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Diagnostic Optical Spectroscopy in Biomedicine III
Editor(s): Mary-Ann Mycek

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Volume Number: 5862
Date Published: 19 August 2005

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Raman spectroscopy: development of clinical applications for breast cancer diagnosis
Author(s): Maryann Fitzmaurice M.D.; Abigail A. Haka; Zoya Volynskaya; Jason T. Motz; Joseph A. Gardecki; Jon Nazemi; Nancy Wang; Nina Klein; Robert Shenk; Joan Woletz; David Hicks; Joseph P. Crowe; Ramachnadra R. Dasari; Michael S. Feld
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Raman spectroscopy is sensitive and specific in the detection of lymph node metastases in breast cancer
Author(s): Jenny Smith; Catherine Kendall; Alastair M. Sammon; Jonathan Christie-Brown; Trupti Mandalia; Nicholas Stone
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Near infrared Raman spectroscopy for Alzheimer's disease detection
Author(s): Caroline D. Sudworth; John K. J. Archer; David Mann
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Near-infrared Raman spectroscopy for colonic cancer diagnosis
Author(s): Zhiwei Huang; Wei Zheng; Sheppard Colin
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Classification of ENT tissue using near-infrared Raman spectroscopy and support vector machines
Author(s): Effendi Widjaja; Wei Zheng; Huang Zhiwei
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Influence of the excitation wavelength on the tumor-to-healthy contrast in autofluorescence bronchoscopy: a comprehensive study
Author(s): Tanja Gabrecht; Pascal Uehlinger; Snezana Andrejevic; Pierre Grosjean; Alexandre Radu; Philippe Monnier; Bernd-Claus Weber; Hubert van den Bergh; Georges Wagnieres
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Autofluorescence detection of tumors in the human lung: comparison between in-vivo and in-vitro measurements
Author(s): D. Huttenberger; T. Gabrecht; G. Wagnieres; B. Weber; A. Linder; H.-J. Foth; L. Freitag
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Reflectance measurements of skin lesions: noninvasive method for diagnostic evaluation of pigmented neoplasia
Author(s): E. Borisova; P. Trojanova M.D.; L. Avramov
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In-vivo detection of pre-cancerous changes in Barrett's esophagus using elastic scattering spectroscopy (ESS)
Author(s): Benjamin R. Clark; Kristie Johnson; Gary D. Mackenzie; Marco R. Novelli; Chelliah R. Selvasekar; Sally M. Thorpe R.N.; Stephen G. Bown; Laurence B. Lovat; Irving J. Bigio
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Elastic scattering spectroscopy for detection of sentinel lymph node metastases in breast carcinoma
Author(s): D. W. Chicken; A. C. Lee; K. S. Johnson; B. Clarke; M. Falzon; I. J. Bigio; S. G. Bown; M. R. S. Keshtgar
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Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy of human skin lesions
Author(s): M. Cordo; J. R. Sendra; A. Viera M.D.; S. M. Lopez Silva
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Photoacoustic sensor for VOCs: first step towards a lung cancer breath test
Author(s): Marcus Wolff; Hinrich G. Groninga; Matthias Dressler; Hermann Harde
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Multidimension potential of surface plasmon resonance imaging for dynamic surface characterization: application to optical biochip systems
Author(s): P. Lecaruyer; E. Maillart; M. Canva; J. Rolland
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Development of a homogeneous assay format for p53 antibodies using fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
Author(s): Hannes Neuweiler; Silvia Scheffler; Markus Sauer
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Optical detection of structural changes in human carotid atherosclerotic plaque
Author(s): R. M. Korol; P. B. Canham; H. M. Finlay; R. R. Hammond; M. Quantz; G. G. Ferguson; L. Y. Liu; A. R. Lucas
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Computer aided visualizations of 3-dimensional light distributions in tissues for quantitative optical diagnostics
Author(s): Karthik Vishwanath; Mary-Ann Mycek
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Depth localization of fluorescent heterogeneities in semi-infinite media: a numerical approach using early-arriving photons
Author(s): A. Humeau; J. P. L'Huillier
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Performance of diffusion theory vs. Monte Carlo methods
Author(s): Lise L. Randeberg; Andreas Winnem; Rune Haaverstad; Olav A. Haugen; L. O. Svaasand
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Detection of heterogeneities within turbid media by time-gated transillumination: study based on the finite element method
Author(s): J. P. L'Huillier; V. Piron; A. Humeau
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Simulation of oblique-incidence probe geometries for depth-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy
Author(s): J. Pfefer; A. Agrawal; R. Drezek
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Comparison of time-resolved autofluorescence in the eye-ground of healthy subjects and patients suffering from age-related maculer degeneration
Author(s): Dietrich Schweitzer; Frank Schweitzer; Martin Hammer; Stefan Schenke; Sandra Richter
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Time- and wavelength-resolved autofluorescence detection by multi-dimensional TCSPC
Author(s): Wolfgang Becker; Axel Bergmann; Christoph Biskup; Dietrich Schweitzer; Martin Hammer
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Application of hyperspectral fluorescence lifetime imaging to tissue autofluorescence: arthritis
Author(s): C. B. Talbot; R. K. P. Benninger; P. de Beule; J. Requejo-Isidro; D. S. Elson; C. Dunsby; I. Munro; M. A. Neil; A. Sandison; N. Sofat; H. Nagase; P. M. W. French; M. J. Lever
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Cellular autofluorescence imaging for early diagnosis of cancers
Author(s): Karine Steenkeste; Ariane Deniset; Sandrine Lecart; Sandrine Leveque-Fort; Marie-Pierre Fontaine-Aupart; Sophie Ferlicot; Pascal Eschwege
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Spectral analysis of delayed luminescence as a tool to discriminate between normal and cancer skin cells
Author(s): F. Musumeci; A. Scordino; S. Tudisco; S. Privitera; L. A. Applegate; H. J. Niggli
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A new approach to interpretation of heterogeneity of fluorescence decay in complex biological systems
Author(s): Jakub Wlodarczyk; Borys Kierdaszuk
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Effect of glucose on the optical properties of arterial blood using Mie theory simulations
Author(s): Neil T. Clancy; Martin J. Leahy
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Interstitial single fiber multi-decay-probe for light dosimetry in photodynamic therapy: modelling
Author(s): A. Bednarkiewicz; W. Strek
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Multi-wavelength transmittance photoplethysmography with near infrared laser diodes during exercise
Author(s): S. M. Lopez Silva; R. Giannetti; M. L. Dotor; D. Golmayo; P. Martin; F. Miguel-Tobal; A. Bilbao; J. P. Silveira
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Kubelka-Munk theory based diagnostic algorithms to discriminate healthy and atherosclerotic animal model aorta
Author(s): Dimitris S. Gorpas; Eleni Alexandratou; Kostas Politopoulos; Dido Yova
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Complex refractive index of hemoglobin in the wavelength range from 250 to 1100 nm
Author(s): Martina Meinke; Moritz Friebel
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Glucose content monitoring with time-of-flight technique in aqueous intralipid solution imitating human skin: Monte Carlo simulation
Author(s): Alexey P. Popov; Alexander V. Priezzhev; Risto Myllyla
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