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Photorefractive Fiber and Crystal Devices: Materials, Optical Properties, and Applications XI

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Volume Number: 5911
Date Published: 8 September 2005

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Tunable cyclic wavelength shifter by use of the polymer holographic grating for optical CDMA applications
Author(s): Byoungho Lee; Seunghwan Chung; Chung-Keun Lee; Youngmin Kim; Seunghoon Han; Yongjun Lim; Seung-Woo Seo
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The optimal design of Fresnel lens for a reading light system with LEDs
Author(s): Wen-Gong Chen; Chii-Maw Uang
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Ultra-fast speed, low grating lobe optical beam steering using unequally spaced phased array technique
Author(s): Stuart Yin; Jae Hun Kim; Fei Wu; Paul Ruffin; Claire Luo
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Bragg and non-Bragg diffraction from single beam writing and readout in photorefractive barium titanate
Author(s): P. Buranasiri; P. P. Banerjee
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High spatial resolution interferometric analysis of internal field in lithium niobate (LiNbO3)
Author(s): M. Paturzo; D. Alfieri; S. Grilli; P. Ferraro; M. De Angelis; S. De Nicola; A. Finizio; P. De Natale; G. Pierattini
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Photorefractive filament array formed in PDMs by fs pulse laser
Author(s): Guoying Feng; Zhengdong Cheng; Qihua Zhu; Jianguo Chen; Nianchun Sun; Xiaomin Zhang
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Ultra-sensitive compact fiber sensor based on nanoparticle surface enhanced Raman scattering
Author(s): Claire Gu; Yi Zhang; Adam M. Schwartzberg; Jin Z. Zhang
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Growth and characterization of novel dielectric crystals from I-III-VI ternary class
Author(s): Ganga Dhar Singh; O. P. Singh
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Optimizing aperiodic multilayer structural broadband spectral filters using a genetic algorithm
Author(s): Shaoying Kang; Shizhuo Yin
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Nano-strip embedded photonic crystal and its applications
Author(s): Seunghoon Han; Il-Min Lee; Hwi Kim; Joonku Hahn; Byoungho Lee
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Investigation of the features of elastic wave generation and propagation in Bi12GeO20 crystals using the acousto-optic method
Author(s): S. V. Kulakov; V. V. Kludzin; V. S. Kulakov
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Global investigation of doping systems in doubly doped LiNbO3:Fe crystals for nonvolatile holographic recording
Author(s): De'an Liu; Liren Liu; Zhu Luan; Zhifang Chai; Yuanjun Guo
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Integration of segmented 3D image data measured by projected fringe profilometry using supercontinuum light
Author(s): Wei-Hung Su; Zhiwen Liu; Kebin Shi; Karl Reichard; Shizhuo Yin
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Vector sensing with electronic fiber speckle pattern interferometry
Author(s): Bo Wang; John Y. Fu; Yuexin Liu; Ruyan Guo; Shizhuo Yin
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Holographic recording characteristics and applications of single-layer panchromatic dichromated gelatin material
Author(s): Jianhua Zhu; Min Xu; Ligong Chen; Yongkang Guo; Lurong Guo
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Projected fringe profilometry using holographic techniques for large-scale measurements
Author(s): Wei-Hung Su; Wei-Jen Chen; Hung-Jei Kao; Chia-Jeng Huang
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Multiplexing using only object beam
Author(s): Jung-Ping Liu; Hon-Fai Yau; Hsiao-Yi Lee
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Synthesizing strongly reflecting fiber Bragg grating with modified Born method
Author(s): Shiang-Shi Cheng; Ming-Seng Hsu; Yueh Ouyang
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Optical sensing using fiber Bragg gratings for monitoring structural damage in composite over-wrapped vessels
Author(s): J. Grant
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Recent advances on all-fiber tunable filter
Author(s): S. Yin; K. M. Reichard; J. E. Lee; C. A. Hahn; D. H. Ditto; J. Mazurowski; Q. Wang; S. Nam; Q. Zhang; Q. Chen; J. Claude
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Fiber optic high temperature sensing based on whispering gallery mode resonance
Author(s): Sung Hyun Nam; Shizhuo Yin; Karl M. Reichard; Kung-Li Deng
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High precision fiber taper fabrication using the immersion depth control in chemical etching
Author(s): Fei Wu; Yi Yang; Stuart Yin
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Frequency dependent electrooptic property of SBN single crystal
Author(s): Chuanyong Huang; John Fu; Hongbo Liu; Yuexin Liu; Man Gu; Amar S. Bhalla; Ruyan Guo
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Random phase mask coded multiplexing for high-density and secure holographic memory
Author(s): Hongbo Liu; John Y. Fu; Yuexin Liu; Bo Wang; Chuanyong Huang; Jimmy H. Wang; Ruyan Guo
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Designing WDM filter in lithium niobate crystal with the layer-peeling algorithm
Author(s): Ming-Seng Hsu; Shiang-Shi Cheng; Wei-Chia Su; Yueh Ouyang
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Analyzing fiber Bragg grating with inverse layer-peeling algorithm
Author(s): Yueh Ouyang; Ming-Seng Hsu; Shiang-Shi Cheng
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Multi-mother multi-vanishing moments joint best basis selection for iris recognition
Author(s): De Cai; Yingbai Yan; Guofan Jin
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The analysis and the enhancement of low diffraction efficiency in 90-degree holographic recording geometry
Author(s): Yu Zhou; Liren Liu; Zhu Luan; Aimin Yan; Lijuan Wang
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The effect of the bandwidth of an ultrashort pulsed beam to its properties diffracted by volume holographic grating
Author(s): Chunhua Wang; De'an Liu; Shuyun Teng; Ai'min Yan; Liren Liu
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Study on two-color holographic storage in doubly doped Fe:Ni:LiNbO3 crystals
Author(s): Yuanjun Guo; De'an Liu; Zhifang Chai; Zhu Luan; Liren Liu
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The sinusoidal oscillatory diffraction induced by strong refractive index change in reduced Fe:LiNbO3 crystals
Author(s): Zhifang Chai; De'an Liu; Zhu Luan; Lijuan Wang; Liren Liu
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Improvement of diffraction efficiency for 90-degree holographic recording geometry by using external electric fields in Fe-doped LiNbO3 crystals
Author(s): Aimin Yan; De'an Liu; Yu Zhou; Zhu Luan; Liren Liu
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Effect of polarization on photorefractive grating formulated with any light modulation in birefringent photorefractive material
Author(s): Xin Wang; Liren Liu; Aimin Yan; Zhu Luan; Zhijuan Hu
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Finite element method for dynamics of volume hologram with any light modulation
Author(s): Dashan Li; Liren Liu; De'an Liu; Aimin Yan; Nan Xu
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Bragg diffraction grating focusing-device design based on periodically inverted domains in lithium niobate crystals
Author(s): Zhijuan Hu; Liren Liu; Zhu Luan; Yu Zhou; Xin Wang
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Improvement of the nonvolatile holographic recording by application of external electric field
Author(s): Cuixia Dai; Liren Liu; De'an Liu; Yu Zhou; Lijuan Wang
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High-temperature recording of strong permanent diffraction gratings in copper-doped lithium niobate crystals based on a zero-electric-field photorefractive effect
Author(s): U. Hartwig; K. Peithmann; B. Sturman; K. Buse
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Effective algorithm for random mask generation used in secured optical data encryption and communication
Author(s): Yuexin Liu; John J. Metzner; Ruyan Guo; Francis T. S. Yu
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The deformation analysis of optical fibers for vibrated-type sensors
Author(s): Tamara Tulaikova; N. Minhuey-Mendez; Alexandre Michtchenko; Andrey Kulyukin
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