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Hard X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Detector Physics VII

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Volume Number: 5922
Date Published: 31 August 2005

Table of Contents
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Direct comparison of the performance of CZT detectors contacted with various metals
Author(s): I. Jung; M. Groza; J. Perkins; H. Krawczynski; A. Burger
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The effects of precipitates on CdZnTe device performance
Author(s): G. S. Camarda; A. E. Bolotnikov; G. A. Carini; L. Li; G. W. Wright; R. B. James
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Energy resolution of scintillation detectors
Author(s): M. Moszynski
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Scintillation properties of K2LaBr5:Ce3+ crystals for gamma-ray spectroscopy
Author(s): Utpal N. Roy; Kunle Adio; Michael Groza; Yunlong Cui; Arnold Burger
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Fabrication of plastic scintillators from hybrid nanocomposites via self-assembly
Author(s): Banu Kesanli; Hee-Jung Im; Suree S. Brown; Sheng Dai
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X-ray color scanner with multiple energy discrimination capability
Author(s): Y. Tomita; Y. Shirayanagi; S. Matsui; T. Aoki; Y. Hatanaka
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Nuclear spectroscopy with polycrystalline-PbI2 radiation detectors
Author(s): M. Schieber; N. Zamoshchuk; O. Khakhan; A. Zuck
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Stability of high-pressure xenon gamma-ray spectrometers
Author(s): Albert Beyerle
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Further studies of single-sided charge-sharing CZT strip detectors
Author(s): Burcin Donmez; John R. Macri; Mark L. McConnell; James M. Ryan; Mark Widholm; Tomohiko Narita; Louis-Andre Hamel
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Formation of electrical contacts on CdTe crystals for x-ray detectors performance
Author(s): Volodymyr A. Gnatyuk; Toru Aoki; Yoshinori Hatanaka; Olexandr I. Vlasenko
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Results of a Si/CdTe Compton telescope
Author(s): Kousuke Oonuki; Takaaki Tanaka; Shin Watanabe; Shin'ichiro Takeda; Kazuhiro Nakazawa; Takefumi Mitani; Tadayuki Takahashi; Hiroyasu Tajima; Yasushi Fukazawa; Masaharu Nomachi
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Performance studies of CdZnTe detector by using a pulse shape analysis
Author(s): A. E. Bolotnikov; G. S. Camarda; G. A. Carini; M. Fiederle; L. Li; G. W. Wright; R. B. James
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New results from testing of coplanar-grid CdZnTe detectors
Author(s): G. A. Carini; A. E. Bolotnikov; G. S. Camarda; G. De Geronimo; D. P. Siddons; G. W. Wright; R. B. James
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Staring/focusing lobster-eye hard x-ray imaging for non-astronomical objects
Author(s): Michael Gertsenshteyn; Tomasz Jannson; Gajendra Savant
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Measurement of charge carrier properties in mercuric iodide
Author(s): Lodewijk van den Berg; William B. Alexander; Kenneth R. Pohl; John S. Sandoval
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GaAs radiation imaging detectors for nondestructive testing, medical, and biological applications
Author(s): Anton V. Tyazhev; Vladimir A. Novikov; Olga B. Koretskaya; Dmitry Y. Mokeev; Oleg P. Tolbanov; Sergey A. Ryabkov; Gennady I. Ayzenshtat
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Conduction characteristics in HgI2 devices
Author(s): W. Brock Alexander; Paul H. Holloway; Mark Davidson; Narada Bradman; John Sandoval; L. van den Berg; Colleen S. Spiegel
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Study of radiation-response properties of type IIa diamond detectors
Author(s): Nicolay B. Zaletaev
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Super-resolution x-ray imaging by CdTe discrete detector arrays
Author(s): T. Aoki; Y. Ishida; H. Morii; Y. Tomita; G. Ohashi; J. Temmyo; Y. Hatanaka
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High-resolution hard x-ray detector with scintillator-deposited charge-coupled device
Author(s): E. Miyata; N. Anabuki; N. Tawa; K. Mukai; T. Miyauchi; H. Tsunemi; K. Miyaguchi
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CdTe ceramics based on compression of the nanocrystal powder
Author(s): N. N. Kolesnikov; E. B. Borisenko; D. N. Borisenko; R. B. James; V. V. Kveder; V. K. Gartman; B. A. Gnesin
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ZnO doping by ion implantation
Author(s): M. A. Hernandez-Fenollosa; E. Rita; L. C. Damonte
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Energy distinction type CdTe two-dimension x-ray imaging device
Author(s): Daiji Furuhashi; Daisuke Sakashita; Yu Ishida; Toru Aoki; Yasuhiro Tomita; Yoshinori Hatanaka; Jiro Temmyo
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Evaluation of properties of various type CdTe hard x-ray detectors
Author(s): Asuka Togami; Yu Ishida; Toru Aoki; Yoshinori Hatanaka; Jiro Temmyo
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Distinguishing materials in inspected objects by digital radiography
Author(s): V. Ryzhikov; O. Lysetska; A. Opolonin; V. Danilenko; S. Galkin; E. Voronkin; S. A. Kostyukevich
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A novel pulse height analysis technique for nuclear spectroscopic and imaging systems
Author(s): H. H. Tseng; C. Y. Wang; H. P. Chou
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