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Optical Materials and Structures Technologies II
Editor(s): William A. Goodman

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Volume Number: 5868
Date Published: 18 August 2005

Table of Contents
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Rapid fabrication of large mirror substrates by conversion joining of silicon carbide
Author(s): John Casstevens; Donald J. Bray; Abuagela Rashed; Ronald Plummer
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Recent advances in reaction bonded silicon carbide optics and optical systems
Author(s): Joseph L. Robichaud; Jay Schwartz; David Landry; William Glenn; Brian Rider; Michael Chung
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Silicon carbide pointing mirror and telescope for the Geostationary Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer (GIFTS)
Author(s): Mark Schwalm; Dan Dibiase; Dave Landry; Brian Rider; Virginia Ugolini
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Overview of the production of sintered SiC optics and optical sub-assemblies
Author(s): S. Williams; P. Deny
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Evaluation of segmented and brazed mirror assemblies
Author(s): David A. Bath; David Spain; Eric Ness; Steve Williams; Michel Bougoin
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CVC silicon carbide optical properties and systems
Author(s): Colby A. Foss Jr.
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CESIC light-weight SiC composite for optics and structures
Author(s): Jeffrey Boy; Matthias Kroedel
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SiC-SiC composites for optical applications
Author(s): Witold Kowbel; Rigel Woida; J. C. Withers
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Cesic: engineering material for optics and structures
Author(s): Matthias Kroedel
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Cesic: manufacturing study for next generation telescopes
Author(s): M. Kroedel; J. Lichtscheindl; Hp. Mair
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NT-SiC (new technology silicon carbide): application for space optics
Author(s): Katsuhiko Tsuno; Kazuhiko Oono; Hiroshi Irikado; Tomohiro Ueda; Shoko Suyama; Yoshiyasu Itoh
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NT-SiC (new-technology silicon carbide) : Φ 650mm optical space mirror substrate of high-strength reaction-sintered silicon carbide
Author(s): Shoko Suyama; Yoshiyasu Itoh; Katsuhiko Tsuno; Kazuhiko Ohno
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CESIC: a new technology for lightweight and cost effective space instrument structures and mirrors
Author(s): Christophe Devilliers; Matthias R. Kroedel
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Silicon carbide components for optics: present and near future capabilities
Author(s): P. Deny; M. Bougoin
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Mechanical and thermal performance of C/SiC composites for SPICA mirror
Author(s): T. Ozaki; M. Kume; T. Oshima; T. Nakagawa; T. Matsumoto; H. Kaneda; H. Murakami; K. Kataza; K. Enya; Y. Yui; T. Onaka; M. Kroedel
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Measurement of vibrational damping at cryogenic temperatures for silicon carbide foam and silicon foam materials
Author(s): Chia-Yen Peng; Marie Levine; Lillian Shido; Marc Jacoby; William Goodman
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Material properties of silicon and silicon carbide foams
Author(s): Marc T. Jacoby; William A. Goodman
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Design/analysis of the JWST ISIM bonded joints for survivability at cryogenic temperatures
Author(s): Andrew Bartoszyk; John Johnston; Charles Kaprielian; Jonathan Kuhn; Cengiz Kunt; Benjamin Rodini; Daniel Young
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Time-dependent thermal strain behavior of Zerodur from 270K to 310K
Author(s): Paul B. Karlmann; Kerry J. Klein; Peter G. Halverson; Robert D. Peters; Marie B. Levine; David Van Buren; Matthew J. Dudik
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Linear thermal expansion measurements of lead magnesium niobate (PMN) electroceramic material for the Terrestrial Planet Finder Coronagraph
Author(s): Paul B. Karlmann; Kerry J. Klein; Peter G. Halverson; Robert D. Peters; Marie B. Levine; David Van Buren; Matthew J. Dudik
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Adhesion of thin metallic surfaces to molded deployable space optics
Author(s): M. P. Ulmer; M. E. Graham; S. Vaynman; J. I. Echt; S. R. Ehlert; S. J. Varlese; J. M. Hermiller
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Composite mirror replication: curing, coating and polishing
Author(s): Jack J. Massarello; Jake D. Hochhalter; Paul A. Fuierer; Arup K. Maji
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Cryogenic performance of a lightweight silicon carbide mirror
Author(s): Ron Eng; James R. Carpenter; Colby A. Foss Jr.; James B. Hadaway; Harlan J. Haight; William D. Hogue; David Kane; Jeffrey R. Kegley; H. Philip Stahl; Ernest R. Wright
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A method to determine strength of glass, crystals, and ceramics under sustained stress as a function of time and moisture
Author(s): John W. Pepi
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Homogeneity of the coefficient of linear thermal expansion of ZEDRODUR
Author(s): Ralf Jedamzik; Thorsten Doehring; Rolf Mueller; Peter Hartmann
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Material and application study for low thermal expansion glass-ceramic CLEARCERAM series
Author(s): Kousuke Nakajima; Toshihide Nakajima; Nobuo Kawasaki; Yoshiyuki Owari
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New mold manufacturing techniques
Author(s): Chris Hall; Marc Tricard; Hiroshi Murakoshi; Yoshihiro Yamamoto; Kunitaka Kuriyama; Hiroyoshi Yoko
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Selection of I-220-H beryllium for NIRCam optical bench
Author(s): Derek J. Edinger; Alison A. Nordt
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RAMICS laser optical bench weight reduction
Author(s): Geoffrey Heberle
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Ellipsometry study of Cu-based shape memory films in a wide spectral range
Author(s): Y. V. Filipov; V. S. Staschuk; L. V. Poperenko
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Influence of natural surface layers on massive copper optical properties in a wide spectral range
Author(s): Y. V. Filipov; V. S. Staschuk; V. V. Vovchenko
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