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Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring, GIS Applications, and Geology V

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Volume Number: 5983
Date Published: 28 October 2005

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A canopy reflectance model based topographic normalization approach for forested terrain
Author(s): Scott Soenen; Derek R. Peddle; Craig A. Coburn; Ron J. Hall
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Adaptive remote sensing image fusion with multiwavelet transform
Author(s): Yan Na; Manfred Ehlers; Wanhai Yang; Lin Shi
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Comparison of three sub-pixel computation approaches
Author(s): An Zhao; Lin Zheng; Meixin Jiang
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LIDAR data compression using wavelets
Author(s): B. Pradhan; Shattri Mansor; Abdul Rahman Ramli; Abdul Rashid B. Mohamed Sharif; K. Sandeep
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Vegetation mapping in the Parque Nacional, Brasilia (Brazil) area using advanced spaceborne thermal emission and reflection radiometer(ASTER) data and spectral identification method (SIM)
Author(s): Osmar Abílio de Carvalho Júnior; Renato Fontes Guimarães; Ana Paula Ferreira de Carvalho; Nilton Correia da Silva; Eder de Souza Martins; Roberto Arnaldo Trancoso Gomes
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Advanced automated classification strategy for settlement area detection
Author(s): Ulrich Michel
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Monitoring the urban expansion of Athens using remote sensing and GIS techniques in the last 35 years
Author(s): Konstantinos Nikolakopoulos; Kosmas Pavlopoulos; Christos Chalkias; Dora Manou
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Change detection in urban areas using very high spatial resolution satellite images: case study in Brussels
Author(s): Evelyne Frauman; Eléonore Wolff
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Change detection analysis of multi-temporal imagery to assess environmental development on AL Sammalyah Island -Abu-Dhabi
Author(s): Salem M. Essa; R. Loughland; Mohamed E. Khogali
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Semantic evaluation of high-resolution low-cost digital camera data for urban classification
Author(s): Alexander Frangesch; Ansgar Greiwe; Manfred Ehlers
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Hyperspectral imaging of an inter-coastal waterway
Author(s): Jeffrey H. Bowles; Shelia J. Maness; Wei Chen; Curtiss O. Davis; Tim F. Donato; David B. Gillis; Daniel Korwan; Gia Lamela; Marcos J. Montes; W. Joseph Rhea; William A. Snyder
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Analyses of thermal plume of Cernavoda nuclear power plant by satellite remote sensing data
Author(s): M. A. Zoran; D. N. Nicolae; C. L. Talianu; M. Ciobanu; J. G. Ciuciu
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Land use change and its effects on eco-environment in Bashang area of Hebei province
Author(s): Chunyan Lv; Jing Wang; Yuhuan Li; Ting He
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Thermal remote sensing of Thom’s discomfort index (DI): comparison with in-situ measurements
Author(s): Marina I. Stathopoulou; Costas Cartalis; Iphigenia Keramitsoglou; Matheos Santamouris
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Multicolor megapixel QWIP focal plane arrays for remote sensing instruments
Author(s): S. D. Gunapala; S. V. Bandara; J. K. Liu; C. J. Hill; S. B. Rafol; J. M. Mumolo; J. T. Trinh; M. Z. Tidrow; P. D. LeVan
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Geology and spectral characterization of the basement rocks at Gabal Gerf area, southeastern Egypt
Author(s): Mohamed Fouad Sadek
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Vegetation geochemical information exploration using pushbroom hyperspectral imager (PHI) data
Author(s): Fuping Gan; Qiang Zhou; Runsheng Wang
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Mapping the porphyry copper alteration zones at the Meiduk area, SE Iran, using the advanced spaceborne thermal emission and reflection radiometer (ASTER) data
Author(s): Majid H. Tangestani; Nazi Mazhari; Bob Agar
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Lineament extraction and analysis, comparison of LANDSAT ETM and ASTER imagery. Case study: Suoimuoi tropical karst catchment, Vietnam
Author(s): L. Q. Hung; O. Batelaan; F. De Smedt
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Alteration mapping by using ETM+ and ASTER data in Dehaj area, southeast of Iran
Author(s): Mohammad Reza Shayestehfar; Hojjatollah Ranjbar; Omid Ahmadi
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On-site and in-situ analysis of contaminated soils using laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy
Author(s): R. H. Schultze; F. Lewitzka
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Hyperspectral MIVIS data to investigate the Lilybaeum (Marsala) Archaeological Park
Author(s): P. Merola; A. Allegrini; S. Bajocco
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ASTER/TIR vicarious calibration and band emissivity measurements on frozen lake
Author(s): Hideyuki Tonooka; Akira Watanabe; Toshiyuki Minomo
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Generation of 3D surface temperature image derived from spherical thermograph - from radiation temperature to surface temperature
Author(s): Takashi Wakui; Akira Hoyano
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Satellite derived precipitation mapping using GIS technology
Author(s): Izabela Dyras
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Remote sensing monitoring of desertification in China
Author(s): A. X. Liu; J. Wang; Z. J. Liu; C. Y. Wang; C. Y. Lv
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Land degradation drive forces and trends in the NW region of Beijing
Author(s): Jing Wang; Ting He; Xu-dong Guo; Chun-yan Lv
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Remote sensing analysis of land use change and its driving factors in the northeastern Qinghai province, China
Author(s): Xiaohong Gao; Yingzhi Guo; Yanli Wang; Yimou Wang; Lidong Ma
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Satellite remote sensing and GPS data for seismic hazard mapping of Vrancea area
Author(s): M. A. Zoran; D. Mateciuc; L. F. V. Zoran
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Land degradation analysis based on the land use changes and land degradation evaluation in the Huan Beijing area
Author(s): Xudong Guo; Jing Wang; Junqi Xie; Ting He; Gang Lian; Chunyan Lv
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Monitoring of the environmental changes at Lefkas Island using remote sensing data and GIS techniques
Author(s): Konstantinos Nikolakopoulos; Dimitrios Vaiopoulos; George Skianis
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Application research on land use remote sensing dynamic monitoring: A case study of Anning district, Lanzhou
Author(s): Yunqiang Zhu; Huazhong Zhu; Heli Lu; Jianguang Ni; Shaoxia Zhu
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Environmental impact classification of urban land cover from satellite remote sensing data
Author(s): L. F. V. Zoran; C. Golovanov; M. A. Zoran
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Detection of karst depression by aster image in the Bambui Group, Brazil
Author(s): Renato Fontes Guimarães; Osmar Abílio de Carvalho Júnior; Eder de Souza Martins; Ana Paula Ferreira de Carvalho; Roberto Arnaldo Trancoso Gomes
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Comprehensive evaluation of land quality basing on 3S technology and farmers’ survey: A case study in Crisscross Region of Wind-drift Sand Regions along the Great Wall and Loess Plateau
Author(s): Yan-yu Zhang; Jing Wang; Yan-xi Shi; Yu-huan Li; Chun-yan Lv
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Characterization of pool evolution in Niamey degree (Niger) based on high resolution optical remote sensing data
Author(s): Abdelaziz Kallel; Mehrez Zribi; Sylvie Le Hégarat-Mascle; Sylvain Massuel; Luc Descroix
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Detection of the degradation of CBERS-02 CCD camera
Author(s): Xiaoying Li; Xingfa Gu; Tao Yu; Xiangjun Min; Yong Zhang; Xiaowen Li
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A hyperspectral-environmental database in China
Author(s): Xing Li; Xingtang Hu; Bing Zhang; Xia Zhang; Junsheng Li; Xiaoying Li
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The selection of optimum scale in coast area classification of high-resolution remote sensing imagery
Author(s): Jianyu Chen; Delu Pan; Zhihua Mao; Xiaoyu Zhang
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The discrimination of soil erosion features in the red soil region using remote sensing
Author(s): Changqing Ke
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Investigation on Bam (Iran) earthquake 26/12/03 based on interferometric coherence
Author(s): Issaak Parcharidis; Mahdi Zaré; Michael Foumelis; Emmanouil Psomiadis
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Remotely sensing data and thematic mapping for sustainable developing in Sperchios river basin (Central Greece)
Author(s): Emmanouil Psomiadis; Issaak Parcharidis; George Stamatis; Michael Foumelis
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Mapping LAI of different plant communities in arid and semi-arid northwestern China
Author(s): Haiying Li; Hongchun Peng; Xin Li; Frank Veroustraete; Yanhua Chen
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The generation of China land surface datasets for CLM
Author(s): Haiying Li; Hongchun Peng; Xin Li; Frank Veroustraete
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Multi-resolution analysis of MODIS and ASTER satellite data for water classification
Author(s): Corina Alecu; Simona Oancea; Emily Bryant
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