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Remote Sensing of the Coastal Oceanic Environment
Editor(s): Robert J. Frouin; Marcel Babin; Shubha Sathyendranath

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Volume Number: 5885
Date Published: 18 August 2005

Table of Contents
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Use of the near infrared similarity reflectance spectrum for the quality control of remote sensing data
Author(s): Kevin Ruddick; Vera De Cauwer; Barbara Van Mol
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Atmospheric correction of SAC-C MMRS imagery for ocean-color applications
Author(s): Ana I. Dogliotti; Domingo A. Gagliardini; Robert J. Frouin
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Importance of aerosol vertical structure in satellite ocean-colour remote sensing
Author(s): L. Duforet; P. Dubuisson; R. Frouin
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Ocean-color remote sensing through clouds
Author(s): Robert Frouin; Pierre-Yves Deschamps; Jean-Marc Nicolas; Philippe Dubuisson
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Validation of ADEOS-II/GLI ocean-color atmospheric correction based on ship-board hand-held spectroradiometer measurements
Author(s): Hajime Fukushima; Mitsuhiro Toratani; Hiroshi Murakami; Pierre-Yves Deschamps; Robert J. Frouin; Akihiko Tanaka
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Ocean color algorithms in optically shallow waters: limitations and improvements
Author(s): Kendall L. Carder; Jennifer P. Cannizzaro; Zhongping Lee
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Impact of sea ice on ocean color remote sensing
Author(s): Simon Belanger; Jens Ehn; Marcel Babin
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Optical measurements of backscatter and absorption for characterizing water column structure and spatial pattern of coastal ocean color
Author(s): Leon M. Delwiche; Miles G. Logsdon
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Retrieval of the penetration of light and horizontal visibility in coastal waters from ocean color remote sensing data
Author(s): Maeva Doron; Marcel Babin; Antoine Mangin; Odile Fanton d'Andon
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Polarization characteristics of water-leaving radiance: application to separation of fluorescence and scattering components in coastal waters
Author(s): A. Gilerson; M. Oo; J. Chowdhary; B. M. Gross; F. Moshary; S. A. Ahmed
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Measurement of ocean water optical properties and seafloor reflectance with scanning hydrographic operational airborne lidar survey (SHOALS): I. Theoretical background
Author(s): Yuri I. Kopilevich; Viktor I. Feygels; Grady H. Tuell; Alexey Surkov
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Measurement of ocean water optical properties and seafloor reflectance with scanning hydrographic operational airborne lidar survey (SHOALS): II. Practical results and comparison with independent data
Author(s): Grady H. Tuell; Viktor Feygels; Yuri Kopilevich; Alan D. Weidemann; A. Grant Cunningham; Reza Mani; Vladimir Podoba; Vinod Ramnath; J. Y. Park; Jen Aitken
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Detection of small targets in a marine environment using laser radar
Author(s): Gerard J. Kunz; Herman H. P. Th. Bekman; Koen W. Benoist; Leo H. Coen; Johan C. van den Heuvel; Frank J. M. van Putten
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Lidar description of the evaporative duct in ocean environments
Author(s): Adam Willitsford; C. R. Philbrick
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Use of remote sensing in monitoring and forecasting of harmful algal blooms
Author(s): Richard P. Stumpf; Michelle C. Tomlinson
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New method for detecting red tide algal blooms in high scattering and absorbing waters using satellite ocean color imagery
Author(s): Yu-Hwan Ahn; Palanisamy Shanmugam
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Using MODIS medium-resolution bands to monitor harmful algal blooms
Author(s): Mati Kahru; B. Greg Mitchell; Anibal Diaz
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Development of coastal upwelling edge detection algorithms associated with harmful algal blooms off the Washington coast using sea surface temperature imagery
Author(s): Nathan R. Evans; Dana L. Woodruff; Vera L. Trainer
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Integration of shipborne lidar and spaceborne radiometer: application to the Antarctic coastal environment
Author(s): Luca Fiorani; Roberto Barbini; Francesco Colao; Roberta Fantoni; Igor G. Okladnikov; Antonio Palucci
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The ANTARES observation network
Author(s): Ana I. Dogliotti; Osvaldo Ulloa; Frank Muller-Karger; Chuanmin Hu; Brock Murch; Charles Taylor; Gabriel Yuras; Milton Kampel; Vivian Lutz; Salvador Gaeta; Domingo A. Gagliardini; Carlos A. E. Garcia; Eduardo Klein; Walter Helbling; Ramon Varela; Elena Barbieri; Ruben Negri; Robert Frouin; Shubha Sathyendranath; Trevor Platt
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Relation of phytoplankton species to ecosystem definition in the northwest Atlantic using remote sensing data
Author(s): Emmanuel Devred; Shubha Sathyendranath; Cesar Fuentes-yaco; Heidi Maass; Trevor Platt
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Variations on surface temperature and phytoplankton biomass fields after the passage of hurricane Fabián in the western North Atlantic
Author(s): Cesar Fuentes-Yaco; Emmanuel Devred; Shubha Sathyendranath; Trevor Platt
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Sensitivity of equatorial Pacific Ocean circulation to solar radiation absorbed by phytoplankton
Author(s): Kyozo Ueyoshi; Robert Frouin; Shoichiro Nakamoto; Bulusu Subrahmanyam
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Integrating remote sensing (RS) and GIS for study of evolution and change of coastal line of Yellow River Delta
Author(s): Shuquan Zhao; Yan He; Fengying Liang
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The family of chemical fiber-optical sensors for remote control of admixtures in gases and liquids
Author(s): T. V. Tulaikova; B. G. Goryunov; E. A. Vinogradov; S. M. Sivergin; S. M. Kireeva; K. V. Veksler; M. F. Koldunov; S. M. Dolotov; A. M. Nemeruk; M. N. Simakova; P. L. Dorojkin; A. V. Michtchenko; N. R. Minhuey-Mendez
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Challenges to identify phytoplankton species in coastal waters by remote sensing
Author(s): B. Lubac; H. Loisel; A. Poteau; X. Meriaux
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Optical properties of algal blooms in an eutrophicated coastal area and its relevance to remote sensing
Author(s): Rosa Astoreca; Veronique Rousseau; Kevin Ruddick; Barbara Van Mol; Jean-Yves Parent; Christiane Lancelot
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Evaluation of atmospheric correction algorithms for processing SeaWiFS data
Author(s): Varis Ransibrahmanakul; Richard Stumpf; Sathyadev Ramachandran; Kent Hughes
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