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Laser Radar Technology and Applications X
Editor(s): Gary W. Kamerman

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Volume Number: 5791
Date Published: 19 May 2005

Table of Contents
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Urban reconnaissance with an airborne laser radar
Author(s): Ryan A. Morrison; Jeffrey T. Turner; Mike Barwick; G. Mike Hardaway
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Long distance high accuracy 3-D laser radar and person identification
Author(s): J. F. Andersen; J. Busck; H. Heiselberg
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A 3D lidar sensor for volumetric imaging in highly backscattering media
Author(s): William P. Elkins; Bobby L. Ulich; Jeffrey G. Lawrence; Harold E. Linton
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The complementary nature of triangulation and ladar technologies
Author(s): Chad English; Adam Deslauriers; Iain Christie
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A co-boresighted synchronized ladar/EO imager for creating 3D images of dynamic scenes
Author(s): Robert T. Pack; Paul Israelsen; Kylee Sealy
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Eyesafe imaging LADAR/infrared seeker technologies
Author(s): J. Barenz; R. Baumann; H. D. Tholl
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Powered low cost autonomous attack system: cooperative, autonomous, wide-area-search munitions with capability to serve as non-traditional ISR assets in a network-centric environment
Author(s): James C. Savage; J. Kevin O'Neal; Robert A. Brown; Joseph E. Keeler
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Tower test results for an imaging LADAR seeker
Author(s): Cliff Andressen; David Anthony; Tony DaMommio; Don Hulsey; Clint Lawton; James Neisz; Tay Perona; Doug Steinmehl; Joe Grobmyer; Tommy Lum
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Urban reconnaissance with an ultra high resolution ground vehicle mounted laser radar
Author(s): Ryan A. Morrison; Jeffrey T. Turner; Mike Barwick; G. Mike Hardaway
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Target spectral estimation using direct detection and coherent detection ladar
Author(s): Douglas G. Youmans
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Coherent lidar range sensing by use of spatial-spectral holography
Author(s): Alan Hoskins; Youzhi Li; Friso Schlottau; Kelvin H. Wagner; Carl Embry; Wm. Randall Babbitt
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A high resolution 3D laser camera for 3D object digitization
Author(s): X. Zhu; S. Miller; M. Kwan; I. C. Smith
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Development of FireLidar: an active imaging system for smoke and flame environments
Author(s): Richard I. Billmers; Elizabeth J. Billmers; Mary E. Ludwig; Edward T. Dressler; Brian McCarthy
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High-resolution 3D imaging laser radar flight test experiments
Author(s): Richard M. Marino; W. R. Davis; G. C. Rich; J. L. McLaughlin; E. I. Lee; B. M. Stanley; J. W. Burnside; G. S. Rowe; R. E. Hatch; T. E. Square; L. J. Skelly; M. O'Brien; A. Vasile; R. M. Heinrichs
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Demonstration of synthetic aperture imaging ladar
Author(s): W. Buell; N. Marechal; J. Buck; R. Dickinson; D. Kozlowski; T. Wright; S. Beck
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Coherent laser radar using eyesafe YAG laser transmitters
Author(s): Robert C Stoneman; Ross Hartman; Andrew I.R. Malm; Philip Gatt
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Precision geo-location at long range with multi-look lidar
Author(s): Michael W. Roth; Andrew E. Scheck; Wendy W. Chiu; Kevin E. Murphy
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On analysis and visualization of full-waveform airborne laser scanner data
Author(s): Ulf Soederman; Asa Persson; Johanna Toepel; Simon Ahlberg
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Wide-area terrain mapping by registration of flash LIDAR imagery
Author(s): Barbara Hanna; Bing-Bing Chai; Stephen Hsu
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Experimental determination of relative motion measurement accuracy for an auto-synchronous triangulation scanning laser camera
Author(s): Stan P. Piechocinski; Jurek Z. Sasiadek
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Segmentation, classification, and pose estimation of military vehicles in low resolution laser radar images
Author(s): Joerg Neulist; Walter Armbruster
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A range/depth modulation transfer function (RMTF) framework for characterizing 3D imaging LADAR performance
Author(s): Bevan Staple; R. Patrick Earhart; Philip A. Slaymaker; Thomas F. Drouillard II; Thomas Mahony
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Statistical analysis and ground-based testing of the on-orbit Space Shuttle damage detection sensors
Author(s): Brian H. Miles; Elizabeth A. Tanner; John P. Carter; Gary W. Kamerman; Robert Schwartz
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Standards requirements for LADARs?
Author(s): Geraldine S. Cheok; William C. Stone; Alan Lytle
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High-sensitivity 3 to 5 micron PPLN LADAR wavelength converter system
Author(s): S. A. Kingsley; S. Sriram; P. E. Powers
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Class AB readout cell designed to reduce the noise of a concurrent continuous-time readout architecture for imaging systems
Author(s): Mayra Sarmiento; Jorge Garcia; Fouad Kiamilev; William Lawler
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1-micrometer Geiger-mode detector development
Author(s): J. P. Donnelly; K. A. McIntosh; D. C. Oakley; A. Napoleone; S. H. Groves; S. Vernon; L. J. Mahoney; K. Molvar; J. Mahan; J. C. Aversa; E. K. Duerr; Z. L. Liau; B. F. Aull; D. C. Shaver
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Large format time-of-flight focal plane detector development
Author(s): Roger Stettner; Howard Bailey; Steve Silverman
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Characterizing laser radar snow reflection for the wavelengths 0.9 and 1.5 micrometer
Author(s): Hakan Larsson; Ove Steinvall; Tomas Chevalier; Frank Gustafsson; Asa Persson; Pierre Andersson
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Advanced oil pollution detection using an airborne hyperspectral lidar technology
Author(s): Andre Samberg
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Improving three-tier environmental assessment model by using a 3D scanning FLS-AM series hyperspectral lidar
Author(s): Andre Samberg; Sergei Babichenko; Larisa Poryvkina
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1.5 microns and the future of unattended aerosol lidar
Author(s): Gary G. Gimmestad; David W. Roberts
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Anti-ship missile tracking with a chirped AM ladar - Update: design, model predictions, and experimental results
Author(s): Brian Redman; William Ruff; Barry Stann; Mark Giza; William Lawler; John Dammann; William Potter
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Time-gated topographic LIDAR scene simulation
Author(s): Scott D. Brown; Daniel D. Blevins; John R. Schott
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Supercomputer based ladar signature simulator
Author(s): Marc Welliver; Terry Nichols; Philip Gatt; Carla Willis; Steven Bunte
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Extending high-angular accuracy to a near omni-directional 3D range sensor
Author(s): Albert Iavarone; Reda Fayek
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High resolution laser scanner with waveform digitization for subsequent full waveform analysis
Author(s): Andreas Ullrich; Rainer Reichert
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