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13th International Workshop on Lidar Multiple Scattering Experiments
Editor(s): Anatoli G. Borovoi

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Volume Number: 5829
Date Published: 17 March 2005

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Evidence suggesting the shortening of the day from sunrise to sunset due to global change
Author(s): Ariel Cohen; Moshe M. Kleiman
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Urban atmospheric aerosol properties measured from sky radiometer in Hong Kong
Author(s): Andrew Yuk Sun Cheng; Peter Voelger
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Interaction of solar radiation with aerosols and molecules within clouds
Author(s): Irina N. Melnikova
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Inverse problems of state parameters assessment for natural formations using satellite and ground-based observations
Author(s): Vladimir V. Kozoderov
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Daylight background radiation modeling for the atmosphere with multilayer clouds by influence functions method
Author(s): Tamara A. Sushkevich; Ekaterina V. Vladimirova
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About computation of multiple scattering of inclined beam by spatial-frequency characteristics method
Author(s): Tamara A. Sushkevich; Sergey A. Strelkov; Ekaterina V. Vladimirova; Alexey K. Kulikov; Svetlana V. Maksakova
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Phase matrix of ice crystals in noctilucent clouds
Author(s): Alexander A. Kokhanovsky
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On Monte Carlo for nonspherical and chiral particles
Author(s): Piero Bruscaglioni; Samuele Del Bianco; Fabrizio Martelli; Giovanni Zaccanti; G. Bazzini; Marco Gai; Andrea Ismaelli
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Peaked phase function approximation in the solution of radiative transfer equation
Author(s): Viatcheslav Kisselev
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Influence of the inhomogeneity properties on the depolarization of multiply scattered light in a turbid medium
Author(s): Evgenii E. Gorodnichev; Alexander I. Kuzovlev; Dmitrii B. Rogozkin
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Monte Carlo simulation of radiation transfer in optically anisotropic clouds
Author(s): Sergei M. Prigarin; Anatoli G. Borovoi; Piero Bruscaglioni; Ariel Cohen; Igor A. Grishin; Ulrich G. Oppel; Tatiana B. Zhuravleva
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Statistical simulation of laser radiation transfer in stochastic scattering media
Author(s): Boris A. Kargin
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A hypothesis of fractal optical anisotropy in clouds and Monte Carlo simulation of relative radiation effects
Author(s): Sergei M. Prigarin; Ulrich G. Oppel
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Light scattering by nonspherical particles: some theoretical aspects
Author(s): Victor G. Farafonov; Vladimir Ilin
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Light scattering by nonspherical particles: some practical aspects
Author(s): Victor G. Farafonov; Vladimir Il'in; Nikolai V. Voshchinnikov; M. S. Prokopjeva
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Dependence of the optical properties of metal nanoparticles on the external dielectric medium: effects of the particle size, shape, and structure
Author(s): Lyubov A. Trachuk; Andrei G. Melnikov; Nikolai G. Khlebtsov
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Parameterization of basic optical radiation scattering properties of ice crystal particles
Author(s): Alexander G. Petrushin
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Development of an optical model for cirrus clouds
Author(s): Anatoli G. Borovoi; Ariel Cohen; Natalja Kustova; Ulrich G. Oppel
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Extinction-to-backscatter ratio calculated for ice crystal particles
Author(s): Natalia V. Kustova; Anatoli G. Borovoi; Ulrich G. Oppel
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Scattering matrices for ice crystal particles with preferred orientations
Author(s): A. Burnashov; Anatoli G. Borovoi; Ariel Cohen; Ulrich G. Oppel
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Estimation of microphysical parameters of oriented plate crystals on characteristics of reflected optical radiation
Author(s): Olga Vladimirov Shefer
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Diffusion patterns of a pulsed laser beam seen by a monostatic and a bistatic CCD lidar
Author(s): Ulrich G. Oppel
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Lidar depolarization asymmetry measurements and its relation with the optical depth
Author(s): Nathalie Roy; Gilles Roy; Luc R. Bissonnette; Jean-Robert Simard
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Analytical approximation for multiple Raman-Mie scattering
Author(s): Moshe M. Kleiman; Ioseph Gurwich; Ariel Cohen
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Retrieval of particle size of C1 clouds using a bistatic lidar
Author(s): Andrew Yuk Sun Cheng; Guenter Czerwinski
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Some comments on the retrieval of the extinction profile from multiple scattered lidar returns
Author(s): Martin Wengenmayer
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Backscattering patterns in the polarized lidar sounding of strongly scattering media
Author(s): Ludmila I. Chaikovskaya; Eleonora P. Zege
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Lidar method of oil pollution detection on the rough sea surface
Author(s): V. I. Kozintsev; M. L. Belov; V. A. Gorodnichev; Olga A. Smirnova; Yu. V. Fedotov; A. M. Khroustaleva
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