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Biometric Technology for Human Identification II

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Volume Number: 5779
Date Published: 28 March 2005

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The link between national security and biometrics
Author(s): Delores M. Etter
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Identifying people from gait pattern with accelerometers
Author(s): Heikki J. Ailisto; Mikko Lindholm; Jani Mantyjarvi; Elena Vildjiounaite; Satu-Marja Makela
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Visual analysis of the effects of load carriage on gait
Author(s): Michael G. Wittman; James M. Ward; Patrick J. Flynn
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Probabilistic combination of static and dynamic gait features for verification
Author(s): Alex I. Bazin; Mark S. Nixon
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Analysis of partial iris recognition
Author(s): Yingzi Du; Robert Ives; Bradford Bonney; Delores M. Etter
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Extended depth-of-field iris recognition system for a workstation environment
Author(s): Ramkumar Narayanswamy; Paulo E. X. Silveira; Harsha Setty; V. Paul Pauca; Joseph van der Gracht
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Performance evaluation of iris-based recognition system implementing PCA and ICA encoding techniques
Author(s): Vivekanand Dorairaj; Natalia A. Schmid; Gamal Fahmy
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Biorthogonal-wavelets-based iris recognition
Author(s): Aditya Abhyankar; Lawrence A. Hornak; Stephanie Schuckers
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Toward reconstructing fingerprints from minutiae points
Author(s): Arun A. Ross; Jidnya Shah; Anil K. Jain
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Fingerprint enhancement using a multispectral sensor
Author(s): Robert K. Rowe; Kristin A. Nixon
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Dynamic threshold using polynomial surface regression with application to the binarization of fingerprints
Author(s): Krzysztof Mieloch; Preda Mihailescu; Axel Munk
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A novel measure of fingerprint image quality using the Fourier spectrum
Author(s): Bongku Lee; Jihyun Moon; Hakil Kim
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3D facial expression modeling for recognition
Author(s): Xiaoguang Lu; Anil K. Jain; Sarat C. Dass
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Sensitivity of face recognition performance to eye location accuracy
Author(s): Haoshu Wang; Patrick J. Flynn
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Effects on facial expression in 3D face recognition
Author(s): Kyong Jin Chang; Kevin W. Bowyer; Patrick J. Flynn
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Multiband and spectral eigenfaces for face recognition in hyperspectral images
Author(s): Zhihong Pan; Glenn E. Healey; Bruce Tromberg
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Homographic active shape models for view-independent facial analysis
Author(s): Federico M. Sukno; Jose J. Guerrero; Alejandro Federico Frangi
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Robust face detection using discriminating feature analysis and Bayes classifier
Author(s): Chengjun Liu
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Wavelet-based face verification for constrained platforms
Author(s): Harin Sellahewa; Sabah A. Jassim
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Soft information fusion of correlation filter output planes using support vector machines for improved fingerprint verification performance
Author(s): Krithika Venkataramani; Mehmet Keskinoz; B. V. K. Vijaya Kumar
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Feature level fusion of hand and face biometrics
Author(s): Arun A. Ross; Rohin Govindarajan
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Multimodal biometric fusion using multiple-input correlation filter classifiers
Author(s): Pablo Hennings; Marios Savvides; B. V. K. Vijaya Kumar
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Multispectral fingerprint imaging for spoof detection
Author(s): Kristin A. Nixon; Robert K. Rowe
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Effects of user correlation on sample size requirements
Author(s): Sarat C. Dass; Anil K. Jain
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Benchmarking the operational search accuracy of a national identification system
Author(s): Ambika Suman; Geoff Whitaker
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Face recognition and verification with pose and illumination variations and imposter rejection
Author(s): Chao Yuan; David P. Casasent
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Clustering face images with application to image retrieval in large databases
Author(s): Florent Perronnin; Jean-Luc Dugelay
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Efficient search and retrieval in biometric databases
Author(s): Amit J. Mhatre; Srinivas Palla; Sharat Chikkerur; Venu Govindaraju
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A method based on Delaunay triangulation for fingerprint matching
Author(s): Yilong Yin; Hongwei Zhang; XiuKun Yang
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ICP-based approaches for 3D ear recognition
Author(s): Ping Yan; Kevin W. Bowyer; Kyong Jin Chang
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Registration of dental atlas to radiographs for human identification
Author(s): Anil K. Jain; Hong Chen
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Off-line signature recognition based on dynamic methods
Author(s): Juan Jose Igarza; Inmaculada Hernaez; Inaki Goirizelaia; Koldo Espinosa; Jon Escolar
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Comparison of point selection for characterizing on-line signature
Author(s): Matthieu Wirotius; Jean-Yves Ramel; Nicole Vincent
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Enhancing eye-movement-based biometric identification method by using voting classifiers
Author(s): Pawel Kasprowski; Jozef Ober
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Personal identification credential system (PICS)
Author(s): Jackson Robert Pressley; Thomas Cantrell; Lochlin Page; Stephen Cudlitz; Roy Higgins
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Hand-geometry recognition based on contour parameters
Author(s): Raymond N.J. Veldhuis; Asker M. Bazen; Wim D.T. Booij; Anne J. Hendrikse
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Personal authentication in video surveillance systems using an on-line signature verification approach
Author(s): Cheng-Chang Lien; Chin-Chuan Han; Su-Ming Lin
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Embedded fingerprint identification system based on DSP
Author(s): WeiHua Xie; Jie Tian; Xin Yang; Hong Chen; Yuliang He; TangHui Zhang
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Probabilistic face authentication using hidden Markov models
Author(s): Manuele Bicego; Enrico Grosso; Massimo Tistarelli
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AdaBoost-based on-line signature verifier
Author(s): Yasunori Hongo; Daigo Muramatsu; Takashi Matsumoto
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Most information feature extraction (MIFW) approach for face recognition
Author(s): Jiali Zhao; Haibing Ren; Haitao Wang; Seokcheol Kee
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A face recognition embedded system
Author(s): Kwok Ho Pun; Yiu Sang Moon; Chi Chiu Tsang; Chun Tak Chow; Siu Man Chan
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Human scent as a biometric measurement
Author(s): Allison M. Curran; Paola A. Prada; Adee A. Schoon; Jose R. Almirall; Kenneth G. Furton
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Biometric identification based on novel frequency domain facial asymmetry measures
Author(s): Sinjini Mitra; Marios Savvides; B. V. K. Vijaya Kumar
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Improved face recognition using multiband Gabor quaternion correlation filters
Author(s): Chunyan Xie; Marios Savvides; B. V. K. Vijaya Kumar
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Face recognition experiments with random projection
Author(s): Navin Goel; George Bebis; Ara Nefian
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A comprehensive and real-time fingerprint verification system for embedded devices
Author(s): Hoi Wo Yeung; Yiu Sang Moon; Jiansheng Chen; Fai Chan; Yuk Man Ng; Hin Shun Chung; Kwok Ho Pun
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An on-line template improvement algorithm
Author(s): Yilong Yin; Bo Zhao; Xiukun Yang
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Measuring fingerprint image quality using gradient
Author(s): Jin Qi; Zhongchao Shi; Xuying Zhao; Yangsheng Wang
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MINACE-filter-based facial pose estimation
Author(s): David P. Casasent; Rohit Patnaik
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