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Soft X-Ray Lasers and Applications VI
Editor(s): Ernst E. Fill

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Volume Number: 5919
Date Published: 1 September 2005

Table of Contents
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Demonstration of saturated high repetition rate tabletop soft x-ray lasers at wavelengths down to 13.2 nm
Author(s): J. J. Rocca; Y. Wang; M. A. Larotonda; B. M. Luther; D. Alessi; M. Berrill; A. Weith; M. C. Marconi; C. S. Menoni; V. N. Shlyaptsev
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Soft x-ray lasers seeded by a high harmonic beam
Author(s): S. Sebban; Ph. Zeitoun; G. Faivre; T. Mocek; M. Fajardo; S. Kazamias; B. Cros; G. Vieux; G. Maynard
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Elongated high-density gas puff target for experiments on laser-driven x-ray lasers
Author(s): Henryk Fiedorowicz; Andrzej Bartnik; Roman Jarocki; Jerzy Kostecki; Rafal Rakowski; Miroslaw Szczurek
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Optimising the performance of nickel-like collisionally pumped x-ray lasers
Author(s): G. J. Pert
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Grazing incidence pumping for high efficiency x-ray lasers
Author(s): J. Dunn; R. Keenan; V. N. Shlyaptsev
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X-ray lasers driven by low-energy picosecond laser pulses
Author(s): Karol A. Janulewicz; Johannes Tümmler; Gerd Priebe; Peter V. Nickles
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Desk-top size high repetition rate 46.9 nm capillary discharge laser as photoionization source for photochemistry applications
Author(s): S. Heinbuch; M. Grisham; D. Martz; F. Dong; E. R. Bernstein; J. J. Rocca
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Experimental studies of the temporal coherence and spectral profile of x-ray lasers
Author(s): A. Klisnick; O. Guilbaud; D. Ros; K. Cassou; S. Kazamias; G. Jamelot; D. Joyeux; D. Phalippou; M. Edwards; P. Mistry; G. J. Tallents; D. Benredjem; C. Möller
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Emission time of the Ni-like soft-x-ray lasers
Author(s): J. E. Balmer; F. Staub; J. Nilsen
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Evaluation of the Fourier transform limit of x-ray lasers
Author(s): P. Mistry; G. J. Tallents; M. Kalal
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Temporal coherence calculations in the Ni-like Pd x-ray laser
Author(s): D. Benredjem; T. Ball; J. Dubau; C. Möller
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Carbon window soft x-ray imaging using multilayer optics
Author(s): Igor A. Artyukov; Yegor Bugayev; Oleksandr Yu. Devizenko; Ruslan M. Feschenko; Yuri S. Kasyanov; Valeri V. Kondratenko; Svetlana A. Romanova; Sergei V. Saveliev; Franz Schäfers; Torsten Feigl; Yuri A. Uspenski; Alexander V. Vinogradov
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Elements of capillary optics applied in the spectral range between 10 and 15 nm
Author(s): J. Tümmler; H. Stiel; H. Legall; R. Bruch; A. A. Bjeoumikhov; N. Langhoff; K. A. Janulewicz; G. Priebe; P. V. Nickles
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Hot dense plasma opacity measurements using x-ray lasers
Author(s): G. J. Tallents; M. H. Edwards; P. Mistry; D. S. Whittaker; N. Booth; G. J. Pert; B. Rus; T. Mocek; M. Kozlova; C. L. S. Lewis; C. McKenna; A. Delseriey; M. Notley; D. Neely
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Development and applications of 10-mJ x-ray lasers at PALS
Author(s): Tomas Mocek; Bedrich Rus; Michaela Kozlova; Jiri Polan; Ansgar R. Prag; Michal Stupka; Pavel Homer; Greg Tallents; Matthew Edwards; Pritesh Mistry; David Whittaker; Michal Bittner; Libor Juha; Gerard Jamelot; Kevin Cassou; Sophie Kazamias; David Ros; Annie Klisnick; Mustapha Boussoukaya; Marie Davidkova; Viktorie Stisova; Denis Joyeux
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Soft x-ray laser interferometry of colliding plasmas
Author(s): J. Grava; M. Purvis; J. Filevich; M. C. Marconi; J. J. Rocca; J. Dunn; S. J. Moon; R. F. Smith; J. Nilsen; V. N. Shlyaptsev
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Advancements in time-resolved x-ray laser induced time-of-flight photoelectron spectroscopy
Author(s): A. J. Nelson; J. Dunn; K. Widmann; T. Ao; Y. Ping; J. Hunter; A. Ng
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Advanced optical damage studies using x-ray laser interferometric microscopy
Author(s): Bedrich Rus; Gerard Jamelot; Herve Bercegol; Michaela Kozlova; Tomas Mocek; Pavel Homer; Jiri Polan; Michal Stupka; Kevin Cassou; Sophie Kazamias; Annie Klisnick; David Ros; Colin Danson; Steve Hawkes
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Recent progress in x-ray laser research in JAERI
Author(s): T. Kawachi; K. Nagashima; M. Kishimoto; N. Hasegawa; M. Tanaka; Y. Ochi; M. Nishikino; H. Kawazome; R. Z. Tai; K. Namikawa; Y. Kato
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Understanding the dramatic role of anomalous dispersion on the measurement of electron densities in plasmas using interferometers
Author(s): Joseph Nilsen; Walter R. Johnson; Carlos A. Iglesias; James H. Scofield
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Nanometer-scale imaging with compact soft x-ray lasers
Author(s): Fernando Brizuela; Georgiy Vaschenko; Courtney Brewer; Michael Grisham; Carmen S. Menoni; Hector Mancini; Mario C. Marconi; Jorge J. Rocca; Weilun Chao; J. Alexander Liddle; Erik H. Anderson; David T. Attwood; Alexander V. Vinogradov; Igor A. Artioukov; Yuriy P. Pershyn; Valeriy V. Kondratenko
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Soft x-ray laser interferometry unveils plasmas with index of refraction greater than one
Author(s): J. Filevich; J. Grava; M. Purvis; J. J. Rocca; M. C. Marconi; S. J. Moon; J. Nilsen; J. H. Scofield; J. Dunn; R. F. Smith; R. Keenan; J. R. Hunter; V. N. Shlyaptsev
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Double Lloyd’s mirror: versatile instrument for XUV surface interferometry and interferometric microscopy
Author(s): M. Kozlova; B. Rus; T. Mocek; J. Polan; M. Stupka; A. Prag; P. Homer; M. Hudecek; G. Jamelot; J. C. Lagron; K. Cassou; D. Ros; S. Kazamias; A. Klisnick; J.-J. Park; C.-H. Nam
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Ablation rates of iron and aluminium measured using an x-ray laser
Author(s): M. H. Edwards; P. Mistry; D. S. Whittaker; M. Vopsaroiu; G. J. Pert; G. J. Tallents; B. Rus; T. Mocek; M. Kozlova; J. Polan; A. Praeg; M. Stupka; P. Homer
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Extreme UV optical constants of rare-earth metals free from effects of air contamination
Author(s): Yu. Uspenski; J. Seely; N. Popov; I. Artioukov; A. Vinogradov; D. Windt; B. Kjornrattanawanich
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The development of soft x-ray lasers in IAMS
Author(s): M.-C. Chou; H.-H. Chu; H.-E. Tsai; P.-H. Lin; L.-S. Yang; D.-L. Chen; C.-H. Lee; J.-Y. Lin; J. Wang; S.-Y. Chen
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Proposal of a compact repetitive dichromatic x-ray generator with millisecond duty cycle for medical applications
Author(s): M. V. Gorbunkov; V. G. Tunkin; E. G. Bessonov; R. M. Fechtchenko; I. A. Artyukov; Yu. V. Shabalin; P. V. Kostryukov; Yu. Ya. Maslova; A. V. Poseryaev; V. I. Shvedunov; A. V. Vinogradov; A. A. Mikhailchenko; B. S. Ishkhanov
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