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Saratov Fall Meeting 2004: Optical Technologies in Biophysics and Medicine VI
Editor(s): Valery V. Tuchin

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Volume Number: 5771
Date Published: 22 June 2005

Table of Contents
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Photon migration in biological tissues and diffuse optical imaging
Author(s): Yukio Yamada
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Induction and detection of immune responses by photoimmunotherapy
Author(s): Wei R. Chen; Kenneth E. Bartels D.V.M.; Hong Liu; Robert E. Nordquist
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Fourier domain functional optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Jun Zhang; Bin Rao; Zhongping Chen
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Diffusion theory for light propagation in biological tissue: limitations and adaptations
Author(s): Reindert Graaff; Bernhard J. Hoenders
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Optical methods of noninvasive examination of the peripheral blood circulation
Author(s): Vladimir G. Sokolov; Alexander V. Priezzhev
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Biological and physical constraints of multiphoton fluorescence microscopy of biotissues
Author(s): A. I. Korytin; E. A. Sergeeva; N. M. Shakhova M.D.; T. G. Scherbatyuk; K. V. Kulakova; J. V. Samokhvalova
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Numerical simulation of coherent effects under multiple scattering of linearly polarized light
Author(s): D. Y. Churmakov; V. L. Kuzmin; Igor V. Meglinski
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Low and high orders of light scattering within the dispersible media
Author(s): E. Berrocal; V. P. Romanov; D. Y. Churmakov; I. V. Meglinski
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Experiments on microscopic object movement along various fixed trajectories caused by spiral beams
Author(s): Svetlana P. Kotova; Alexander V. Korobtsov; Nikolai N. Losevsky; Alexandra M. Mayorova; Malik A. Rakhmatulin; Vladimir G. Volostnikov
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Full-field laser Doppler blood-flow imaging and monitoring using an intelligent CMOS camera and area illumination
Author(s): A. Serov; B. Steinacher; T. Lasser
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Optical coherence tomography for diagnosis and guided surgery of basal cell carcinoma
Author(s): Elena N. Derpalyuk; Natalia D. Gladkova M.D.; Galina A. Petrova M.D.; Nikolay K. Nikulin; Alexandr A. Cherniavsky; Rashid R. Iksanov; Gregory V. Gelikonov; Alexey V. Myakov
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Inverse Monte Carlo method for determination of optical parameters of biological tissues
Author(s): Maxim S. Zarembo; Nikolai N. Golovin; Yuri P. Meshalkin
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Monte Carlo simulation of OCT signals from aggregating and sedimenting RBC suspension
Author(s): M. Yu. Kirillin; A. V. Priezzhev; V. V. Tuchin; R. Myllyla
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Efficiency of TiO2 nanoparticles of different sizes as UV-B light skin-protective fraction in sunscreens
Author(s): Alexey P. Popov; Alexander V. Priezzhev; J. Lademann; Risto Myllyla
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Estimation of contribution of multiple scattering into the optical coherence tomography signal from layers of different biological tissues
Author(s): Marina S. Fedosseeva; Mikhail Yu. Kirillin; Alexander V. Priezzhev; Risto Myllyla
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Laser Doppler flowmetry in diagnoses of chronic tonsillitis
Author(s): Gleb O. Mareew; Oleg V. Mareew; Galina N. Maslyakova; Igor I. Ivliev; Ivan V. Fedosov; Vladislav V. Lychagov; Valery V. Tuchin
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Experimental study of cadaver head transmittance
Author(s): Vladislav V. Lychagov; Valery V. Tuchin; Maxim A. Vilensky; Eugeny P. Savchenko; Alexander A. Efimov; Nina A. Lakodina; Luis De Taboada; Boris N. Reznik
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Evaluation of antitularaemia immunity via whole human blood leukocyte cytofluorometric analysis
Author(s): Victoria V. Firstova; Alexander L. Kravtsov; Tatyana P. Schmelkova; Tatyana N. Shchukovskaya
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The affect of low-coherent light on microbial colony forming ability and morphology of some gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria
Author(s): Denis Ed. Popov; Elena S. Tuchina; Julia A. Chernova; Dmitry Podshibyakin; Dmitry V. Rudik; Maria Samsonova; Igor Gromov; Valery V. Tuchin
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Compact laser Doppler flowmeter for application in dentistry
Author(s): Ivan V. Fedosov; Gleb O. Mareew; Olga A. Finokhina; Alexander V. Lepilin; Valery V. Tuchin
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Investigating the utility of refractive index tomography based on OCT
Author(s): Sergey A. Alexandrov; Steven G. Adie; David D. Sampson
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Photomechanical studies on non-carious-cervical-lesions of the teeth
Author(s): A. Kishen; K. B. C. Tan; A. Asundi
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Application of a look-up table to polarized light imaging for characterising skin
Author(s): I. M. Stockford; S. P. Morgan
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Study on measurement of milk constituents by NIR analysis
Author(s): Zhonghai He; Kexin Xu; Yonghui Han
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Ex vivo and in vivo topographic studies of bladder by optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Dmitri Daniltchenko; Markus D. Sachs; Eva Lankenau; Frank Koenig; Mick Burkhardt; Gereon Huettmann; Glen Kristiansen; Dietmar Schnorr; Salman Al-Shukri; Stefan A. Loening
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Back-scattered radiation from the capillary network under the influence of low-power laser heating
Author(s): E. K. Naumenko; A. N. Korolevich; N. S. Dubina; S. I. Vecherinski; A. Bernjak; A. Stefanovska; M. S. Belsley
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Optics in cell and tissue engineering
Author(s): P. Rolfe
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Calculated calibration models for glucose in cutaneous tissue from temperature modulation of localized reflectance measurements
Author(s): Shu-jen Yen; Stan Kantor; Charles F. Hanna; Ronald Hohs; John Lindberg; Omar S. Khalil
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Three-element phased-array approach to improve the spatial resolution in diffuse optical imaging
Author(s): N. Liu; A. Sassaroli; M. A. Zucker; S. Fantini
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Extraction of tissue optical properties from optical coherence tomography images for diagnostic purposes
Author(s): Lars Thrane; Michael H. Frosz; David Levitz; Thomas M. Jorgensen; Claus B. Andersen; Peter R. Hansen; Jurga Valanciunaite; Johannes Swartling; Stefan Andersson-Engels; Andreas Tycho; Harold T. Yura; Peter E. Andersen
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Bringing science to business
Author(s): Paul Lemetti
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Development of fiber optic spectroscopy for detection of genetically modified plants
Author(s): O. W. Liew; X. Y. Chean; J.-P. C. Chong; J.-Z. E. Ho; J. W. Chen; A. K. Asundi; O. Aiemwiwattanakul
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Model based recovery of histological parameters starting from reflectance spectra of the colon
Author(s): Dzena Hidovic-Rowe; Ela Claridge
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Monte Carlo simulation for the optical transmittance in biological tissues during the action of osmotic agents
Author(s): L. Oliveira; Armindo Lage
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Effect of concentration of scattering particles on the velocity profiles reconstructed from OCDT signals: Monte-Carlo simulation
Author(s): A. V. Bykov; M. Yu. Kirillin; A. V. Priezzhev
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3D in-vivo imaging of GFP-expressing T-cells in mice with non-contact fluorescence molecular tomography
Author(s): Anikitos Garofalakis; Heiko Meyer; Giannis Zacharakis; Eleftherios N. Economou; Clio Mamalaki; Joseph Papamatheakis; Vasilis Ntziachristos; Jorge Ripoll
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Clinical trials in Russia: achieving excellence
Author(s): Robert S. Reznik; Thomas E. Ichim; Vladimir Petrov; Boris N. Reznik
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Luminescent probe in the study of surfactant-induced structural changes in serum albumin in human blood plasma
Author(s): A. G. Melnikov; A. B. Pravdin; V. I. Kochubey; G. V. Melnikov
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Optical methods in modeling nicotine effect on the surface water of cell membranes
Author(s): Tatyana V. Alexandrova; Svetlana M. Rogacheva; Pavel E. Kuznetsov; Tamara I. Gubina
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Optical properties of human maxillary sinus mucosa and estimation of Methylene Blue diffusion coefficient in the tissue
Author(s): Alexey N. Bashkatov; Elina A. Genina; Vyacheslav I. Kochubey; Valery V. Tuchin; Elena E. Chikina; Anatoly B. Knyazev; Oleg V. Mareev
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UV-A fiber-optic technique of the local function injury of the bundle of axons using radiation of N2 laser (lambda=337 nm)
Author(s): Garif G. Akchurin; George A. Seliverstov; Alexander Pravdin; George G. Akchurin; Artyom Yu. Trofimov
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Inactivation of bacterial cells by dynamic low-coherent speckles: mathematical model of photoprocessing
Author(s): Onega V. Ulianova; Sergey S. Ulyanov; Elena V. Sazanova; Zhihong Zhang; Sibo Zhou; Qingming Luo; Irina Zudina; Andrey Bednov
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Efficiency of staining hair with indocyanine green
Author(s): Tatyana V. Kulyabina; Vyacheslav I. Kochubey
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Preliminary investigations in vitro optical clearing of rat skin using island damage method for accelerated delivery of index-matching agents
Author(s): A. A. Gavrilova; D. Tabatadze; J. Childs; I. Yaroslavsky; G. Altshuler; A. B. Pravdin; V. V. Tuchin
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The commercialization of optical techniques in Russian regions: experience and problems
Author(s): Tatyana N. Kartushina; Anna A. Firsova
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A multi-projection non-contact tomography setup for imaging arbitrary geometries
Author(s): Heiko Meyer; Anikitos Garofalakis; Giannis Zacharakis; Eleftherios N. Economou; Clio Mamalaki; Sifis Papamatheakis; Vasilis Ntziachristos; Jorge Ripoll
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Depth-resolved fluorescence of biological tissue
Author(s): Yicong Wu; Peng Xi; Tak-Hong Cheung; So Fan Yim; Mei-Yung Yu; Jianan Y. Qu
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Quantum yield of conversion of the dental photoinitiator camphorquinone
Author(s): Yin-Chu Chen; Jack L. Ferracane; Scott A. Prahl
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Implementation of a real-time differential path-length spectrometer system
Author(s): T. P. Moffitt; S. A. Prahl
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Building a knowledge based economy in Russia using guided entrepreneurship
Author(s): Boris N. Reznik; Marc Daniels; Thomas E. Ichim; David L. Reznik
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