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Terahertz for Military and Security Applications III
Editor(s): R. Jennifer Hwu; Dwight L. Woolard; Mark J. Rosker

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Volume Number: 5790
Date Published: 18 May 2005

Table of Contents
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People screening using terahertz technology
Author(s): Colin Baker; William R. Tribe; Thomas Lo; Bryan E. Cole; Simon Chandler; Michael C. Kemp
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Terahertz imaging using an interferometric array
Author(s): John F. Federici; Dale Gary; Robert Barat; David Zimdars
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THz diffuse reflectance spectra of selected explosives and related compounds
Author(s): Yunqing Chen; Haibo Liu; Michael J. Fitch; Robert Osiander; James B. Spicer; Michael Shur; X.-C. Zhang
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Microwave/millimeter wave arbitrary waveform generation via ultrafast photonics
Author(s): Andrew M. Weiner; Jason D. McKinney; Ingrid S. Lin
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Widely frequency-tunable terahertz wave generation for biosciences
Author(s): J. Nishizawa; K. Suto
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THz gas sensing with submillimeter techniques
Author(s): Frank C. De Lucia; Douglas T. Petkie
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THz characterization of lysozyme at different conformations
Author(s): Tatiana Globus; Tatyana Khromova; Rebecca Lobo; Dwight Woolard; Nathan Swami; Erik Fernandez
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Terahertz/millimeter wave characterizations of soils for mine detection: transmission and scattering
Author(s): Todd W. Du Bosq; Robert E. Peale; Arthur Weeks; Jeffrey Grantham; Daniel Dillery; Don Lee; David Muh; Glenn Boreman
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Terahertz signature characterization of bio-simulants
Author(s): Alexander J. Majewski; Peter Miller; Rene Abreu; Jeffrey Grotts; Tatiana Globus; Elliott Brown
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Terahertz imaging for antipersonnel mine detection
Author(s): Caroline Dodson; Michael J. Fitch; Robert Osiander; James B. Spicer
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Simulation of a quantum dot microcavity terahertz laser
Author(s): G. S. Solomon; Z. Xie; M. Agrawal
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Bragg reflectors and 2D photonic crystals in the THz region
Author(s): Hongqian Sun; Wei Shi; Zhan Fu; Yujie J. Ding; Yuliya B. Zotova
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Grating gated FETs as narrowband tunable terahertz detectors
Author(s): Eric A. Shaner; Michael C. Wanke; Mark Lee; John L. Reno; S. James Allen; Xomalin G. Peralta
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New type of sensitive infrared and submillimeter radiation photodetectors
Author(s): Aleksander Kozhanov; Dmitry Dolzhenko; Ivan Ivanchik; Dan Watson; Dmitry Khokhlov
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High-speed time domain terahertz security imaging
Author(s): David Zimdars; Jeffrey White; Steven Williamson; G. Stuk
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Sampled line reflectometers for terahertz s-parameter measurements
Author(s): Robert M. Weikle II; Zhiyang Liu; Li Yang; Sadik Ulker; A. W. Lichtenberger
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HEB heterodyne focal plane arrays: a terahertz technology for high sensitivity near-range security imaging systems
Author(s): Eyal Gerecht; Dazhen Gu; Sigfrid Yngvesson; Fernando Rodriguez-Morales; R. Zannoni; John Nicholson
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Gain comparison for periodically delta-doped p-Ge structures with vertical and in-plane transport
Author(s): M. V. Dolguikh; A. V. Muravjov; Robert E. Peale
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Zone plate designs for terahertz frequencies
Author(s): James C. Wiltse
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A bio-molecular inspired electronic architecture: bio-based device concepts for enhanced sensing
Author(s): Dwight L. Woolard; Ying Luo; Boris L. Gelmont; Tatiana Globus; James O. Jensen
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Nitride-based two-terminal oscillators operating in the THz regime
Author(s): K. W. Kim; V. N. Sokolov; V. A. Kochelap; V. V. Korotyeyev; D. L. Woolard
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Terahertz molecular electronics devices and systems
Author(s): Yuefei Ma; Liuming Yan; Jorge M. Seminario
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THz + 'X': a search for new approaches to significant problems
Author(s): Frank C. De Lucia; Douglas T. Petkie; Robert K. Shelton; Sarah L. Westcott; Brian N. Strecker
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Transient simulations of dilute magnetic semiconductors RTDs
Author(s): Harold L. Grubin
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Aligned array FETs as a route toward THz nanotube transistors
Author(s): Zhen Yu; Peter J. Burke
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Real-time electron counting in semiconductor nanostructures
Author(s): A. J. Rimberg; M. Thalakulam; W. Lu; Z. Ji; L. N. Pfeiffer; K. W. West
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Highly efficient THz modulation using optically excited silicon
Author(s): Canan Karaalioglu; I-Chun Anderson Chen; Martin Brucherseifer; Azza Meshal; Rainer Martini
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Terahertz sources and detectors
Author(s): Thomas W. Crowe; David W. Porterfield; Jeffrey L. Hesler; William L. Bishop; David S. Kurtz; Kai Hui
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Terahertz reflection spectroscopy for explosives detection
Author(s): Michael J. Fitch; Caroline Dodson; Yunqing Chen; Haibo Liu; X.-C. Zhang; Robert Osiander
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Terahertz-frequency quantum oscillator operating in the positive differential resistance region
Author(s): Peiji Zhao; Dwight Woolard; Matthew Lasater; C. T. Kelley; Robert Trew
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