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Cockpit and Future Displays for Defense and Security

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Volume Number: 5801
Date Published: 25 May 2005

Table of Contents
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Designing human-machine interfaces for manned platforms conducting network centric operations.
Author(s): Donald Wilkins
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Advanced warfighter machine interface
Author(s): Erin Franks
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Macroelectronics: a progress report
Author(s): Arthur H. Firester; Michael G. Kane
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Flat-panel display solutions for ground-environment military displays
Author(s): J. Thomas II; R. Roach
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Drift sight replacement in the U-2
Author(s): Lawrence J. Bialecki
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LED backlights
Author(s): Errikos Amarilio
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Applications of advanced display technology for dismounted combatants
Author(s): David C. Huffman
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Technology for a conformally shaped phosphorescent OLED display
Author(s): Sigurd Wagner; Rabin Bhattacharya; Yeh-Jiun Tung; Jim Esler; Mike Hack
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Improvements in the dual LCD-based stereo display
Author(s): James Kirsch; Brian Jones; John Johnson; David Chenault; Larry Pezziniti
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How deep is deep enough?
Author(s): Gareth P. Bell
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Ray tracing analysis of display illumination systems
Author(s): Mark Bennahmias; Tomasz Jannson
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Creation and transition of digital light processing technology to defense applications
Author(s): Darrel G. Hopper
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Recent advances in low power and flexible cholesteric LCDs
Author(s): Asad Khan; Tod Schneider; Forrest Nicholson; J. W. Doane
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Flexible phosphorescent OLEDs on metal foil for military and commercial applications
Author(s): Anna Chwang; JengPing Lu; Chinwen Shih; Yeh-Jiun Tung; Richard Hewitt; Michael Hack; Jackson Ho; Julie Brown
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3D luminescent photonic crystal structures
Author(s): C. J. Summers; E. Graugnard; J. S. King
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Military display market segment: avionics
Author(s): Daniel D. Desjardins; Darrel G. Hopper
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Update on display aging
Author(s): Robert L. Donofrio
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High performance 1553
Author(s): Michael G. Hegarty
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Design of an advanced helmet mounted display (AHMD)
Author(s): Ashok Sisodia; Andrew Riser; John R. Rogers
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Large area flexible plasma-sphere displays for military applications
Author(s): C. Wedding
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Active-matrix organic light-emitting displays on flexible metal foils
Author(s): T. K. Chuang; A. Jamshidi Roudbari; M. N. Troccoli; Y. L. Chang; G. Reed; M. Hatalis; J. Spirko; K. Klier; S. Preis; R. Pearson; H. Najafov; I. Biaggio; T. Afentakis; A. Voutsas; E. Forsythe; J. Shi; S. Blomquist
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Evaluating and improving mechanical performance of thin films for flexible displays
Author(s): Jay S. Lewis; Sonia Grego; Erik Vick; Dorota Temple
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Conjugated polymers and blends for controlled emission, reflection, and absorption in the visible and near infrared
Author(s): Nisha Ananthakrishnan; John R. Reynolds
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Electrochromic variable transmission optical combiner
Author(s): Russell S. Draper; Michael V. Wood; Bijan Radmard; Ken Mahmud; Peter Schuler; Gregory A. Sotzing; Venkataraman Seshadri; Warren Mino; Javier Padilla; Tobibio F. Otero
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Design and implementation of an advanced three-dimensional volumetric display based on up-conversion phosphors
Author(s): Jianying Cao; Usha Parasuraman; Jianqiang Liu; Ted Sun
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Development of an automultiscopic true 3D display
Author(s): Russell M. Kurtz; Ranjit D. Pradhan; Tin M. Aye; Kevin H. Yu; Albert O. Okorogu; Kang-Bin Chua; Nay Tun; Tin Win; Axel Schindler
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Color LCoS-based full-color electro-holographic 3D display system
Author(s): Jae-Woong Moon; Dong-Whi Lee; Seung-Cheol Kim; Eun-Soo Kim
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Operation modes for a linear array of optical flexible reflective analog modulators
Author(s): Michel Doucet; Francis Picard; Keith K. Niall; Hubert Jerominek
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Current assessment of AM OLED technology for avionics applications
Author(s): K. R. Sarma; J. Schmidt; J. Roush; R. Maner
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Rugged and drapable cholesteric liquid crystal displays
Author(s): Irina Shiyanovskaya; Asad Khan; Seth Green; Greg Magyar; Oleg Pishnyak; J. William Doane
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Integrated headgear for the Future Force Warrior and beyond
Author(s): James E. Melzer
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Intuitive engineering, human factors, and the design of future interfaces
Author(s): James B. Sampson
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Flexible reflective and emissive display integration and manufacturing
Author(s): Gregory B. Raupp; Shawn M. O'Rourke; David R. Allee; Sameer Venugopal; Edward J. Bawolek; Douglas E. Loy; Scott K. Ageno; Barry P. O'Brien; Steve Rednour; Ghassan E. Jabbour
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