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Earth Observing Systems X
Editor(s): James J. Butler

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Volume Number: 5882
Date Published: 22 August 2005

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Correction of stray light in spectrographs: implications for remote sensing
Author(s): Yuqin Zong; Steven W. Brown; B. Carol Johnson; Keith R. Lykke; Yoshi Ohno
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Spectral features due to on-board diffusers
Author(s): Hedser van Brug; Gregory Bazalgette Courreges-Lacoste; Jos Groote Schaarsberg; Gerard Otter; Umberto Del Bello; Bart Snijders
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The effect of speckle on BRDF measurements
Author(s): Georgi T. Georgiev; James J. Butler
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Solar radiation based calibration of a short-wave ir radiometer and a comparison of exoatmospheric solar spectral irradiance data sets
Author(s): Edward Zalewski; Christopher Cattrall
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Pre-flight performance characterization of RazakSAT medium-sized aperture camera (MAC)
Author(s): Young-Wan Choi; Eugene D. Kim; Myung-Seok Kang; Sung-Keun Jeong; Seung-Uk Yang; Jongun Kim; Ee-Eul Kim; Sung-Dong Park; Ho-Soon Yang; Ad. Mohd. Afiq bin Ismail; Ahmad Sabirin Arshad
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Landsat-4 and Landsat-5 thematic mapper band 6 historical performance and calibration
Author(s): Julia A. Barsi; Gyanesh Chander; Brian L. Markham; Nicholas Higgs
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Cross-calibration of the Landsat-4 and Landsat-5 thematic mappers
Author(s): Cory Mettler; Dennis Helder
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Outgassing models for Landsat-4 thematic mapper short wave infrared bands
Author(s): Esad Micijevic; Dennis L. Helder
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Improvement in absolute calibration accuracy of Landsat-5 TM with Landsat-7 ETM+ data
Author(s): Gyanesh Chander; Brian L. Markham; Esad Micijevic; Philippe M. Teillet; Dennis L. Helder
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Comparison of ground-reference calibration results for Landsat-7 ETM+ for large and small test sites
Author(s): K. Thome; J. Geis; C. Cattrall
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Ground-reference calibration results for Landsat-7 ETM+
Author(s): K. Thome; C. Cattrall; J. D'Amico; J. Geis
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Validation of Landsat 7 ETM+ band 6 radiometric performance
Author(s): Frank Palluconi; Simon Hook; Ali Abtahi; Ron Alley
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SLC-off Landsat-7 ETM+ reflective band radiometric calibration
Author(s): Brian L. Markham; Julia A. Barsi; Kurtis J. Thome; John L. Barker; Pat L. Scaramuzza; Dennis L. Helder
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Validation of a web-based atmospheric correction tool for single thermal band instruments
Author(s): Julia A. Barsi; John R. Schott; Frank D. Palluconi; Simon J. Hook
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The ESA Earth Explorer EarthCARE mission
Author(s): Jean-Loup Bezy; Wolfgang Leibrandt; Arnaud Heliere; Pierluigi Silvestrin; Chun-Chi Lin; Paul Ingmann; Toshiyoshi Kimura; Hiroshi Kumagai
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Atmospheric column CO2 and O2 absorption based on Fabry-Perot etalon for remote sensing
Author(s): E. Georgieva; E. Wilson; M. Miodek; W. S. Heaps
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Concept for a multispectral imager with a continuously rotating filter wheel and multiple 2-D focal plane arrays
Author(s): James C. Bremer
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Segmenting clouds from space: a hybrid multispectral classification algorithm for satellite imagery
Author(s): Mark Wilson; Prabal Nandy; Brian Post; Jody Smith; Joseph Wehlburg
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The GOES-R coastal waters imager: a new capability for monitoring the coastal ocean
Author(s): Curtiss O. Davis
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Progress in developing GeoSTAR: a microwave sounder for GOES-R
Author(s): B. H. Lambrigtsen; S. T. Brown; S. J. Dinardo; P. P. Kangaslahti; A. B. Tanner; W. J. Wilson
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Improvements in the star-based monitoring of GOES Imager visible-channel responsivities
Author(s): I-Lok Chang; Charles Dean; Dejiang Han; David Crosby; Michael Weinreb; Jeanette Baucom; Perry Baltimore; Xiangqian Wu
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Post-launch calibration of GOES Imager visible channel using MODIS data
Author(s): Xiangqian Wu; Fengying Sun
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Monitoring GOES Imager visible-channel responsivities using empirical distribution functions of Earth data
Author(s): David Crosby; Jeanette Baucom; I-Lok Chang; Charles Dean; Dejiang Han; Larry McMillin; Michael Weinreb; Xiangqian Wu
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Potential for calibration of geostationary meteorological imagers using the Moon
Author(s): Thomas C. Stone; Hugh H. Kieffer; Ian F. Grant
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Operational activities and on-orbit performance of Terra MODIS on-board calibrators
Author(s): Williams Barnes; Xiaoxiong Xiong; Tony Salerno; Bryan Breen; Chad Salo
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Five-years of Terra MODIS spectral characterization
Author(s): Xiaoxiong Xiong; Nianzeng Che; Bruce Guenther; W. L. Barnes; V. V. Salomonson
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Performance of MODIS solar diffuser and solar diffuser stability monitor
Author(s): X. Xiong; H. Erives; S. Xiong; X. Xie; J. Esposito; J. Sun; W. Barnes
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Analysis of MODIS solar diffuser screen vignetting function
Author(s): X. Xie; X. Xiong; D. Moyer; J. Sun; X. Liu; W. Barnes
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Performance of the Terra MODIS on-board blackbody
Author(s): X. Xiong; N. Chen; S. Xiong; K. Chiang; W. Barnes
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Residual correlations in the solar diffuser measurements of the MODIS Aqua ocean color bands to the sun yaw angle
Author(s): Gerhard Meister; Frederick S. Patt; Xiaoxiong Xiong; Junqiang Sun; Xiaobo Xie; Charles R. McClain
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The continuity of ocean color measurements from SeaWiFS to MODIS
Author(s): Bryan A. Franz; P. Jeremy Werdell; Gerhard Meister; Sean W. Bailey; Robert E. Eplee Jr.; Gene C. Feldman; Ewa J. Kwiatkowska; Charles R. McClain; Frederick S. Patt; Donna Thomas
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Inter-comparison of Aqua and Terra MODIS using Adeos-II GLI orbital intersections
Author(s): A. Wu; X. Xiong; H. Murakami; W. Barnes
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Evaluation of the Ozone Monitoring Instrument's pre-launch radiometric calibration using in-flight data
Author(s): M. G. Kowalewski; G. Jaross; R. P. Cebula; S. L. Taylor; G. H. J. van den Oord; M. R. Dobber; R. Dirksen
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Absolute calibration: from SPOT1 to SPOT5
Author(s): Aime Meygret
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Performance of the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) in the radiation environment of low-earth orbit
Author(s): Margaret H. Weiler; Kenneth R. Overoye; James A. Stobie; Paul B. O'Sullivan; Steven L. Gaiser; Steven E. Broberg; Denis A. Elliott
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Compensation for spectral darkening of short wave optics occurring on the cloud's and the Earth's radiant energy system
Author(s): Grant Matthews; Kory Priestley; Peter Spence; Denise Cooper; Dale Walikainen
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Z-domain numerical filter for removal of thermistor bolometer slow mode transients
Author(s): Grant Matthews; Kory Priestley; Peter Spence
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Performance of an infrared sounder on several airborne platforms: the scanning high resolution interferometer sounder (S-HIS)
Author(s): J. Taylor; F. Best; N. Ciganovich; S. Dutcher; S. Ellington; R. Garcia; H. Howell; R. Knuteson; D. LaPorte; S. Nasiri; E. Olson; H. Revercomb; D. Tobin; K. Vinson; M. Werner
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Use of the moon as a calibration reference for NPP VIIRS
Author(s): Frederick S. Patt; Robert E. Eplee; Robert A. Barnes; Gerhard Meister; James J. Butler
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Sampling and uncertainty issues in trending reflectance-based vicarious calibration results
Author(s): K. Thome
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Vicarious calibration of the ASTER SWIR sensor including crosstalk correction
Author(s): Stuart F. Biggar; Kurtis J. Thome; Joel T. McCorkel; Jessica M. D'Amico
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Unmanned vicarious calibration for large-footprint sensors
Author(s): Jeffrey Czapla-Myers; Kurtis Thome; Stuart Biggar
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Evaluation of Terra MODIS PC bands optical leak correction algorithm
Author(s): W. Li; X. Xiong; K. Chiang; G. Toller
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Five-year results of Terra MODIS on-orbit spatial characterization
Author(s): Nianzeng Che; Xiaoxiong Xiong; Bruce Guenther; W. L. Barnes; V. V. Salomonson
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Data processing suite for GIFTS testing
Author(s): Maciej J. Smuga-Otto; Raymond K. Garcia; Robert O. Knuteson; Erik R. Olson
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Mitigation of anomalies in operational calibration of GOES-10 and -12 imagers and sounders
Author(s): Dejiang Han; Michael Weinreb
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EOS Aura MLS: first year post-launch engineering assessment
Author(s): Karen A. Lee; Richard R. Lay; Robert F. Jarnot; Richard E. Cofield; Herbert M. Pickett; Paul C. Stek; Dennis A. Flower
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On orbit commissioning of the Earth observing system microwave limb sounder (EOS MLS) on the Aura spacecraft
Author(s): Richard R. Lay; Karen A. Lee; James R. Holden; John E. Oswald; Robert F. Jarnot; Herbert M. Pickett; Paul C. Stek; Richard E. Cofield; Dennis A. Flower; Michael J. Schwartz; Candace M. Shoemaker
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Multiple instrument distributed aperture sensor (MIDAS) testbed
Author(s): Eric H. Smith; Erich de Leon; Peter Dean; Jake Deloumi; Alan Duncan; Warren Hoskins; Richard Kendrick; James Mason; Jeff Page; Adam Phenis; Joe Pitman; Christine Pope; Bela Privari; Doug Ratto; Enrique Romero; Ker-Li Shu; Robert Sigler; David Stubbs; Francisc Tapos; Albert Yee
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