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Cryogenic Optical Systems and Instruments XI

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Volume Number: 5904
Date Published: 18 August 2005

Table of Contents
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Overview of James Webb Space Telescope and NIRCam's Role
Author(s): Marcia J. Rieke; Douglas M. Kelly; Scott D. Horner
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NIRCam systems engineering: the recipe
Author(s): Bruce C. Steakley
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NIRCam instrument overview
Author(s): Lawrence G. Burriesci
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NIRCam instrument optics
Author(s): Lynn W. Huff
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NIRCam optical analysis
Author(s): Yalan Mao; Lynn W. Huff; Zachary A. Granger
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Optical bench assembly for the near-infrared camera
Author(s): Alison A. Nordt; Derek J. Edinger
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NIRCam optical calibration sources
Author(s): Stephen F. Somerstein; Glen D. Truong
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Some performance results from NIRCam’s coronagraphic prototype masks
Author(s): Gopal Vasudevan; Martina Reale; Stephen F. Somerstein
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Lens design for the Near Infrared Camera for the James Webb Space Telescope
Author(s): Leigh Ann Ryder; Thomas H. Jamieson
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Cryogenic mirror mounts for use on JWST's NIRCam instrument
Author(s): Derek J. Edinger; Paul V. Mammini; Anantha Rao
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NIRCam filter wheels
Author(s): Sean McCully; Michael Schermerhorn; John B. Thatcher Jr.
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NIRCam pupil imaging lens mechanism and optical design
Author(s): Charles S. Clark; Thomas Jamieson
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NIRCam thermal subsystem
Author(s): Liz Osborne; RaShelle Simonson; Rachel Richards
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NIRCam integration and test
Author(s): David L. Mason; Paul F. Schweiger; Gopal Vasudevan
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Advanced cryogenic thermal switches for JWST
Author(s): David C. Bugby; Matthew Beres; Charles G. Stouffer; Jose I. Rodriguez
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Determination of coating emittance at cryogenic temperatures for the James Webb Space Telescope: experimental methods and results
Author(s): Warren J. Tolson; Chuen T. Or; Stuart D. Glazer; Mark C. Kobel; Edward A. Packard
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Cryogenic emittance measurement and its accuracy for the James Webb space telescope
Author(s): Chuen Or; Warren Tolson; Stuart Glazer; Mark Kobel; Edward Packard
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Optical system of the 12-26 micron instrument (MIR-L) for ASTRO-F
Author(s): Naofumi Fujishiro; Hideo Matsuhara; Yuji Ikeda; Tomoyasu Yamamuro; Norihide Takeyama; Takashi Onaka; Hirokazu Kataza; Takehiko Wada; Kazunori Uemizu; Itsuki Sakon; Chiaki Ihara; Daisuke Ishihara; Woojung Kim; Munetaka Ueno; Hidenori Watarai; Hiroshi Murakami
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Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer science payload overview
Author(s): Mark F. Larsen; Scott H. Schick
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Cryogenic telescope, scanner, and imaging optics for the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE)
Author(s): Mark Schwalm; Mark Barry; Gerry Perron; Deepak Sampath; Francis LaMalva; James J. Guregian; Blake Crowther
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Opto-mechanical design of the near-infrared spectrograph NIRSpec
Author(s): Maurice B. J. te Plate; Wolfgang Holota; Winfried Posselt; Jess Koehler; Markus Melf; Giorgio Bagnasco; Pierangelo Marenaci
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Colorado's Near-Infrared Camera (a.k.a. NIC-FPS) commissioning on the ARC 3.5M Telescope
Author(s): Fred Hearty; Stephane Beland; James Green; Nathaniel Cunningham; John Barentine; Meredith Drosback; Robert Valentine; Anton Bondarenko; Carl Schmidt; Joshua Walawender; Cynthia Froning; Jon Morse; Patrick Hartigan
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Lithium fluoride material properties as applied on the NIRCam instrument
Author(s): E. Todd Kvamme; James C. Earthman; Douglas B. Leviton; Bradley J. Frey
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High accuracy, absolute, cryogenic, refractive index measurements of infrared lens materials for JWST NIRCam using CHARMS
Author(s): Douglas B. Leviton; Bradley J. Frey; Todd Kvamme
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Automation, operation, and data analysis in the cryogenic, high accuracy, refraction measuring system (CHARMS)
Author(s): Bradley J. Frey; Douglas B. Leviton
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Temperature-dependent optical properties of Cd_0.96Zn_0.04Te substrate material
Author(s): Manuel A. Quijada; Anne Marie Russell; Robert J. Hill
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Optical coating considerations for cryogenic mirrors used in AEDC’s 7V and 10V space sensor test chambers
Author(s): H. S. Lowry; W. H. Goethert; S. L. Steely; W. R. Simpson; D. H. Crider; M. F. Breeden
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Cryogenic system for interferometry of high-precision optics at 20 K: design and performance
Author(s): Peter Blake; Ronald G. Mink; John Chambers; F. David Robinson; David Content; Pamela Davila
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Progress on smart focal plane technologies for extremely large telescopes
Author(s): Colin Cunningham; Eli Atad; Jeremy Bailey; Fabio Bortoletto; Francisco Garzon; Peter Hastings; Roger Haynes; Callum Norrie; Ian Parry; Eric Prieto; Suzanne Ramsay Howat; Juergen Schmoll; Lorenzo Zago; Frederic Zamkotsian
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The SIDECAR ASIC: focal plane electronics on a single chip
Author(s): Markus Loose; James Beletic; John Blackwell; James Garnett; Selmer Wong; Don Hall; Shane Jacobson; Marcia Rieke; Greg Winters
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Detector cooling options for temperatures as low as 10 mK
Author(s): Peter J. Shirron
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Development of a 4K-10K Collins-type cryocooler for space
Author(s): Charles Hannon; Brady Krass; Joseph Gerstmann; Gunaranjan Chaudhry; John Brisson; Joseph Smith Jr.; Thomas Davis
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Cryogenic diode heat pipe system for cryocooler redundancy
Author(s): David Bugby; Jessica Garzon; Matthew Beres; Charles Stouffer; Douglas Mehoke; Melissa Wirzburger
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Performance demonstration of hydrogen advanced loop heat pipe for 20-30K cryocooling of far infrared sensors
Author(s): Triem T. Hoang; Tamara A. O'Connell; Jentung Ku; C. Dan Butler; Theodore D. Swanson
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Lockheed Martin two stage pulse tube cryocooler developments
Author(s): Ted C. Nast; D. Frank; E. Roth; P. Champagne; J. Olson; B. Evtimov; R. Clappier; T. Renna; B. Martin
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Performance envelope and reliability assessment of the NGST HEC cryocooler
Author(s): Tom Roberts; Nandu Abhyankar; Thomas Davis
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WISE solid hydrogen cryostat design overview
Author(s): Larry Naes; Sylvia Wu; Joe Cannon; Brett Lloyd; Scott Schick
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The manufacturing, assembly and acceptance testing of the breadboard cryogenic Optical Delay Line for DARWIN
Author(s): T. C. van den Dool; F. Kamphues; W. Gielesen; M. Dorrepaal; N. Doelman; N. Loix; J. P. Verschueren; P. P. Kooijman; M. Visser; G. Velsink; K. Fleury
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Optical performance evaluation of near-infrared camera (NIR) on board ASTRO-F
Author(s): Woojung Kim; Hideo Matsuhara; Takashi Onaka; Hirokazu Kataza; Takehiko Wada; Kazunori Uemizu; Munetaka Ueno; Hiroshi Murakami; Naofumi Fujishiro; Daisuke Ishihara; Hidenori Watarai; Norihide Takeyama; Yuji Ikeda
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