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UV, X-Ray, and Gamma-Ray Space Instrumentation for Astronomy XIV

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Volume Number: 5898
Date Published: 18 August 2005

Table of Contents
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CASTER: a concept for a Black Hole Finder Probe based on the use of new scintillator technologies
Author(s): Mark L. McConnell; Peter F. Bloser; Gary Case; Michael Cherry; James Cravens; T. Gregory Guzik; Kevin Hurley; R. Marc Kippen; John Macri; Richard S. Miller; William Paciesas; James M. Ryan; Bradley Schaefer; J. Gregory Stacy; W. Thomas Vestrand; John P. Wefel
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First results from the balloon flight of the NCT prototype
Author(s): Wayne Coburn; Steven E. Boggs; Jason D. Bowen; Mark E. Bandstra; Mark S. Amman; Morgan T. Burks; William Craig; Pierre Jean; Robert P. Lin; Paul N. Luke; Norman W. Madden; David M. Smith; Peter von Ballmoos
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Crab: the standard x-ray candle with all (modern) x-ray satellites
Author(s): M. G.F. Kirsch; U. G. Briel; D. Burrows; S. Campana; G. Cusumano; K. Ebisawa; M. J. Freyberg; M. Guainazzi; F. Haberl; K. Jahoda; J. Kaastra; P. Kretschmar; S. Larsson; P. Lubinski; K. Mori; P. Plucinsky; A. M.T. Pollock; R. Rothschild; S. Sembay; J. Wilms; M. Yamamoto
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MEGA: a medium-energy gamma-ray astronomy mission concept
Author(s): P. F. Bloser; J. M. Ryan; M. L. McConnell; J. R. Macri; U. Bravar; G. Kanbach; R. Andritschke; M. Ajello; A. Zoglauer; S. D. Hunter; B. F. Phlips; E. A. Wulf; D. H. Hartmann; R. S. Miller; W. S. Paciesas; A. D. Zych; R. M. Kippen; T. Vestrand; M. L. Cherry; T. G. Guzik; J. G. Stacy; J. P. Wefel; V. Reglero; G. Di Cocco; J. P. Cravens
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XEUS instrument package
Author(s): David H. Lumb; Marcos Bavdaz
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The status of the XEUS x-ray observatory mission
Author(s): Marcos Bavdaz; David Lumb; Lothar Gerlach; Arvind Parmar; Anthony Peacock
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Hard x-ray polarimetry with EXIST
Author(s): T. Narita; J. Hong; J. E. Grindlay
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Processing challenges in the XMM-Newton slew survey
Author(s): Richard D Saxton; Bruno Altieri; Andrew M. Read; Michael J. Freyberg; M. Pilar Esquej; Diego Bermejo
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Developments in high count rate microchannel plate detectors
Author(s): J. S. Lapington
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Progress on development of UV photocathodes for photon-counting applications at NASA GSFC
Author(s): J. Stock; G. Hilton; T. Norton; B. Woodgate; S. Aslam; M. Ulmer
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InGaN: characterization and first photo-cathode results
Author(s): M. P. Ulmer; B. Han; Bruce W. Wessels; O. H. W. Siegmund; A. S. Tremsin
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Characterization of microchannel plate quantum efficiency
Author(s): Oswald Siegmund; John Vallerga; Anton Tremsin
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X-ray and UV detection with the Micro-Hole and Strip Plate gaseous detector
Author(s): J. F. C. A. Veloso; J. M. F. dos Santos; A. Breskin; R. Chechik
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Low-energy response of a prototype detector array for the PoGO astronomical hard x-ray polarimeter
Author(s): J. Kataoka; Y. Kanai; M. Arimoto; T. Ikagawa; T. Saito; M. Ueno; N. Kawai; R. Blandford; P. Chen; T. Kamae; G. Madejski; T. Mizuno; J. Ng; H. Tajima; T. Thurston; L. Barbier; A. Harding; J. Krizmanic; S. Hunter; J. Mitchell; R. Streitmatter; E. Groth; R. Fernholtz; D. Marlow; Y. Saito; T. Takahashi; S. Gunji; H. Sakurai; Y. Fukazawa; V. Anderson; P. Carlson; W. Klamra; M. Pearce; M. Suhonen; S. Larsson; F. Ryde; C-I. Bjornsson; G. Bogaert; S. Kishimoto
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Wavelength-shifting fiber readout of LaCl3 and LaBr3 scintillators
Author(s): Gary L. Case; Michael L. Cherry; J. Gregory Stacy; Christopher E. Welch
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Gas micro-well track imaging detectors for gamma-ray astronomy
Author(s): P. F. Bloser; S. D. Hunter; J. M. Ryan; M. L. McConnell; J. R. Macri
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Imaging of cosmic ray tracks in the PICsIT detector onboard the INTEGRAL satellite
Author(s): A. Segreto; C. Labanti; C. Ferrigno; M. Marisaldi
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Detector and telescope development for ProtoEXIST and fine beam measurements of spectral response of CZT detectors
Author(s): J. Hong; A. Copete; J. E. Grindlay; S. V. Vadawale; W. W. Craig; F. Harrison; W. R. Cook; N. Gehrels
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CZT detectors for a new generation of γ-ray telescopes
Author(s): Egidio M. Quadrini; Giancarlo Conti; Sergio D'Angelo; Mauro Fiorini; Michela Uslenghi; Lorenzo Natalucci; Pietro Ubertini
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EPIC-pn CCD camera onboard XMM-Newton: an update of the calibration
Author(s): U. G. Briel; V. Burwitz; K. Dennerl; M. J. Freyberg; U. Geppert; F. Haberl; M. P. Esquej; M. G. F. Kirsch
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Long-term trends in radiation damage of Chandra x-ray CCDs
Author(s): C. E. Grant; M. W. Bautz; S. M. Kissel; B. LaMarr; G. Y. Prigozhin
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Managing radiation degradation of CCDs on the Chandra X-ray Observatory II
Author(s): Stephen L. O'Dell; Thomas L. Aldcroft; Bradley A. Bissell; William C. Blackwell; Robert A. Cameron; Jon H. Chappell; Joseph M. DePasquale; Kenneth R. Gage; Catherine E. Grant; Christine F. Harbison; Michael Juda; Kevin A. Marsh; Eric R. Martin; Joseph I. Minow; Stephen S. Murray; Paul P. Plucinsky; Daniel A. Schwartz; Daniel P. Shropshire; Bradley J. Spitzbart; Shanil N. Virani; Brent S. Williams; Scott J. Wolk
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Health and cleanliness of the XMM-Newton science payload since launch
Author(s): M. G.F. Kirsch; A. Abbey; B. Altieri; D. Baskill; K. Dennerl; J. van Dooren; J. Fauste; M. J. Freyberg; C. Gabriel; F. Haberl; H. Hartmann; G. Hartner; N. Meidinger; L. Metcalfe; B. Olabarri; A. M.T. Pollock; A. M. Read; S. Rives; S. Sembay; M. J.S. Smith; M. Stuhlinger; A. Talavera
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pn-CCDs in a low-background environment: detector background of the CAST x-ray telescope
Author(s): M. Kuster; S. Cebrián; A. Rodríquez; R. Kotthaus; H. Bräuninger; J. Franz; P. Friedrich; R. Hartmann; D. Kang; G. Lutz; L. Strüder
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First measurements with DUO/ROSITA pnCCDs
Author(s): N. Meidinger; R. Andritschke; K. Dennerl; O. Hälker; G. Hasinger; Robert Hartmann; G. Hartner; S. Herrmann; P. Holl; N. Kimmel; H. Soltau; L. Strüder
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Noise and spectroscopic performance of DEPMOSFET matrix devices for XEUS
Author(s): J. Treis; P. Fischer; O. Hälker; S. Herrmann; R. Kohrs; H. Krüger; P. Lechner; G. Lutz; I. Peric; M. Porro; R. H. Richter; L. Strüder; M. Trimpl; N. Wermes; S. Wölfel
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MOS CCDs for the wide-field imager on the XEUS spacecraft
Author(s): A. D. Holland; C. Castelli; I. Hutchinson; D. R. Smith; J. Calafell; P. Pool; D. Burt; R. Ambrosi; M. French
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Design and development of Tokyo Tech pico-satellite Cute-1.7
Author(s): Jun'ichi Kotoku; Jun Kataoka; Yusuke Kuramoto; Yoichi Yatsu; Tomoko Ikagawa; Takao Saito; Nobuyuki Kawai; Naoki Miyashita; Masafumi Iai; Kuniyuki Omagari; Ken Fujiwara; Yusuke Funaki; Hideyuki Yabe; Saburo Matunaga; Tatsushi Shima
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An EUV spectrometer for mapping the heliopause and solar wind
Author(s): M. Lampton; J. Edelstein; T. Miller; M. Gruntman
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High resolution absorption spectroscopy using externally dispersed interferometry
Author(s): Jerry Edelstein; David J. Erskine
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Three-dimensional spectroscopy with a fiber-fed NUV spectrograph
Author(s): Robert Grange; Bruno Milliard; Ryan McLean; Christopher Martin; Jean Michel Deharveng; David Schiminovich
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Modeling contamination migration on the Chandra X-ray Observatory
Author(s): Stephen L. O'Dell; Douglas A. Swartz; Paul P. Plucinsky; Mark A. Freeman; Maxim L. Markevitch; Alexey A. Vikhlinin; Kenny C. Chen; Rino J. Giordano; Perry J. Knollenberg; Peter A. Morris; Hien Tran; Neil W. Tice; Scot K. Anderson
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The unique observing capabilities of the SWIFT x-ray telescope
Author(s): J. E. Hill; L. Angelini; D. C. Morris; D. N. Burrows; A. F. Abbey; S. Campana; M. Capalbi; G. Cusumano; J. A. Kennea; R. Klar; C. Mangels; A. Moretti; J. P. Osborne; M. Perri; J. Racusin; G. Tagliaferri; F. Tamburelli; P. Wood; J. A. Nousek; A. Wells
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Controlling the Swift XRT CCD temperature via passive cooling
Author(s): Jamie A. Kennea; D. N. Burrows; A. Wells; C. Pagani; J. E. Hill; J. L. Racusin; D. Morris; S. Hunsberger; A. F. Abbey; A. Beardmore; S. Campana; M. Chester; G. Chincarini; G. Cusumano; N. Gehrels; O. Godet; T. Mineo; V. La Parola; V. Mangano; A. Moretti; J. Nousek; J. Osborne; K. Page; M. Perri; G. Tagliaferri; F. Tamburelli
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The in-flight spectroscopic performance of the Swift XRT CCD camera
Author(s): Julian P. Osborne; A. P. Beardmore; O. Godet; A. F. Abbey; M. R. Goad; K. L. Page; A. A. Wells; L. Angelini; D. N. Burrows; S. Campana; G. Chincarini; O. Citterio; G. Cusumano; P. Giommi; J. E. Hill; J. Kennea; V. LaParola; V. Mangano; T. Mineo; A. Moretti; J. A. Nousek; C. Pagani; M. Perri; P. Romano; G. Tagliaferri; F. Tamburelli
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In–flight calibration of the Swift XRT Point Spread Function
Author(s): Alberto Moretti; Sergio Campana; T. Mineo; Patrizia Romano; A. F. Abbey; L. Angelini; A. Beardmore; W. Burkert; D. N. Burrows; M. Capalbi; G. Chincarini; O. Citterio; G. Cusumano; M. J. Freyberg; P. Giommi; M. R. Goad; O. Godet; G. D. Hartner; J. E. Hill; J. Kennea; V. La Parola; V. Mangano; D. Morris; J. A. Nousek; J. Osborne; K. Page; C. Pagani; M. Perri; G. Tagliaferri; F. Tamburelli; A. Wells
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In-flight calibration of the SWIFT XRT effective area
Author(s): P. Romano; G. Cusumano; S. Campana; V. Mangano; A. Moretti; A. F. Abbey; L. Angelini; A. Beardmore; D. N. Burrows; M. Capalbi; G. Chincarini; O. Citterio; P. Giommi; M. R. Goad; O. Godet; G. D. Hartner; J. E. Hill; J. Kennea; V. LaParola; T. Mineo; D. Morris; J. A. Nousek; J. Osborne; K. Page; C. Pagani; M. Perri; G. Tagliaferri; F. Tamburelli; A. Wells
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Absolute timing with the SWIFT X-ray telescope (XRT)
Author(s): G. Cusumano; V. Mangano; T. Mineo; V. La Parola; A. La Barbera; S. Campana; G. Chincarini; G. Tagliaferri; A. Moretti; P. Romano; M. Capalbi; M. Perri; P. Giommi; D. Burrows; D. Morris; J. E. Hill; J. Kennea; J. A. Nousek; C. Pagani; L. Angelini; J. P. Osborne; A. F. Abbey; A. Beardmore; M. R. Goad; K. Page; A. Wells
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On-orbit calibration of the Swift Ultraviolet/Optical Telescope (UVOT)
Author(s): M. Ivanushkina; A. A. Breeveld; T. S. Poole; C. H. James; A. J. Blustin; S. R. Rosen; W. Landsman; S. D. Hunsberger; P. W. A. Roming; C. Gronwell; K. O. Mason; S. Holland; K. McGowan; M. de Pasquale; M. Still; P. Boyd
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On-orbit calibration of the Ultraviolet/Optical Telescope (UVOT) on Swift: part 2
Author(s): A. A. Breeveld; T. S. Poole; C. H. James; A. J. Blustin; S. R. Rosen; W. Landsman; P. Boyd; C. Gronwall; S. Holland; S. D. Hunsberger; M. Ivanushkina; K. O. Mason; K. McGowan; M. de Pasquale; P. W. A. Roming; M. Still
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Detector response of GSC/MAXI and its expected performance in orbit
Author(s): Yuichiro Tsuchiya; Atsumasa Yoshida; Kazutaka Yamaoka; Tomomichi Arakuni; T. Miyakawa; Masaru Matsuoka; Shiro Ueno; Hiroshi Tomida; Takao Yokota; Kazuyoshi Kawasaki; Naoyuki Kuramata; Haruyoshi Katayama; Mikio Morii; Tatehiro Mihara; Motoki Nakajima; Naoki Isobe; Mitsuhiro Kohama; Hiroshi Tsunemi; Emi Miyata; Nobuyuki Kawai; Jun Kataoka; Hitoshi Negoro
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Developing a Compton polarimeter to measure polarization of hard x-rays in the 50-300 keV energy range
Author(s): Jason Legere; Peter L. Bloser; John R. Macri; Mark L. McConnell; Tomohiko Narita; James M. Ryan
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Thermal and time dependence of radiation-induced phosphorescence in UV window materials
Author(s): Steven N. Osterman
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An extreme ultraviolet optics-free spectrometer with improved spectral resolution and high signal-to-noise ratio
Author(s): Leonid V. Didkovsky; Darrell L. Judge; Andrew R. Jones
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X-RED: a satellite mission concept to detect early universe gamma ray bursts
Author(s): Mirko Krumpe; Deirdre Coffey; Georg Egger; Francesc Vilardell; Karolien Lefever; Adriane Liermann; Agnes I.D. Hoffmann; Joerg Steiper; Marc Cherix; Simon Albrecht; Pedro Russo; Thomas Strodl; Rurik Wahlin; Pieter Deroo; Arvind Parmar; Niels Lund; Gunther Hasinger
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Performance of the InFOCμS pixellated CdZnTe detector
Author(s): T. Okajima; J. Tueller; H. A. Krimm; S. D. Barthelmy
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Temperature dependent calibration products of the SWIFT x-ray telescope
Author(s): David C. Morris; David N. Burrows; Joanne E. Hill; Jamie Kennea; Judith Racusin; Paul Wood; Chris Mangels; Robert Klar; Lorella Angelini; Francesca Tamburelli
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SciSim: the XMM-Newton x-ray observatory data simulator
Author(s): C. Gabriel; A. Ibarra Ibaibarriaga; J. Hoar
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Rockwell CMOS hybrid imager as a soft x-ray imaging spectrometer
Author(s): A. T. Kenter; R. Kraft; S. Nulsen; G. Meehan; S. S. Murray
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Readout ASIC for x-ray CCDs
Author(s): Jordi Calafell; Andrew Holland; Ian Hutchinson; Marcus French; Lawrence Jones; Andrea Fant
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