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Linear and Nonlinear Optics of Organic Materials V
Editor(s): Manfred Eich

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Volume Number: 5935
Date Published: 18 August 2005

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Electro-optic coefficients of 500 pm/V and beyond for organic materials
Author(s): Larry Dalton; Bruce Robinson; Alex Jen; Philip Ried; Bruce Eichinger; Philip Sullivan; Andrew Akelaitis; Denise Bale; Marnie Haller; Jingdong Luo; Sen Liu; Yi Liao; Kimberly Firestone; Nishant Bhatambrekar; Sanchali Bhattacharjee; Jessica Sinness; Scott Hammond; Nicholas Buker; Robert Snoeberger; Mark Lingwood; Harry Rommel; Joe Amend; Sei-Hum Jang; Antao Chen; William Steier
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Branching of dipolar chromophores: effects on linear and nonlinear optical properties
Author(s): Claudine Katan; Francesca Terenziani; Celine Le Droumaguet; Olivier Mongin; Martinus H. V. Werts; Sergei Tretiak; Mireille Blanchard-Desce
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Photoactive monomeric amorphous materials for second-order nonlinear optical applications
Author(s): E. Ishow; L. Mager; G. Versini; F. Huber; J. A. Delaire; A. Fort; K. Nakatani
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A novel approach to achieve highly efficient nonlinear optical polymers from guest-host systems
Author(s): Tae-Dong Kim; Jae-Wook Kang; Jingdong Luo; Baoquan Chen; Jae-Won Ka; Sei-Hum Jang; Neil Tucker; Zhengwei Shi; Marnie Haller; Steven Hau; Alex K.-Y. Jen
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Exceptional electro-optic properties through molecular design and controlled self-assembly
Author(s): Alex Jen; Jingdong Luo; Tae-Dong Kim; Baoquan Chen; Sei-Hum Jang; Jae-Wook Kang; Neil M. Tucker; Steven Hau; Yanqing Tian; Jae-Won Ka; Marnie Haller; Yi Liao; Bruce Robinson; Larry Dalton; Warren Herman
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Why experimental hyperpolarizabilities fall short of the fundamental limits and new approaches for breaking this barrier
Author(s): Mark G. Kuzyk; Kakali Tripathi; Koen Clays; Javier Perez-Moreno; Inge Asselberghs; Yuxia Zhao; Kai Song; Janka Matrai; Marc De Maeyer; Benjamin Coe; Anne Myers Kelley; Hachiroy Nakanishi; Oh-Kil Kim
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Nonlinear optical and electro-optic properties of organic-inorganic hybrid sol-gels doped with chromophores
Author(s): Hongxi Zhang; Haiyong Gan; Dong Lu; Mahmoud Fallahi
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Balancing the trade-off between absorption and nonlinearity in NLO polymers for practical applications
Author(s): Min-su Kim; Jung Jin Ju; Seung Koo Park; Jung Yun Do; Myung-Hyun Lee
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Combined molecular and supramolecular bottom-up engineering for enhanced nonlinear optical response
Author(s): Javier Perez-Moreno; Inge Asselberghs; Yuxia Zhao; Kai Song; Hachiro Nakanishi; Shuji Okada; Kyoko Nogi; Oh-Kil Kim; Jongtae Je; Janka Matrai; Marc De Maeyer; Mark G. Kuzyk; Koen Clays
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Distinguishing between low symmetries when determining the nonlinearity of chiral thin films
Author(s): Mikael Siltanen; Stefano Cattaneo; Elina Vuorimaa; Helge Lemmetyinen; Karen E. S. Phillips; Thomas J. Katz; Martti Kauranen
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Lanthanide nanoparticle doped low-loss sol-gel amplifier materials
Author(s): Haiyong Gan; Robert A. Norwood; Li Li; Christopher T. DeRose; Jianfeng Wu; Jayan Thomas; M. Amir Fardad; Axel Schuelzgen; Nasser N. Peyghambarian; Channa R. De Silva; Zhiping Zheng
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Biosensing and -imaging with enantiomeric luminescent conjugated polythiophenes using multiphoton excitation
Author(s): Mikael Lindgren; Frantz Stabo-Eeg; Edrun A. Schnell; K. Peter R. Nilsson; Per Hammarstrom; Olle Inganaes
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Molecular orientation by two-photon absorption
Author(s): H. Ishitobi; M. Maeda; Z. Sekkat; S. Kawata
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Time-resolved spectroscopic investigation of the mechanism of enhancement of two-photon absorption cross-sections in organic dendrimers
Author(s): Theodore Goodson III; Mireille Blanchard-Desce
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Electrooptically tunable photonic crystal
Author(s): M. Schmidt; M. Eich; U. Huebner; W. Morgenroth; R. Boucher; H. G. Meyer
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Application of poled electro-optic polymer films in a gap-free broadband terahertz system
Author(s): Xuemei Zheng; Alexander M. Sinyukov; Megan R. Leahy-Hoppa; L. Michael Hayden
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Nonlinear ellipsometric analysis of poled organic glasses having very large electro-optic coefficients
Author(s): Dong H. Park; Jae W. Kang; Jin D. Luo; Tae D. Kim; Alex K.-Y. Jen; Chi H. Lee; Warren N. Herman
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Frequency-agile hyper-Rayleigh scattering studies of electro-optic chromophores
Author(s): Kimberly A. Firestone; David B. Lao; Daniel M. Casmier; Olivier Clot; Larry Raymond Dalton; Philip J. Reid
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Relative stability measurements of chromophores in polymer optical waveguide materials
Author(s): Andrew J. Guenthner; Aaron J. Sathrum
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Polymeric variable optical attenuator with a large-core for increased alignment tolerance
Author(s): Min-Cheol Oh; Su-Hong Cho; Young-Ouk Noh; Hyung-Jong Lee; Jung-Jin Joo; Myung-Hyun Lee
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Photoinduced electrical switching by a diarylethene polymer
Author(s): Eunkyoung Kim
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High density bis-azo copolymers: influence of dipole-dipole interaction on electrical poling processes and realization of a Fabry-Perot modulator
Author(s): D. Apitz; R. P. Bertram; N. Benter; W. Hieringer; J. W. Andreasen; M. M. Nielsen; P. M. Johansen; K. Buse
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Photochromic organic microcrystals jump under light irradiation
Author(s): Patrice L. Baldeck; Isabelle Colombier; Sylvie Spagnoli; M. Giraud; A. Léaustic; P. Yu
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Switching of the first hyperpolarisability
Author(s): Inge Asselberghs; Andrew McDonagh; Michael D. Ward; Jon McCleverty; Benjamin J. Coe; Andre Persoons; Koen Clays
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Novel wavelength selective switch based on electro-optical polymer microrings
Author(s): Anna Pyajt; Larry Dalton; Antao Chen
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Low-voltage organic electro-optic modulators using transparent conducting oxides as electrodes
Author(s): Guoyang Xu; Jing Ma; Zhifu Liu; Boyang Liu; Seng-Tiong Ho; Peiwang Zhu; Lian Wang; Yu Yang; Tobin J. Marks; Jingdong Luo; Neil Tucker; Alex K.-Y. Jen
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Growth characterization and NLO property of 6-methoxy-2-naphthaldehyde
Author(s): B. K. Sarojini; B. Narayana; J. Indira; K. G. Lobo
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Nonlinear effects and frequency characteristic of a polymer multi-stable lasing device
Author(s): Tingwan Wu; Hai Li; Junqin Feng
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Photoreactive third-harmonic generation via either one- or two-photon excitation in diarylethene-polymethylmethacrylate polymer thin films: theory and experiment
Author(s): Jian Hung Lin; Ngoc Diep Lai; Wei Lin Wang; Chia Chen Hsu
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Nonlinear refractive index of an array of azimuthal anthracene rotors
Author(s): Timothy M. Pritchett
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Optical, dielectric and micro hardness studies on 1-(4-methylphenyl)-3-(4-methoxyphenyl)-2-propen-1-one: a nonlinear optical single crystal
Author(s): V. Ravindrachary; Vincent Crasta; R. F. Bhajantri; J. Indira
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Single crystal x-ray diffraction, optical and micro hardness studies on chalcone derivative single crystal
Author(s): Vincent Crasta; V. Ravindrachary; R. F. Bhajantri; S. Naveen; M. A. Shridar; J. Shashidhara Prasad
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The one-dimensional nature of polyynes
Author(s): Aaron D. Slepkov; Sara Eisler; Thanh Luu; Erin Elliot; Rik R. Tykwinski; Frank A. Hegmann
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Lasing threshold conditions and output characteristics of an organic polymer optical multi-stable system with pumping and inject signal
Author(s): Tingwan Wu; Junqin Feng
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Determination of electron transfer mechanism of two-photon-induced polymerization via an efficient way: one-photon process
Author(s): Youmei Lu; Toshiyuki Watanabe
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