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Fluctuations and Noise in Biological, Biophysical, and Biomedical Systems III

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Volume Number: 5841
Date Published: 23 May 2005

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Convexity, Jensen’s inequality, and benefits of noisy or biologically variable life support
Author(s): W. Alan C. Mutch
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Extra low frequency fluctuations of heart rate variability as a signature of adaptation dynamics of human homeostasis
Author(s): Natalia I. Muzalevskaya; Vadim M. Uritsky
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Spontaneous oscillations in mechanosensory hair bundles
Author(s): Bjorn Nadrowski; Pascal Martin; Frank Julicher
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Enhanced cochlear implant coding using multiplicative noise
Author(s): Robert P. Morse; Nigel G. Stocks
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Enhanced information transmission mediated by multiplicative noise
Author(s): Alexander Nikitin; Nigel G. Stocks; Robert P. Morse
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Stochastic resonance in attention switching
Author(s): Keiichi Kitajo; Kentaro Yamanaka; Lawrence M. Ward; Yoshiharu Yamamoto
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Effect of memory on measures of complexity
Author(s): Hidetoshi Konno; Kohsuke Nishimura
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Denoising and dimensionality reduction of genomic data
Author(s): Enrico Capobianco
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Study of thermal fluctuations during thermal denaturation of DNA
Author(s): K. S. Nagapriya; Arup Kumar Raychaudhuri; Dipankar Chatterji
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The role of thermal fluctuations and mechanical constraints in protein-mediated DNA looping
Author(s): Seth Blumberg; Arivalagan Gajraj; Matthew Pennington; Alexei Tkachenko; Jens-Christian Meiners
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Thermal fluctuations of partially extended DNA single molecules
Author(s): Rajalakshmi Nambiar; Jens-Christian Meiners
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Distribution of DNA fragment sizes after irradiation with heavy ions
Author(s): Ewa Gudowska-Nowak; Katarzyna Psonka; Stephan Brons; Gisela Taucher-Scholz
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Nucleation and global time scales in ecological invasion under preemptive competition
Author(s): Lauren O'Malley; Andrew Allstadt; Gyorgy Korniss; Thomas Caraco
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Image guided noise tomography for increased specificity of magnetic resonance imaging
Author(s): Shahed Reza; Gijs Bosman; George R. Duensing; Feng Huang; Charles Saylor
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Nonlinear dynamics of congestive heart failure
Author(s): Alan Bernjak; Peter B. M. Clarkson; Peter V. E. McClintock; Aneta Stefanovska
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Interactions between cardiac, respiratory, and brain activity in humans
Author(s): Bojan Musizza; Aneta Stefanovska
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Experimental and theoretical demonstration of noise shaping by interspike interval correlations
Author(s): Maurice J. Chacron; Benjamin Lindner; Leonard Maler; Andre Longtin; Joseph Bastian
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Optimal quantization and suprathreshold stochastic resonance
Author(s): Mark D. McDonnell; Nigel G. Stocks; Charles E. M. Pearce; Derek Abbott
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Influence of noise sources on FitzHugh-Nagumo model in suprathreshold regime
Author(s): Bernardo Spagnolo; Evgeniya V. Pankratova
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Nanoscale detection of bacteriophage triggered ion cascade
Author(s): Maria Dobozi-King; Sungkyu Seo; Jong U. Kim; Mosong Cheng; Laszlo Béla Kish; Ryland Young
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Observation of a power law memory kernel for distance fluctuation within a single protein molecule
Author(s): Wei Min; Guobin Luo; Binny J. Cherayil; Samuel C. Kou; X. Sunney Xie
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Quantum entanglement of K+ ions, multiple channel states, and the role of noise in the brain
Author(s): Gustav Bernroider; Sisir Roy
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Nonlinear aspects of the EEG during sleep in children
Author(s): Matthew J. Berryman; Scott W. Coussens; Yvonne Pamula; Declan Kennedy; Kurt Lushington; Cosma Shalizi; Andrew Allison; A. James Martin; David Saint; Derek Abbott
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