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Optics and Photonics in Global Homeland Security
Editor(s): Theodore T. Saito

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Volume Number: 5781
Date Published: 19 May 2005

Table of Contents
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Laser countermeasures for commercial airlines
Author(s): Burt Keirstead
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Infrared fibers for defense against MANPAD systems
Author(s): J. S. Sanghera; L. E. Busse; I. D. Aggarwal; F. Chenard
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Security technology: the shaping of research strategy--a holistic approach
Author(s): Neil Fisher
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Terahertz technology in global homeland security
Author(s): Ruth M. Woodward
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Integrating statewide research and education resources for homeland security: the State University System of Florida Consortium on Homeland Security
Author(s): James E. Pearson; Peter J. Olson
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The role of technology in enhancing water security: protecting a valuable asset
Author(s): Dan Kroll; Jeff Throckmorton
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Research to protect water infrastructure: EPA's water security research program
Author(s): Jonathan G. Herrmann
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Analysis considerations relating to water pollution emergency incidents
Author(s): K. Clive Thompson; Peter Benke
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Trigger and detection method for threat agents in drinking water
Author(s): Karl L. King; Dan Kroll
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THz standoff detection and imaging of explosives and weapons
Author(s): John F. Federici; Dale Gary; Robert Barat; David Zimdars
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A passive millimeter-wave imaging system for concealed weapons and explosives detection
Author(s): Vladimir G. Kolinko; Shiow-Hwa Lin; Alex Shek; Will Manning; Chris Martin; Max Hall; Oskar Kirsten; Joshua Moore; David A. Wikner
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On signal/image processing for concealed weapon detection from stand-off range
Author(s): P. K. Varshney; H. Chen; R. M. Rao
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Geospatial intelligence and the neuroscience of human vision
Author(s): Mark D. Happel; Carsten Oertel; David B. Smith
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Techniques in biologically inspired computational vision
Author(s): Khan M. Iftekharuddin
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Inverse scattering approach to improving pattern recognition
Author(s): George Chapline; Chi-Yung Fu
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Novel artificial neural networks for remote-sensing data classification
Author(s): Xiaoli Tao; Howard E. Michel
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Object and event recognition for aerial surveillance
Author(s): Yi Li; Indriyati Atmosukarto; Masaharu Kobashi; Jenny Yuen; Linda G. Shapiro
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Image content engine (ICE): a system for fast image database searches
Author(s): James M. Brase; Douglas N. Poland; David W. Paglieroni; George F. Weinert; Charles W. Grant; Aseneth S. Lopez; Sergei Nikolaev
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Robust automation in machine vision for homeland security applications: second generation application products for human object recognition
Author(s): John W. Bramblet
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