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Optical Manufacturing and Testing VI
Editor(s): H. Philip Stahl

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Volume Number: 5869
Date Published: 13 September 2005

Table of Contents
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Progress toward a third Gemini M2 mirror
Author(s): Roland Geyl; Eric Ruch; Serge Primet; Giles Chaussat
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Status of ZERODUR mirror blank production at SCHOTT
Author(s): Thorsten Doehring; Peter Hartmann; Ralf Jedamzik; Armin Thomas
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Fabrication and metrology of freeform aluminum mirrors for the SCUBA-2 instrument
Author(s): Ian J. Saunders; Leo Ploeg; Michiel Dorrepaal; Bart van Venrooij
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The prototype of ultralight mirror system
Author(s): P. Schovanek; M. Palatka; M. Hrabovsky; M. Pech; L. Nozka; D. Mandat; J. Ridky
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Prepolishing and finishing of optical surfaces using fluid jet polishing
Author(s): Wilhelmus A. C. M. Messelink; Reto Waeger; Torsten Wons; Mark Meeder; Kurt C. Heiniger; Oliver W. Faehnle
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Jet-induced high-precision finishing of challenging optics
Author(s): William Kordonski; Aric Shorey; Marc Tricard
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Development and optimization of FJP tools and their practical verification
Author(s): Wilhelmus A. C. M. Messelink; Reto Waeger; Mark Meeder; Herbert Looser; Torsten Wons; Kurt C. Heiniger; Oliver W. Faehnle
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New results in hydrodynamic radial polishing using HyDRa
Author(s): E. Sohn; E. Ruiz; E. Luna; L. Salas; M. Nunez; J. Valdes; I. Cruz-Gonzalez; B. Martinez
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Cycle time and cost reduction in large-size optics production
Author(s): Bob Hallock; Aric Shorey; Tom Courtney
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New results extending the Precessions process to smoothing ground aspheres and producing freeform parts
Author(s): D. D. Walker; A. T. H. Beaucamp; V. Doubrovski; C. Dunn; R. Freeman; G. McCavana; R. Morton; D. Riley; J. Simms; X. Wei
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UltraForm finishing process for optical materials
Author(s): E. Fess; J. Schoen; M. Bechtold; D. Mohring; C. Bouvier
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A new approach to predict computer controlled polishing results
Author(s): Elmar Pitschke; Markus Schinhaerl; Andreas Geiss; Peter Sperber; Rolf Rascher; Richard Stamp; Lyndon Smith; Melvyn Smith
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Improvement of thickness uniformity of quartz crystal wafer by numerically controlled plasma CVM
Author(s): Masafumi Shibahara; Kazuya Yamamura; Yasuhisa Sano; Tsuyoshi Sugiyama; Katsuyoshi Endo; Yuzo Mori
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Analysis of thermal sources in a magnetorheological finishing (MRF) process
Author(s): Andreas Geiss; Markus Schinhaerl; Elmar Pitschke; Rolf Rascher; Peter Sperber
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Effects of nanodiamond abrasive friability in experimental MR fluids with phosphate laser glass LHG-8 and other optical glasses
Author(s): Jessica E. DeGroote; Anne E. Marino; John P. Wilson; Kathleen E. Spencer; Stephen D. Jacobs
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New viscosity measurement for magnetorheological polishing fluid
Author(s): Markus Schinhaerl; Elmar Pitschke; Andreas Geiss; Rolf Rascher; Peter Sperber; Richard Stamp; Lyndon Smith; Gordon Smith
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Analysis of the ductile-brittle mode transition in loose abrasive grinding
Author(s): Mark Meeder; Wilhelmus A. C. M. Messelink; Oliver W. Faehnle
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Effect of humidity on optical fiber-adhesive bonding
Author(s): A. Priyadarshi; H. Kaur; Anand K. Asundi; S. G. Mhaisalkar; V. Kripesh
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Construction and testing of wavefront reference sources for interferometry of ultra-precise imaging systems
Author(s): Michael A. Johnson; Donald W. Phillion; Gary E. Sommargren; Todd A. Decker; John S. Taylor; Yoshio Gomei; Osamu Kakuchi; Seiji Takeuchi
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Absolute accuracy evaluation of aspherical null testing for EUVL mirrors
Author(s): Yuichi Takigawa; Shigeru Nakayama; Takahiro Yamamoto; Takashi Gemma
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Calibration of symmetric and non-symmetric errors for interferometry of ultra-precise imaging systems
Author(s): Donald W. Phillion; Gary E. Sommargren; Michael A. Johnson; Todd A. Decker; John S. Taylor; Yoshio Gomei; Osamu Kakuchi; Seiji Takeuchi
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A simple ball averager for reference sphere calibrations
Author(s): Ulf Griesmann; Quandou Wang; Johannes Soons; Remi Carakos
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New methods for calibrating systematic errors in interferometric measurements
Author(s): S. O'Donohue; G. Devries; P. Murphy; G. Forbes; P. Dumas
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An overview of power spectral density (PSD) calculations
Author(s): Richard N. Youngworth; Benjamin B. Gallagher; Brian L. Stamper
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Retrace error evaluation on a figure-measuring interferometer
Author(s): Neil Gardner; Angela Davies
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Precision metrology of dihedral angle error in prisms and corner cubes for the Space Interferometry Mission
Author(s): Jan Burke; Bozenko F. Oreb; Benjamin C. Platt; Bijan Nemati
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Effects of birefringence on Fizeau interferometry that uses polarization technique
Author(s): Chunyu Zhao; Dongyel Kang; James H. Burge
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Sub-pixel spatial resolution interferometry with interlaced stitching
Author(s): James T. Mooney; H. Philip Stahl
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Sub-aperture interferometric testing of a large-scale elliptical mirror under thermal-vacuum conditions
Author(s): James N. Howell; Richard T. Summers; Michael G. Dittman; Kevin Weed; Robert M. Bates; Peter T. Spuhler; Wayne Pierre
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Testing an off-axis parabola with a CGH and a spherical mirror as null lens
Author(s): Chunyu Zhao; Rene Zehnder; James H. Burge; Hubert M. Martin
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Alignment and testing of piston and aberrations of a segmented mirror
Author(s): Qian Gong; William Eichhorn
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Development of Cassegrain type 0.9-m collimator
Author(s): Ho-Soon Yang; Myung-Seok Kang; Sung-Hee Kim; Yun-Woo Lee; Jae-Hyub Lee; Jae-Bong Song; Hoi-Youn Lee; Sung-Whan Kim; Jong-Ung Lee; In-Won Lee
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Reverse optimization of a Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor
Author(s): Daniel G. Smith; John E. Greivenkamp
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Real-time measurement of the small aspheric surface
Author(s): Ho-Soon Yang; Jae-Bong Song; Yun-Woo Lee; Hoi-Yoon Lee; Jae-Hyeob Lee; In-Won Lee
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Differential wavefront curvature sensor
Author(s): Weiyao Zou; Jannick Rolland
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Design of a machine for the universal non-contact measurement of large free-form optics with 30 nm uncertainty
Author(s): Rens Henselmans; Nick Rosielle; Maarten Steinbuch; Ian Saunders; Rob Bergmans
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Measurement of a 2-meter flat using a pentaprism scanning system
Author(s): Proteep C. V. Mallik; Chunyu Zhao; James H. Burge
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Dynamic phase-shifting electronic speckle pattern interferometer
Author(s): Michael North Morris; James Millerd; Neal Brock; John Hayes; Babak Saif
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Surface shape measurements using digital holography with a fringe projection system and partially coherent illumination
Author(s): Marcin Prytulak; Tomasz Kozacki; Romuald Jozwicki
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Reflection grating photogrammetry: a technique for absolute shape measurement of specular free-form surfaces
Author(s): Marcus Petz; Rainer Tutsch
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Testing big roughness surfaces by using shadow moiré
Author(s): J. Castro-Ramos; S. Vazquez-Montiel; S. Quechol-Lopez; J. Munoz-Lopez
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A new hot-jointing technique for the preform fabrication of tellurite based single mode optical fibers
Author(s): Xunsi Wang; Qiuhua Nie; Tiefeng Xu; Xiang Shen; Liren Liu
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Development of laser scissors for carbon and silicon carbide fiber cutting
Author(s): Hiroshi Murotani; Hironobu Sakata; Akira Yoshikado; Moriaki Wakaki
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