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Optical Modeling and Performance Predictions II
Editor(s): Mark A. Kahan

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Volume Number: 5867
Date Published: 13 September 2005

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f/No. and the radiometry of image forming optical systems with non-circular aperture stops
Author(s): Ronian H. Siew
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Modeling aspheric tolerances in lens design software I
Author(s): Brien J. Housand; Leo Gardner; G. Groot Gregory
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Multicolor edge function computation
Author(s): Simon Magarill; Ed English; Boris Ardashnikov
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Transmission and scattering matrix of polarization imaging for biological turbid medium
Author(s): Shamaraz Firdous; Masroor Ikram
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Stray noises and illuminations disturbing the performance of position-sensitive devices
Author(s): S. Iqbal; M. M. S. Gualini; K. Rashid
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Stray-light analysis of Amon-Ra instrument
Author(s): Hanshin Lee; Sug-Whan Kim; Tony Richards; Ian Tosh; Nigel Morris; Mike Lockwood
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Method for formal design synthesis of various electro-optical devices including selected aspects of quantum optics / quantum mechanics
Author(s): Zoran Mihajlovic
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Nonlinear gain coefficient experienced by non-paraxial perturbations under small signal approximation
Author(s): Lei Zhang; Guoying Feng; Jianguo Chen; Xiaodong Li; Yaohui Gao; Mengyan Shen
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The relationships of the third harmonic generation and phase ripples for high-intensity laser
Author(s): Guoying Feng; Huajun Zhao; Jianguo Chen; Ping Ying; Jinghua Han; Qihua Zhu; Xiaomin Zhang
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Hysteretic electro-optic response in ferroelectric thin films
Author(s): Ding-Yuan Chen; Jamie D. Phillips
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Spectroscopic sensing using a visible arrayed-waveguide grating
Author(s): Yuki Komai; Hiroko Nagano; Katsunari Okamoto; Kashiko Kodate
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'Ivory': Optomechanical modeling of an optical image correlator
Author(s): Alson E. Hatheway
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Systems engineering analysis of five 'as-manufactured' SXI telescopes
Author(s): James E. Harvey; Martina Atanassova; Andrey Krywonos
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Performance modeling of launch vehicle imaging telescopes
Author(s): James E. Harvey; Andrey Krywonos; Joseph B. Houston Jr.
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Rigid body movements of optical elements due to opto-mechanical factors
Author(s): Frank DeWitt IV; Georg Nadorff
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Optical modeling of finite element surface displacements using commercial software
Author(s): Keith B. Doyle; Victor L. Genberg; Gregory J. Michels; Gary R. Bisson
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Optical system performance with combined structural/optical sensitivity to eigenvector perturbations
Author(s): Mike Lieber
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Axisymmetric deformation of rotating liquid mirrors by laser heating
Author(s): German Da Costa
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Modeling of particle imaging through shock waves
Author(s): Gerrit E. Elsinga; Bas W. van Oudheusden; Fulvio Scarano
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Optical performance assessment under environmental and mechanical perturbations in large, deployable telescopes
Author(s): Christopher Folley; Allen Bronowicki
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Optical performance analysis and optimization of large telescope structural designs
Author(s): Scott Roberts; Simon Sun; Dan Kerley
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Design optimization of system level adaptive optical performance
Author(s): Gregory J. Michels; Victor L. Genberg; Keith B. Doyle; Gary R. Bisson
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Validation and verification of integrated model simulations of a thirty meter telescope
Author(s): Dan Kerley; Scott Roberts; Jennifer Dunn; Nathan Stretch; Malcolm Smith; Simon Sun; John Pazder; Joeleff Fitzsimmons
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JWST on-orbit multi-field wavefront control with a Kalman filter
Author(s): John Z. Lou; David Redding; Norbert Sigrist; Yan Zhang; Scott Basinger
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Structural-thermal-optical performance (STOP) sensitivity analysis for the James Webb Space Telescope
Author(s): Carl Blaurock; Mark McGinnis; Kevin Kim; Gary E. Mosier
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End-to-end performance modeling of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) Observatory
Author(s): Michael W. Fitzmaurice; Kong Q. Ha; Chi Le; Joseph M. Howard
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Engineering trade studies for the Terrestrial Planet Finder Coronagraph primary mirror
Author(s): David A. Content; Raymond G. Ohl; Terry Cafferty; Eri J. Cohen; Robert M. Egerman; Charles D. Engler; Louis G. Fantano; Peter Feher; Joseph J. Green; Timothy Y. Ho; Joseph M. Howard; Sarah Hunyadi; Sandra M. Irish; Cliffton E. Jackson; Andrew Kissil; Eug-Yun Kwack; Neil F. Martin; Anthony J. Martino; Jeff Pattison; Sharon A. S. Peabody; Andrew M. Smith; Ichung Weng
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Passive isolator design for jitter reduction in the Terrestrial Planet Finder Coronagraph
Author(s): Carl Blaurock; Kuo-Chia Liu; Larry Dewell; James Alexander
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Terrestrial Planet Finder Coronagraph pointing control system design and evaluation for flight baseline 1
Author(s): Kuo-Chia Liu; Carl Blaurock; James Alexander; Larry Dewell
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Integrated modeling applied to the Terrestrial Planet Finder mission
Author(s): Andrew Kissil; Eug Kwack; Timothy Ho; Philip Dumont; Sandra Irish; Ichung Weng
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Optical simulator and testbed for spacecraft star tracker development
Author(s): B. G. Boone; J. R. Bruzzi; W. F. Dellinger; B. E. Kluga; K. M. Strobehn
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The fractional Talbot effect of two-dimensional array
Author(s): Weijuan Qu; Liren Liu; De'an Liu; Zu Luan; Nan Xu
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Design of 3x3 optical interleaver with IIR architectures
Author(s): QiJie Wang; Ying Zhang; Yeng Chai Soh
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Using the finite element model in the contact analysis for optical connectors
Author(s): T. Y. Lin
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Modeling of polarizing grids from mid-infrared to submm wavelengths
Author(s): Marc Ferlet
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Two-dimensional boundary-less optical field propagation
Author(s): Manuel Guizar-Sicairos; Julio C. Gutierrez-Vega
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Modulation instabilities in dispersion and gain managed fibers
Author(s): Byeonghoon Choi; Sangin Kim; Ikmo Park; H. Lim
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Optimize polarization-selective binary gratings
Author(s): Tien Viet Vu; Nam Kim; Dongwoo Suh; Yeungjoon Sohn; Heesook Chung; Muncheol Paek; Kwangyong Kang
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Laser performance operations model (LPOM): a tool to automate the setup and diagnosis of the National Ignition Facility
Author(s): Michael Shaw; Wade Williams; Ronald House; Chris Haynam
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