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Nanotechnology II

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Volume Number: 5838
Date Published: 28 June 2005

Table of Contents
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Ordered arrays of near-field optical probes
Author(s): Neso Sojic; Arnaud Chovin; Patrick Garrigue; Inka Manek-Hönninger; Laurent Servant
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Imaging and manipulating heterostructure interfaces
Author(s): Roy Clarke; Codrin Cionca; Catalina Dorin; Benny Perez Rodriguez; Joanna Mirecki Millunchick; Don A. Walko; Yizhak Yacoby
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Electrospun tin oxide nanofibers
Author(s): Neliza León; Glendalys Figueroa; Yu Wang; Idalia Ramos; Rogerio Furlan; Nicholas Pinto; Jorge J. Santiago-Avilés
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Organic light emitting pixel arrays by supra-molecular self-organization
Author(s): Ilenia Viola; Marco Mazzeo; Alessandra Passab; Stefania D'Amone; Roberto Cingolani; Giuseppe Gigli
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Focal plane arrays based on quantum dot infrared photodetectors
Author(s): Manijeh Razeghi; Wei Zhang; Ho-Chul Lim; Stanley Tsao; John Szafraniec; Maho Taguchi; Bijan Movaghar
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Charge storage in Si nanocrystals embedded in SiO2 with enhanced C-AFM
Author(s): M. Porti; M. Avidano; M. Nafria; X. Aymerich; J. Carreras; B. Garrido
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Nanostructured mesoporous tungsten oxide for gas sensor applications
Author(s): Emma Rossinyol; Jordi Arbiol; Andreu Marsal; Francesca Peiro; Albert Cornet; Joan Ramon Morante; Leonid A. Solovyov; Bozhi Tian; Bo Tu; Dongyuan Zhao
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SWCNT aggregates for gas sensing applications
Author(s): M. Lucci; P. Regoliosi; A. Reale; A. Di Carlo; E. Tamburri; S. Orlanducci; M. L. Terranova; P. Lugli
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Carbon nanotubes dispersions in polymer matrix for strain sensing applications
Author(s): P. Regoliosi; F. Brunetti; A. Reale; A. Di Carlo; E. Tamburri; S. Orlanducci; M. L. Terranova; P. Lugli
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Investigation into the modeling of field-effect mobility in disordered organic semiconductors
Author(s): H. L. Kwok
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Logic optimization technique for molecular cascades
Author(s): Petra Farm; Elena Dubrova; Hannu Tenhunen
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Mechanico-chemical interaction of SWNTs with different host matrices evidenced by SERS spectroscopy
Author(s): Serge Lefrant; Mihaela Baibarac; Ioan Baltog; Christine Godon; Jean-Yves Mevellec; Lucian Mihut
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Simulation of molecular devices and architectures: state of the art and future challenges
Author(s): G. Csaba; P. Lugli
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FDTD analysis of nano-antenna structures with dispersive materials at optical frequencies
Author(s): Jose M. Rico-Garcia; Jose M. Lopez-Alonso; Javier Alda
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THz operation of self-switching nano-diodes and nano-transistors
Author(s): J. Mateos; A. M. Song; B. G. Vasallo; D. Pardo; T. Gonzalez
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Towards the realization of a multielectrode field emission device: controlled growth of single wall carbon nanotube arrays
Author(s): F. Brunetti; A. Di Carlo; R. Riccitelli; A. Reale; P. Regoliosi; M. Lucci; A. Fiori; M. L. Terranova; S. Orlanducci; V. Sessa; A. Ciorba; M. Rossi; M. Cirillo; V. Merlo; P. Lugli; C. Falessi
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Field-coupled nanomagnets for logic applications
Author(s): Alexandra Imre; Gyorgy Csaba; Lili Ji; Alexei Orlov; Gary H. Bernstein; Vitali Metlushko; Wolfgang Porod
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Effects of high external electric fields on protein conformation
Author(s): Pier Paolo Pompa; Alessandro Bramanti; Giuseppe Maruccio; Loretta Laureana del Mercato; Rocco Chiuri; Roberto Cingolani; Ross Rinaldi
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Conductance of molecular wires: coherent and incoherent transport
Author(s): Rafael Gutierrez; Gianaurelio Cuniberti
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Conductance quantization in nanoscale wires with surface disorder
Author(s): Antonio Garcia-Martin; Luis S. Froufe-Perez; Juan J. Saenz
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Electron transport in silicon inversion slabs of nanometric thickness
Author(s): F. Gamiz; J. B. Roldan; A. Godoy; C. Sampedro
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Electronic transport modification of single-walled carbon nanotubes by encapsulating alkali-metal ions
Author(s): T. Izumida; G.-H. Jeong; T. Hirata; R. Hatakeyama; Y. Neo; H. Mimura
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Photoemission from nano-structured a-C/diamond layers irradiated by intense Nd:YAG laser harmonics
Author(s): V. Sessa; S. Orlanducci; A. Fiori; M. L. Terranova; F. Tazzioli; C. Vicario; I. Boscolo; S. Cialdi; M. Rossi
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Irradiation of supported gold and silver nanoparticles with continuous-wave, nanosecond, and femtosecond laser light: a comparative study
Author(s): F. Hubenthal; M. Alschinger; M. Bauer; D. Blazquez Sanchez; N. Borg; M. Brezeanu; R. Frese; C. Hendrich; B. Krohn; M. Aeschliman; F. Trager
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Hybrid nanocomposites based on CdS and CdSe colloidal nanocrystals in organic polymers
Author(s): M. Tamborra; R. Comparelli; M. L. Curri; M. Striccoli; A. Petrella; Angela Agostiano
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Water phase transfer of oleic capped semiconductor nanocrystals mediated by alfa-cyclodextrins
Author(s): Nicoletta Depalo; Roberto Comparelli; Marinella Striccoli; Maria Lucia Curri; Lucia Catucci; Angela Agostiano
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Artificial bilayer lipid membranes (BLMs) on-chip for single molecule sensing
Author(s): Mairi E. Sandison; Daniele Malleo; David Holmes; Richard Berry; Hywel Morgan
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Self-assembled NiO nano-wires on epitaxial Ni films
Author(s): Rosa A. Lukaszew; Z. Zhang; R. Clarke
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Understanding the structural changes that take place in a polypyrrole film during its oxi-reduction process: a molecular dynamics simulation study
Author(s): J. J. Lopez Cascales; T. F. Otero
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Magnetism and magneto-optics of Co nanoparticles embedded in dielectric and metallic matrices
Author(s): C. Clavero; A. Cebollada; G. Armelles; Y. Huttel; J. Arbiol; F. Peiro; A. Cornet; A. Llobera; C. Dominguez
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Luminescence in Ge nanostructures formed by dry and wet oxidation of SiGe films
Author(s): M. Avella; A. C. Prieto; J. Jimenez; A. Rodriuez; J. Sangrador; T. Rodriguez; A. Kling
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Controlled growth of silicon nanowires
Author(s): Y. Y. Wong; M. Yahaya; M. Mat Salleh; B. Yeop Majlis
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Proposal of a miniaturized Orbitron pump for MEMS applications
Author(s): Hans W. P. Koops
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