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Liquid Crystals IX
Editor(s): Iam-Choon Khoo

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Volume Number: 5936
Date Published: 18 August 2005

Table of Contents
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Reflective and transflective liquid crystal displays for low-power mobile applications
Author(s): Jinyool Kim; Chang-Jae Yu; Dong-Woo Kim; Sin-Doo Lee
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Electrically switchable spatial filter based on polymer-dispersed liquid crystal film
Author(s): Andy Y.-G. Fuh; Tsung-Hsien Lin
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Photoconductive polymer-liquid crystal systems for efficient beam control and amplification
Author(s): A. Dyadyusha; M. Kaczmarek; G. Gilchrist; G. D'Alessandro
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Photorefractive effects in ferroelectric liquid crystals
Author(s): M. Talarico; D. Pucci; M. Ghedini; R. Termine; A. Golemme
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Photoalignment control of liquid crystals on photo-cross-linkable polymer liquid crystal film and its application to polarization gratings
Author(s): Nobuhiro Kawatsuki; Masaomi Kuwabara; Yasushi Matsuura; Tomoyuki Sasaki; Hiroshi Ono
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Getting organized at the nanoscale with thermotropic liquid crystal solvents
Author(s): David L. Patrick; F. Scott Wilkinson; Tiffany L. Fegurgur
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Side-chain liquid-crystalline polymers containing oxadiazole and amine moieties for organic light-emitting diode
Author(s): Motoi Kinoshita; Masuki Kawamoto; Hiroyuki Mochizuki; Yunmi Nam; Tomiki Ikeda
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Visible light initiated thiol-ene based reflection H-PDLCs
Author(s): Lalgudi V. Natarajan; Dean P. Brown; Jeremy M. Wofford; Vincent P. Tondiglia; Richard L. Sutherland; Pam Lloyd; Rachel Jakubiak; Richard Vaia; Timothy J. Bunning
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Liquid crystalline gels self-assembled from block copolymers
Author(s): Rafael Verduzco; Neal Scruggs; Julia A. Kornfield
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Novel light-emitting organic materials with variable electron and hole conductivities
Author(s): Andrew Chien-an Chen; Jason U. Wallace; Lichang Zeng; Siamon K.-H. Wei; Shaw H. Chen
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Sheared polymer network liquid crystal for fast-response variable optical attenuators
Author(s): Yung-Hsun Wu; Yi-Hsin Lin; Yan-Qing Lu; Hongwen Ren; Yun-Hsing Fan; Janet R. Wu; Shin-Tson Wu
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Stressed liquid crystals and their application
Author(s): John L. West; Ke Zhang; Matt Zhang; Ebru Buyuktanir; Anatoliy Glushchenko
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An infrared technique for the alignment control of highly viscous mesophases: the formation of homeotropic and planar domains for hexagonal columnar mesophase of triphenylene mesogens
Author(s): Y. Shimizu; H. Monobe; H. Hori; K. Awazu
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Liquid crystal lens prepared using molecular orientation effects at the alignment layers
Author(s): Susumu Sato; Mao Ye
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Single-substrate IPS-LCD using an anisotropic polymer film
Author(s): Yi-Hsin Lin; Hongwen Ren; Sebastian Gauza; Yung-Hsun Wu; Shin-Tson Wu
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Studies of fringing field effects in liquid crystal beam-steering devices
Author(s): Uzi Efron; Boris Apter; Eldad Bahat-Treidel
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Optical studies of molecular rotational dynamics in isotropic liquid crystalline materials
Author(s): Thai Viet Truong; Lei Xu; Yuen-Ron Shen
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Application of computational chemistry methods to the prediction of chirality and helical twisting power in liquid crystal systems
Author(s): Anthony G. Noto; Kenneth L. Marshall
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Spectral and polarization properties of microstructured liquid crystal fibers
Author(s): Tomasz R. Wolinski; Katarzyna Szaniawska; Slawomir Ertman; Piotr Lesiak; Andrzej W. Domanski; Roman Dabrowski; Edward Nowinowski-Kruszelnicki; Jan Wojcik
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Development and industrialization of liquid crystal materials
Author(s): Haruyoshi Takatsu
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Electrically-controlled two-dimensional gratings based on layers undulations in cholesteric liquid crystals
Author(s): Bohdan Senyuk; Ivan Smalyukh; Oleg Lavrentovich
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Reflective cholesteric liquid crystal gels
Author(s): Young Jin Kim; John Mastrangelo; Chris Spillmann; Jawad Naciri; B. R. Ratna
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Colossal optical nonlinear effects in the nematic-isotropic temperature transition in azo dye-doped liquid crystals
Author(s): I. Lazo-Martinez; I. Guizar-Iturbide; A. Olivares-Perez; C. G. Trevino-Palacios; R. Ramos-Garcia
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A study of near-lossless analog phase modulation in V-shaped switching FLC cells
Author(s): David Engstrom; Per Rudquist; Jorgen Bengtsson; Koen D'have; Sheila Galt
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Periodically aligned liquid crystal cell for projection displays
Author(s): H. Sarkissian; N. Tabirian; B. Zeldovich
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Electro-optical and nonlinear optical properties of semiconductor nanorod doped liquid crystals
Author(s): Yana Williams; Kan Chan; Jae Hong Park; Iam Choon Khoo; Brad Lewis; Thomas E. Mallouk
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Optical phase-control devices using liquid crystal molecular orientation density
Author(s): Satoshi Yanase; Marenori Kawamura; Rumiko Yamaguchi; Takeshi Takahashi; Susumu Sato
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A model of stressed liquid crystals: close-packed, shaped liquid crystal droplets inside a sheared polymer matrix
Author(s): Guoqiang Zhang; Anatoliy Glushchenko; John L. West; Ivan Smalyukh; Oleg Lavrentovich
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