths
Author(s): Hai-Pang Chiang; Jing-Lun Lin; Railing Chang; Zhi-Wei Chen; Pui Tak Leung
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Reactive ion etching of motheye and photonic crystal silicon nanostructures using CBrF3
Author(s): G. J. Sonek; V. G. Kreismanis
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Investigation of C60 films for surface finishing applications
Author(s): Ahalapitiya H. Jayatissa; Arunan Nadarajah; Achyut K Dutta
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Preparation of ZnO films in sol-gel method using novel monomers
Author(s): Ahalapitiya H. Jayatissa; Kun Guo; Ambalangodage C. Jayasuriya
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Focus image feedback-controlled 3D laser microstructuring
Author(s): Volker Schmidt; Ladislav Kuna; Georg Jakopic; Ernst Wildling; Gregor Langer; Günther Leising
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