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Optical Methods for Arts and Archaeology

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Volume Number: 5857
Date Published: 24 August 2005

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Antimatter, clockwork orange, laser divestment
Author(s): John F. Asmus
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Laser techniques in conservation in Europe
Author(s): Renzo Salimbeni
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Cleaning and characterization of objects of cultural value by laser ablation
Author(s): Gabriel M. Bilmes; Cesar Freisztav; Daniel Schinca; Alberto Orsetti
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Laser dusting of delicate objects
Author(s): John F. Asmus; Meg Abraham
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Sulphur selective ablation by UV laser
Author(s): Antonella Lorusso; Vincenzo Nassisi; Fabio Belloni; Giovanni Buccolieri; Giuseppe Caretto; Alfredo Castellano
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NRC's 3D technology for museum and heritage applications
Author(s): J. Taylor; F. Blais; J.-A. Beraldin; G. Godin; L. Borgeat; S. F. El-Hakim; E. Paquet; L. Cournoyer; M. Picard; M. Rioux; C. Lahanier; G. Aitken
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Three dimensional documentation of two dimensional works of art
Author(s): William Wei; Alberto de Tagle; IJsbrand Hummelen
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Interferometric fringes projection system for 3D profilometry and relief investigation
Author(s): Vincent Moreau; Dimitri Laboury; Bernard Tilkens; Yvon L. M. Renotte
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Realistic realtime illumination of complex environment for immersive systems, a case study: the Parthenon
Author(s): M. Callieri; P. Debevec; J. Pair; R. Scopigno
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An integrated system for measurement of 3-D shape and color texture of artistic and architectural cultural assets
Author(s): S. Capeleto; M. De Boni; M. Fedel; F. Mario; L. Poletto; G. Tondello; N. Brusco; G. Cortelazzo
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Inspection, 3D modelling, and rapid prototyping of cultural heritage by means of a 3D optical digitiser
Author(s): F. Docchio; G. Sansoni; M. Trebeschi
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3DMADMAC system: optical 3D shape acquisition and processing path for VR applications
Author(s): Robert Sitnik; Małgorzata Kujawinska; Wojciech Załuski
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Optical micro-profilometry for archaeology
Author(s): Pierluigi Carcagni; Claudia Daffara; Raffaella Fontana; Maria Chiara Gambino; Maria Mastroianni; Cinazia Mazzotta; Enrico Pampaloni; Luca Pezzati
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Modì: a new mobile instrument for in situ standardless LIBS analysis of cultural heritage
Author(s): Gabriele Cristoforetti; Stefano Legnaioli; Vincenzo Palleschi; Lorenzo Pardini; Azenio Salvetti; Elisabetta Tognoni
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Quantitative elemental analyses of archaeological materials by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS): an overview
Author(s): Violeta Lazic; Luisa Caneve; Francesco Colao; Roberta Fantoni; Lucilla Fornarini; Valeria Spizzichino
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Non-destructive identification of varnishes by UV fluorescence spectroscopy
Author(s): Mathieu Thoury; Mady Elias; Jean Marc Frigerio; Carlos Barthou
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The Madonna of the Yarnwinder: a case study of non-invasive technique for art historians and conservators
Author(s): Roberto Bellucci; Cecilia Frosinini
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2D and 3D optical diagnostic techniques applied to Madonna dei Fusi by Leonardo da Vinci
Author(s): R. Fontana; M. C. Gambino; M. Greco; L. Marras; M. Materazzi; E. Pampaloni; A. Pelagotti; L. Pezzati; P. Poggi; C. Sanapo
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Fiber optic reflectance spectroscopy and hyper-spectral image spectroscopy: two integrated techniques for the study of the Madonna dei Fusi
Author(s): A. Casini; M. Bacci; C. Cucci; F. Lotti; S. Porcinai; M. Picollo; B. Radicati; M. Poggesi; L. Stefani
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Tools for inverse mapping and visualization of multi-spectral image data on 3D scanned representations of drawings
Author(s): M. Callieri; P. Cignoni; F. Ganovelli; P. Pingi; F. Ponchio; C. Montani; R. Scopigno
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Composition and stratigraphy of the paint layers: investigation on the Madonna dei Fusi by ion beam analysis techniques
Author(s): N. Grassi
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SIRIS: a high resolution scanning infrared camera for examining paintings
Author(s): David Saunders; Nick Atkinson; John Cupitt; Haida Liang; Craig Sawyers; Richard Bingham
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Atomic force microscopy imaging directly on paper: a study of library materials degradation
Author(s): Giovanna Piantanida; Marina Bicchieri; Flavia Pinzari; Carlo Coluzza
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Optical coatings on glass for preserving artworks from illumination induced damage: design and testing
Author(s): A. Farini; R. Arrighi; I. Di Sarcina; A. M. Piegari
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Spectral and colorimetric characterisation of painted surfaces: a scanning device for the imaging analysis of paintings
Author(s): Pierluigi Carcagni; Andrea Della Patria; Raffaella Fontana; Marinella Greco; Maria Mastroianni; Marzia Materazzi; Enrico Pampaloni; Luca Pezzati; Roberta Piccolo
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3D-µCT reveals the work processes of cast plaster statues, their internal structures, damages, and restorations
Author(s): Aurelia Badde; Bernhard Illerhaus
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X-ray computed tomography of an ancient large globe
Author(s): F. Casali; M. Bettuzzi; D. Bianconi; R. Brancaccio; S. Cornacchia; C. Cucchi; E. Di Nicola; A. Fabbri; N. Lanconelli; M. P. Morigi; A. Pasini; D. Romani; A. Rossi
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Optical coherence tomography: a non-invasive technique applied to conservation of paintings
Author(s): Haida Liang; Marta Gomez Cid; Radu Cucu; George Dobre; Boris Kudimov; Justin Pedro; David Saunders; John Cupitt; Adrian Podoleanu
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Dymamic signal processing and analysis in the OCT system for evaluating multilayer tissues
Author(s): M. Bellini; R. Fontana; I. Gurov; A. Karpets; M. Materazzi; M. Taratin; A. Zakharov
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Optical coherence tomography for painting diagnostics
Author(s): T. Arecchi; M. Bellini; C. Corsi; R. Fontana; M. Materazzi; L. Pezzati; A. Tortora
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Profilometry of medieval Irish stone monuments
Author(s): Thierry Daubos; Michael Redfern; Daibh O Croinin
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Application of 3D laser scanning technology in historical building preservation: a case study of a Chinese temple
Author(s): Yu Min Chang; Nien Hua Lu; Tsung Chiang Wu
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Probabilistic image-based characterization of manuscript inks
Author(s): Vassiliki Kokla; Alexandra Psarrou; Vassilis Konstantinou
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Proposal for an analytical sequence aimed at establishing sutcco's composition and technique used: research on samples collected in southern Switzerland
Author(s): Giovanni Cavallo; Marco Moresi
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A fuzzy logic system for Raman spectrum identification
Author(s): M. Castanys; M. J. Soneira; R. Perez-Pueyo; S. Ruiz-Moreno
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