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Unattended Ground Sensor Technologies and Applications VII
Editor(s): Edward M. Carapezza

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Volume Number: 5796
Date Published: 27 May 2005

Table of Contents
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Practical measures of confidence for acoustic identification of ground vehicles
Author(s): Greg B. Haschke; Mark W. Koch; Kevin T. Malone
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Multiple target tracking and classification improvement using data fusion at node level using acoustic signals
Author(s): T. Raju Damarla; Gene Whipps
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Multi-category classification of ground vehicles based on the acoustic data of multiple terrains using fuzzy logic rule-based classifiers
Author(s): Hongwei Wu; Jerry M. Mendel
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Unattended sparse acoustic array configurations and beamforming algorithms
Author(s): M. R. Azimi-Sadjadi; A. Pezeshki; L. L. Scharf; G. Wichern
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Environmentally adaptive acoustic transmission loss prediction with neural networks
Author(s): Gordon Wichern; Mahmood R. Azimi-Sadjadi; Michael Mungiole
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Acoustic detection and localization of artillery guns
Author(s): P. Naz; J. Bouguereau; A. Lemer; F. Ywanne
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Simulation of vehicle acoustics in support of netted sensor research and development
Author(s): Carol T. Christou; Garry M. Jacyna
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Robust distributed detection using low power acoustic sensors
Author(s): Brian P. Flanagan; Kenneth W. Parker
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High-fidelity simulation capability for virtual testing of seismic and acoustic sensors
Author(s): D. Keith Wilson; Mark L. Moran; Stephen A. Ketcham; James Lacombe; Thomas S. Anderson; Neill P. Symons; David F. Aldridge; David H. Marlin; Sandra L. Collier; Vladimir E. Ostashev
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High performance seismic sensor requirements for military and security applications
Author(s): A. Pakhomov; D. Pisano; A. Sicignano; T. Goldburt
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Target counting and speed estimation using time-domain seismic and acoustic signal envelopes
Author(s): Vincent Baker
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Unattended ground sensor based on fiber BRAGG grating technology
Author(s): Yan Zhang; Sanguo Li; Zhifan Yin; Hong-Liang Cui; Kurt O'Donnell; Robert Pastore; Michael Pellicano; Dowell Black; John Kosinski
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Vertically integrated sensor array technology for unattended sensor networks
Author(s): Raymond Balcerak; John Thurston; Jonathan Breedlove
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Object detection and identification with a scene understanding system based on network-symbolic models
Author(s): Gary Kuvich
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Elements of target detection for ground sensor systems
Author(s): Abhijit Mahalanobis; Robert R. Muise; S. Robert Stanfill; Daniel Rutherford
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Digital optical tags for unattended ground sensor applications
Author(s): Stephen P. Griggs; Martin B. Mark; Barry J. Feldman
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Biometric tracking with coded pyroelectric sensor clusters
Author(s): Mohan Shankar; John Burchett; Steven D. Feller; Brandon Jones; Russell Swagart; Bob D. Guenther; David J. Brady
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An advanced infrared thermal imaging module for military and commercial applications
Author(s): Kevin Grealish; Tom Kacir; Brian Backer; Peter Norton
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Super-resolution for a UGS system
Author(s): Michael T. McCormack; Charles F. Davis
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Utilizing the IEEE 802.16 standard for homeland security applications
Author(s): Brian Rathgeb; Qiang Cheng
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Recent progress in short-range ultraviolet communication
Author(s): Gary A. Shaw; Andrew M. Siegel; Joshua Model; Daniel Greisokh
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Image transmission through sensor systems: theoretical and experimental results
Author(s): David C. Hartup; Brian A. Marks; Thomas A. Fishburn
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Sensor networking: radio and networking technology for sensor applications
Author(s): Preston F. Marshall
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Magnetic sensor nodes for enhanced situational awareness in urban settings
Author(s): Hoke Trammell; Richard Shelby; Kevin Mathis; Yacine Dalichaouch; Sankaran Kumar
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The microcantilever array: a low power, compact, and sensitive unattended ground sensor
Author(s): J. D. Adams; B. Rogers; R. Whitten
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Geolocation of wireless sensors with nonuniform GPS availability
Author(s): Jason Wilden; Jim Agniel; Randolph Moses
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Achieving miniature sensor systems via advanced packaging techniques
Author(s): David C. Hartup; Kevin Bobier; Jeffrey Demmin
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An integrated modular power-aware microsensor architecture and application to unattended acoustic vehicle tracking
Author(s): Michael Bajura; Brian Schott; Jaroslav Flidr; Joe Czarnaski; Carl Worth; Tam Tho; Li Wang
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A miniature low-power intelligent sensor node for persistent acoustic surveillance
Author(s): Gert Cauwenberghs; Andreas Andreou; Jim West; Milutin Stanacevic; Abdullah Celik; Pedro Julian; Thiago Teixeira; Chris Diehl; Laurence Riddle
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Inter-layer vias and TESH interconnection network for a 3-D heterogeneous sensor system on a chip
Author(s): Shekhar Bhansali; Glenn Chapman; Vijay Jain
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Sequential collaborative processing for energy efficiency and fault tolerance in unattended ground sensor networks
Author(s): Xiaoling Wang; Hairong Qi
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Error mechanisms in determining timing errors in unattended ground sensors
Author(s): D. A. R. Beale; A. L. Hume; V. P. Calloway
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MicroSensors Systems: detection of a dismounted threat
Author(s): Bill Davis; Victor Berglund; Dwight Falkofske; Brian Krantz
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Application of particle swarm techniques in sensor network configuration
Author(s): Jason Tillett; Shanchieh Jay Yang; Raghuveer Rao; Ferat Sahin
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Distributed algorithms for small vehicle detection, classification, and velocity estimation using unattended ground sensors
Author(s): Adele B. Doser; Mark L. Yee; William T. O'Rourke; Megan E. Slinkard; David C. Craft; Hung D. Nguyen
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Sensor choices for unattended ground sensors
Author(s): D. A. R. Beale; A. L. Hume; P. Manning; N. Parkinson
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Application of networked unattended ground sensors in urban combat and stability operations
Author(s): Albert A. Sciarretta; Gary A. Yerace
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Netted sensors-based vehicle acoustic classification at Tier 1 nodes
Author(s): Garry M. Jacyna; Carol T. Christou; Bryan George; Burhan F. Necioglu
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Multi-modal netted sensor fence for homeland security
Author(s): Weiqun Shi; Ronald Fante; John Yoder; Gregory Crawford
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Phenomenological investigations into personnel signatures
Author(s): J. Michael Cathcart
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Affordable unattended ground sensors: technologies and challenges
Author(s): Gervasio Prado
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Remote detection of riverine traffic using an ad hoc wireless sensor network
Author(s): Stephan P. Athan
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Microsensors for border patrol applications
Author(s): Dwight Falkofske; Brian Krantz; Ron Shimazu; Victor Berglund
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Evaluating UGS field architecture options: a quantitative analysis of networked UGS configurations
Author(s): Keith W. Brendley; Jed Marti
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Passive multi-modal sensors for the urban environment
Author(s): Andrew Ladas; Ronald Frankel
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Disposable sensors: technical and operational challenges facing military employment
Author(s): Shawn K. Nocita; Jason M. Bales
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Blind separation of multiple vehicle signatures in frequency domain
Author(s): M. R. Azimi-Sadjadi; S. Srinivasan
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Aerial canopy sensor delivery system (ACSDS) for lightweight payload deployment applications
Author(s): Seibert Murphy; Michael Mullen
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