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Technologies for Optical Countermeasures II; Femtosecond Phenomena II; and Passive Millimetre-Wave and Terahertz Imaging II

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Volume Number: 5989
Date Published: 3 November 2005

Table of Contents
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Protecting civil aircraft from the MANPAD threat: is this a practical scenario?
Author(s): William Taylor
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Countermeasure laser development
Author(s): Bernhard Molocher
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Review of laser sensing devices and systems
Author(s): Ove Steinvall
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High-pulse energy mid-infrared laser source
Author(s): Gunnar Rustad; Stephane Nicolas; Ørnulf Nordseth; Gunnar Arisholm
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Evaluation of different configurations of resonant pumped 2 μm-Ho:YAG lasers
Author(s): Christelle Kieleck; Antoine Hirth; Martin Schellhorn
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Dual-use bimorph deformable mirrors
Author(s): M. S. Griffith; L. C. Laycock; J. M. Bagshaw; D. Rowe
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Requirements for laser devices used in countermeasure applications
Author(s): David H. Titterton
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720-mW continuous wave room-temperature operation diode laser emitting at around 2.4µm
Author(s): Michel Garcia; Yves Rouillard; Eric Tournié; Michel Krakowski
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High-power diode lasers with an aluminium-free active region at 915 nm
Author(s): N. Michel; I. Hassiaoui; M. Calligaro; M. Lecomte; O. Parillaud; M. Krakowski; L. Borruel; J.-M. García-Tijero; I. Esquivias; S. Sukecki; E. C. Larkins
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Escorting commercial aircraft to reduce the MANPAD threat
Author(s): Nicholas Hock; M. A. Richardson; B. Butters; R. Walmsley; R. Ayling; B. Taylor
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Modelling of countermeasures for AFV protection against IR SACLOS systems
Author(s): R. Walmsley; B. Butters; R. Ayling; M. Richardson
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Simulation of laser beam propagation over land and sea using phase screens: a comparison with experimental data
Author(s): Lars Sjöqvist; Markus Henriksson; Ove Steinvall
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All-optical XOR gate for quantum ciphertext
Author(s): Stamatios V. Kartalopoulos
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Laser-induced damage behaviour of different kind of germanium
Author(s): K. Diener; L. Gernandt; J.-P. Moeglin; P. Ambs
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Numerical simulation of a battlefield Nd:YAG laser
Author(s): Markus Henriksson; Lars Sjoqvist; Thomas Uhrwing
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Coloured marking inside glass by laser radiation
Author(s): Grace Ligbado; Alexander Horn; Ernst Wolfgang Kreutz; Manfred M. Krauss; Norbert Siedow; Hartmut Hensel
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Wave propagation in highly inhomogeneous thin films: exactly solvable models
Author(s): Guillaume Petite; Alexander B. Shvartsburg
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Simulation of high-intensity ultrashort pulse interactions with dielectric filters
Author(s): W. M. Dennis; Carl M. Liebig
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Nanoprocessing of semiconductors and metals with nJ femtosecond laser pulses
Author(s): R. Le Harzic; D. Sauer; I. Riemann; K. König
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Background host effects on the nonlinear photophysical properties of a two-photon absorbing dye
Author(s): David J. Pikas; Mark A. Walker; Christopher D. Brewer; Bala Sankaran; Loon-Seng Tan; Mark G. Kuzyk; Sean M. Kirkpatrick; Peter E. Powers
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Full vectorial, ultrashort unidirectional pulse propagators
Author(s): J. V. Moloney; M. Kolesik
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Femtosecond seeded 150 nm-bandwidth optical parametric amplifier for active imaging applications at 1550 nm
Author(s): Karl A. Tillman; Derryck T. Reid
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A virtual antenna produced in air by intense femtosecond laser pulses
Author(s): G. Méchain; A. Mysyrowicz; M. Depiesse; M. Pellet
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Novel applications of femtosecond laser in missile countermeasures
Author(s): E. Marquis; J. P. Pocholle
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Mid-infrared absorption spectroscopy of methane across a 14.4THz spectral range using a broadband femtosecond optical parametric oscillator based on aperiodically poled lithium niobate
Author(s): Karl A. Tillman; Derryck T. Reid; Robert R. J. Maier; Edward D. McNaghten
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All-optical ultra-high accuracy displacement sensors with detection means
Author(s): Yves Bellouard; Ali A. Said; Mark Dugan; Philippe Bado
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Unipolar and bipolar electrical pulse generator using photoconductive semiconductor switches
Author(s): B. Vergne; V. Couderc; A. Barthélémy; M. Lalande; V. Bertrand; D. Gontier
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Ultra-low-noise over wide-bandwidth of 1.55 µm InP-based quantum-dash Fabry-Perot lasers for microwave systems
Author(s): Patrick Resneau; Michel Calligaro; Shailendra Bansropun; Olivier Parillaud; Michel Krakowski; Ruth Schwertberger; André Somers; Johann Peter Reithmaier; Alfred Forchel
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Sol-derived BeO/air photonic structures
Author(s): Stefan Björkert; Cesar Lopes; Asa Andersson; Torleif Martin
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Practical aspects of interaction of real photonic crystal with light
Author(s): Valery Shklover; Leonid Braginsky
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The physics and chemistry of THz sensors and imagers: long-standing applications, new opportunities, and pitfalls
Author(s): Frank C. De Lucia; Douglas T. Petkie
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Scattering in THz imaging
Author(s): J. R. Fletcher; G. P. Swift; De Chang Dai; D. Beggs; R. A. Abram; M. Kaliteevski; J. Levitt; A. Gallant; J. M. Chamberlain
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Passive millimeter-wave imaging system for automobile applications
Author(s): Yutaka Aoki; Yasuyuki Miyake; Koichi Hoshino
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Sampling passive millimetre-wave imagery
Author(s): R. N. Anderton; R. Appleby; P. R. Coward
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Passive millimeter-wave imaging at short and medium range
Author(s): H. Essen; H.-H. Fuchs; D. Nötel; F. Klöppel; P. Pergande; S. Stanko
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Polarimetric passive millimeter-wave imaging scene simulation including multiple reflections of subjects and their backgrounds
Author(s): Neil A. Salmon
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Active and passive millimeter- and sub-millimeter-wave imaging
Author(s): Douglas T. Petkie; Frank C. De Lucia; Corey Castro; Paul Helminger; Eddie L. Jacobs; Steven K. Moyer; Steve Murrill; Carl Halford; Steve Griffin; Charmaine Franck
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Modeling, design, and fabrication of high-speed electro-optic modulators
Author(s): Shouyuan Shi; Changjun Huang; Rownak Shireen; Christopher Schuetz; Kierthi Swaminathan; Dennis W. Prather
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A high gain patch fed horn antenna for millimeter wave imaging receiver
Author(s): Rownak Shireen; Timothy Hwang; Shouyuan Shi; D. W. Prather
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Widely tunable monochromatic sources and novel detection scheme for THz imaging
Author(s): Yujie J. Ding; Wei Shi
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Applications of optical upconversion to sparse aperture millimeter-wave imaging
Author(s): C. A. Schuetz; M. S. Mirotznik; S. Shi; G. J. Schneider; J. Murakowski; D. W. Prather
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Radiometric millimeter-wave imager with frequency scanning antenna
Author(s): A. A. Hakhoumian; Yu. H. Avetisyan; V. R. Tadevosyan; N. G. Pogosyan; T. V. Zakaryan; H. K. Melikyan
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Terahertz imaging system performance model for concealed weapon identification
Author(s): Steven R. Murrill; Eddie L. Jacobs; Steven K. Moyer; Carl E. Halford; Steven T. Griffin; Frank C. De Lucia; Douglas T. Petkie; Charmaine C. Franck
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Applying terahertz technology to security
Author(s): Matthew Hogbin
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Overview of current technologies for through-the-wall surveillance
Author(s): Alain C. Gaugue; Jean-Luc Politano
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Analysis of THz-wave difference-frequency generation in two-dimensional domain-inverted structure
Author(s): Yu. Avetisyan; A. Hakhoumian; Y. Sasaki; H. Yokoyama; H. Ito
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