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Ultraviolet Ground- and Space-based Measurements, Models, and Effects V

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Volume Number: 5886
Date Published: 18 August 2005

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Partitioning between aerosol and NO2 absorption in the UV spectral region
Author(s): N. A. Krotkov; J. R. Herman; A. Cede; G. Labow
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Measurements of O3, SO2, NO2 and HCHO column amounts using a Brewer spectrometer
Author(s): Alexander Cede; Jay Herman
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Spectral measurements of the polarization of UV sky radiance
Author(s): Mario Blumthaler; Michael Schwarzmann
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Ozone and aerosol optical depth retrievals with UV rotating shadowband spectroradiometer (RSS)
Author(s): Piotr Kiedron; Lee Harrison; Jim Schlemmer; Mark Beauharnois
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Derived direct irradiance from high resolution UV spectroradiometer uses: Langley regression radiometric calibration, ozone column, and aerosol retrievals
Author(s): Piotr Kiedron; Mark Beauharnois; Lee Harrison
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Variability of spectral UV irradiance at Thessaloniki, Greece, from 15 years of measurements
Author(s): Katerina Garane; Alkiviadis Bais; Kleareti Tourpali; Charicklea Meleti; Christos Zerefos; Stylianos Kazadzis
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UV climatology at Palmer Station, Antarctica, based on version 2 NSF network data
Author(s): Germar Bernhard; Charles R. Booth; James C. Ehramjian
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Radiation measurements at the German Antarctic Neumayer Station
Author(s): Sigrid Wuttke; Gunther Seckmeyer; Otto Schrems; Gert Koenig-Langlo
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Intercomparison of solar UV direct irradiance spectral measurements at Izana in June 2005
Author(s): A. Bais; M. Blumthaler; A. Webb; G. Seckmeyer; S. Thiel; S. Kazadzis; A. Redondas; R. Kift; N. Kouremeti; B. Schallhart; R. Schmitt; D. Pisulla; J. P. Diaz; O. Garcia; A. M. Diaz Rodriguez; A. Smedley
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Long-term UV irradiance changes over Moscow and comparisons with UV estimates from TOMS and METEOSAT
Author(s): Natalia Ye. Chubarova; Yelena I. Nezval'; Jean Verdebout; N. Krotkov; J. Herman
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New USDA UVB synthetic spectra algorithm
Author(s): John M. Davis; James R. Slusser
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The measurement and modeling of broadband UV-A irradiance
Author(s): Richard H. Grant; James R. Slusser
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Average surface albedo measurements in the UV, IR, and TSR on the Holy Mosque and places in Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Author(s): Abdulaziz R. Seroji
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Estimation of global solar UV index from UV-B irradiance measured with a narrowband UV-B radiometer
Author(s): Shu Takeshita; Masako Sasaki
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Stability characteristics of 1000 watt FEL-type QTH lamps during the seasoning and screening process
Author(s): Patrick Disterhoft
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Short-term impacts of elevated UV-B radiation on soybeans
Author(s): Kent G. Apostol; Richard H. Grant; Cheryl I. Bawhey; Wei Gao
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Are plants grown under low visible irradiance sensitive to low levels of ultraviolet-B radiation?
Author(s): Stephan D. Flint; Martyn M. Caldwell; Ron J. Ryel
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Genotypic variation of soybean and cotton crops in their response to UV-B radiation for vegetative growth and physiology
Author(s): K. R. Reddy; S. Koti; V. G. Kakani; D. Zhao; W. Gao
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Development of UV-B screening compounds in response to variation in ambient levels of UV-B radiation
Author(s): Joe H. Sullivan; Chenping Xu; Wei Gao; James R. Slusser
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Health impacts of ultraviolet radiation in urban ecosystems: a review
Author(s): Gordon M. Heisler
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Exposure to UV radiation and human health
Author(s): Michael G. Kimlin
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Solar UVA exposures
Author(s): Alfio V. Parisi; Michael G. Kimlin
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Economic burden analysis for UV radiation and vitamin D for colorectal cancer in the United States
Author(s): Cedric F. Garland; Sharif B. Mohr; William B. Grant; Michael F. Holick
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Does absorption of ultraviolet B by stratospheric ozone and urban aerosols influence colon and breast cancer mortality rates? Contributions from NASA and NOAA data
Author(s): Edward D. Gorham; Frank C. Garland; Sharif B. Mohr; William B. Grant; Cedric F. Garland
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The effects of smoke and dust aerosols on UV-B radiation in Australia from ground-based and satellite measurements
Author(s): Olga V. Kalashnikova; Franklin P. Mills; Annmarie Eldering; Don Anderson; Ross Mitchell
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Evaluation of environmental UV doses by empirical WL4UV model and multichannel radiometer
Author(s): Emanuela Piervitali; Elena Benedetti; Alessandro Damiani; Claudio Rafanelli; Ivo Di Menno; Giovanni Casu; Fabio Malaspina; Andrea Anav; Massimo Di Menno
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Sky and surface distribution of erythema action ultraviolet radiation
Author(s): Toshimasa Kawanishi
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Measurement of spectral signatures of invasive plant species with a low cost spectrometer
Author(s): Roger M. Tree; James Slusser
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Hyperspectral imaging of UVR effects on fungal spectrum
Author(s): Zuzana Hruska; Haibo Yao; Kevin DiCrispino; Kori Brabham; David Lewis; Jim Beach; Robert L. Brown; Thomas E. Cleveland
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Effect of supplemental ultraviolet radiation on the concentration of phytonutrients in green and red leaf lettuce (Lactuca sativa) cultivars
Author(s): Steven Britz; Charles Caldwell; Roman Mirecki; James Slusser; Wei Gao
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Application of CCD array digital fiber optic spectrometers in determination of within-tree and within-canopy irradiances of UV-B radiation
Author(s): Erin Beneski; John H. Bassman; James R. Slusser; Wei Gao
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Characterization and error analysis of an operational retrieval algorithm for estimating column ozone and aerosol properties from ground-based ultra-violet irradiance measurements
Author(s): Thomas E. Taylor; Tristan L'Ecuyer; James Slusser; Graeme Stephens; Nick Krotkov; John Davis; Christian Goering
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