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Lidar Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring VI
Editor(s): Upendra N. Singh

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Volume Number: 5887
Date Published: 18 August 2005

Table of Contents
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Laser and lidar technologies for Earth and planetary remote sensing applications
Author(s): Upendra N. Singh; Michael J. Kavaya
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Efficient all-solid-state UV lidar sources: from 100s of millijoules to 100s of microjoules
Author(s): Darrell J. Armstrong; Arlee V. Smith
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Single transverse mode Yb-doped fiber laser generating up to 0.5mJ/11W with flexible pulse parameters
Author(s): Tim Lauterborn; Stefan Heinemann; Almantas Galvanauskas
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III-V compound detectors for CO2 DIAL measurements
Author(s): Tamer F. Refaat; M. Nurul Abedin; Oleg V. Sulima; Syed Ismail; Upendra N. Singh
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High performance universal analog and counting photodetector for LIDAR applications
Author(s): Krishna Linga; Joseph Krutov; Edward Godik; Wayne Seemungal; Dmitry Shushakov; V. E. Shubin
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Characterization of high-power quasi-cw laser diode arrays
Author(s): Mark A. Stephen; Aleksey Vasilyev; Elisavet Troupaki; Graham R. Allan; Nasir B. Kashem
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Advances in semiconductor laser bars and arrays
Author(s): R. M. Lammert; S. W. Oh; M. L. Osowski; C. Panja; D. Qian; P. T. Rudy; T. Stakelon; J. E. Ungar
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New low-CTE ultrahigh-thermal-conductivity materials for lidar laser diode packaging
Author(s): Carl Zweben
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Improving reliability of high power quasi-CW laser diode arrays for pumping solid state lasers
Author(s): Farzin Amzajerdian; Byron L. Meadows; Nathaniel R. Baker; Bruce W Barnes; Renee S. Baggott; George E Lockard; Upendra N. Singh; Michael J. Kavaya
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Raman lidar characterization of the meteorological, electromagnetic, and electro-optical environment
Author(s): C. Russell Philbrick
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Raman lidar measurements of aerosol distribution and cloud properties
Author(s): Sachin J. Verghese; Adam H. Willitsford; C. Russell Philbrick
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Advanced coherent lidar system for wind measurements
Author(s): Sammy W. Henderson; Stephen M. Hannon
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Results of recent OSSEs to evaluate the potential impact of lidar winds
Author(s): Robert Atlas
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Design of a totally conductively cooled diode-pumped 2µm-laser amplifier
Author(s): Bo Trieu; Jirong Yu; Mulugeta Petros; Luis Ramos-Izquierdo; Glenn Byron; Peck Sohn; Yingxin Bai; Songsheng Chen; Michael J. Kavaya; Upendra N. Singh
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Scanning eye-safe depolarization lidar at 1.54 microns and potential usefulness in bioaerosol plume detection
Author(s): Shane D. Mayor; Scott M. Spuler; Bruce M. Morley
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Aerosol identification using a hybrid active/passive system
Author(s): Francis M. D'Amico; Raphael P. Moon; Charles E. Davidson
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Parallel estimation of path-integrated concentration and vapor absorptivity using topographic backscatter lidar
Author(s): R. E. Warren; R. G. Vanderbeek
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Sensing of kerogens and lignens using laser-induced fluorescence at deep-UV wavelengths
Author(s): Narasimha S. Prasad; Richard E. Davis; Upendra N. Singh
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Self-passive Q-switching of a Nd:YAG laser
Author(s): Narashima S. Prasad; Sudhir B. Triedi
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Polar stratospheric clouds observed by a lidar at Rothera, Antarctica (67.5°S, 68.0°W)
Author(s): Shawn E. Simpson; Xinzhao Chu; Alan Z. Liu; Walter Robinson; Graeme J. Nott; Jan Diettrich; Patrick J. Espy; Jonathan Shanklin
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Compact eye-safe backscatter lidar for aerosol studies in urban polar environment
Author(s): Javier Fochesatto; Richard L. Collins; Jia Yue; Catherine F. Cahill; Kenneth Sassen
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Modeling of collection efficiency in lidar spectroscopy
Author(s): Barry Lienert; Shiv K. Sharma; Teng Chen; Frank Price; John M. J. Madey
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Progress toward a water-vapor differential absorption lidar (DIAL) using a widely tunable amplified diode laser source
Author(s): Michael D. Obland; Lei S. Meng; Kevin S. Repasky; Joseph A. Shaw; John L. Carlsten
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Laser induced fluorescence detection using a Fizeau interferometer
Author(s): R. L. Kendrick; Eric H. Smith; Jason Mudge; Larry Benson
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Innovative raster-mirror optical detection system for CCD camera bistatic lidar
Author(s): V. V. Doushkina; A. I. Khizhnyak; V. Markov; J. E. Barnes
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Estimation of urban pollution level on the Magurele platform using lidar technology
Author(s): Camelia Talianu; Doina Nicolae; Mircea Ciobanu; Vasile Babin; Jeni Georgeta Ciuciu; Cristian Radu
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1.5 and 2.3 µm diode laser arrays for optical pumping
Author(s): A. Gourevitch; G. Belenky; L. Shterengas; D. Donetsky; D. Westerfeld; B. Laikhtman; R. U. Martinelli; G. Kim
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Improvement of Raman lidar techniques for quantifying aerosol extinction
Author(s): F. Russo; D. N. Whiteman; B. Demoz; R. M. Hoff
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SOLAR campaign: stratospheric ozone lidar of Argentina
Author(s): Elian A. Wolfram; Jacobo Salvador; Lidia Otero; Andrea Pazmino; Jacques Porteneuve; Sophie Godin-Beekmann; Hideaki Nakane; Eduardo Quel
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Measurement of an aerosol episode in Buenos Aires, Argentina using sunphotometer and lidar data
Author(s): L. Otero; P. Ristori; E. Wolfram; B. Holben; E. Quel
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Development of solid state laser material using ceramic yttria
Author(s): Narasimha Prasad; Sudhir B. Trivedi; Susan Kutcher; Chen-Chia Wang; G. Jagannathan; Uwe Hommerich; Vijay Shukla; Rajendra Sadangi; Bernard Kear
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3D vegetation structure extraction from lidar remote sensing
Author(s): Wenge Ni-Meister
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