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Smart Structures and Materials 2005: Smart Sensor Technology and Measurement Systems
Editor(s): Eric Udd; Daniele Inaudi

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Volume Number: 5758
Date Published: 16 May 2005

Table of Contents
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Transverse strain sensitivity of fiber Bragg grating sensors
Author(s): Mohanraj Prabhugoud; Kara Peters
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Tunable laser based carbon composite strain sensing system using wavelength division multiplexed fiber Bragg grating sensors
Author(s): Michael J. Connelly; Senan Moloney; Paul Butler
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Adaptive two-wave mixing wavelength demodulation of fiber Bragg grating sensor for monitoring dynamic strains
Author(s): Yi Qiao; Yi Zhou; Sridhar Krishnaswamy
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Etched in-fiber Bragg gratings for temperature sensing at high temperatures
Author(s): Kevin H. Smith; Benjamin L. Ipson; Tyson L. Lowder; Aaron R. Hawkins; Richard H. Selfridge; Stephen M. Schultz
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Processing of signals from fiber Bragg gratings using unbalanced interferometers
Author(s): Grigory Adamovsky; Jeff Juergens; Bertram Floyd
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Process for mounting and packaging of fiber Bragg grating strain sensors for use in harsh environment applications
Author(s): Vincent P. Wnuk; Alexis Mendez; Steve Ferguson; Tom Graver
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Development of high-speed optical wavelength interrogation system for damage detection in composite materials
Author(s): Shinji Komatsuzaki; Seiji Kojima; Akihito Hongo; Nobuo Takeda; Takeo Sakurai
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In situ simultaneous strain and temperature measurement of adaptive composite materials using a fiber Bragg grating based sensor
Author(s): Hyuk-Jin Yoon; Daniele Marco Costantini; Veronique Michaud; Hans Georg Limberger; Jan-Anders Manson; Rene Paul Salathe; Chun-Gon Kim; Chang-Sun Hong
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Demodulating interferometric and FBG sensors in the spectral domain
Author(s): Daniele Inaudi; Daniele Posenato; Branko Glisic; Jeff Miller; Todd Haber; Tom Graver
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Modeling of transverse loading effect on Bragg grating signals
Author(s): Stephen Mastro; Mahmoud El-Sherif
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Use of multidimensional fiber grating strain sensors for damage detection in composite pressure vessels
Author(s): Marley Kunzler; Eric Udd; Mont Johnson; Kurt Mildenhall
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Damage growth detection of composite laminate using embedded FBG sensor/PZT actuator hybrid system
Author(s): Toshimichi Ogisu; Masakazu Shimanuki; Satoshi Kiyoshima; Yoji Okabe; Nobuo Takeda
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Identification of impact damage in sandwich structures by application of high speed MEMS-OSA to FBG sensors
Author(s): Y. Okabe; S. Minakuchi; N. Takeda
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On-line characterization of impacts on electrical train current collectors using integrated optical fiber grating sensor network
Author(s): Wolfgang Ecke; Kerstin Schroeder; Michael Kautz; Peter Joseph; Simon Willet; Thomas Bosselmann; Matthias Jenzer
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Residual stress and debonding analysis using a fiber Bragg grating in a model composite specimen
Author(s): F. Colpo; G. Dunkel; L. Humbert; J. Botsis
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Lamb wave sensing using fiber Bragg grating sensors for delamination detection in composite laminates
Author(s): N. Takeda; Y. Okabe; J. Kuwahara; S. Kojima
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Airplane structure health monitoring by the optical frequency modulation Brillouin distributed measuring method
Author(s): Takashi Yari; Masato Ishioka; Kanehiro Nagai; Tateo Sakurai
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Mobile instrument for intelligent leak detection and location on underground water supply pipelines
Author(s): Yumei Wen; Ping Li; Xin Na; Jin Yang
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Damage evaluation and analysis of composite pressure vessels using fiber Bragg gratings to determine structural health
Author(s): Marley Kunzler; Eric Udd; Stephen Kreger; Mont Johnson; Vaughn Henrie
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Optical technique for examining materials’ elastic properties
Author(s): Borja Sorazu; Brian Culshaw; Gareth Pierce
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System identification method for monitoring impact events
Author(s): Jonghyun Park; Fu-Kuo Chang
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Camera-based digital real-time static and dynamic testing of deployable/inflatable structures
Author(s): P. Frank Pai; Jiazhu Hu
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Design of a distributive load sensor using PZT
Author(s): G. Georgiades; S. O. Oyadiji; Z. Liu
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Digital phase demodulation technique based on low coherence fiber optic interferometry and phase measurement interferometry
Author(s): Miao Yu
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Fiber pressure sensors based on periodical mode coupling effects
Author(s): Haim Lotem; Wen C. Wang; Michael Wang; David Schaafsma; Bob Skolnick; Haim Grebel
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Geotechnical pressure cell using a long-term reliable high-precision fiber optic sensor head
Author(s): R. Gloetzl; D. Hofmann; F. Basedau; W. Habel
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Demonstration of an intelligent hydrogel based diffraction grating
Author(s): R. Zhang; A. Bowyer; R. Eisenthal; J. Hubble
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ORB: an airborne microsensor observing platform
Author(s): Mark L. Adams; John Manobianco
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Fiber optic pH sensor for early detection of danger of corrosion in steel-reinforced concrete structures
Author(s): Nathalie Dantan; Wolfgang R. Habel; Otto S. Wolfbeis
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Cable-free wearable systems using conductive fabrics transmitting signals and power
Author(s): Eric Wade; H. Harry Asada
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Self-sensing structures for control of micro- and nano-cantilevers
Author(s): Yuri M. Shkel; B. Ross Barmish
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Musca domestica inspired machine vision system with hyperacuity
Author(s): Dylan T. Riley; William M. Harman; Eric Tomberlin; Steven F. Barrett; Michael Wilcox; Cameron H. G. Wright
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A methodology for image-based tracking of seismic-induced motions
Author(s): Kai-Uwe Doerr; Tara C. Hutchinson; Falko Kuester
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Metal Rubber sensors
Author(s): Jennifer H. Lalli; Andrea Hill; Sumitra Subrahmanayan; Bradley Davis; Jeffrey Mecham; Richard M. Goff; Richard O. Claus
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Nondestructive damage sensitity of functionalized carbon nanotube and nanofiber/epoxy composites using electrical resistance measurement
Author(s): Joung-Man Park; Jin-Kyu Jung; Sung-Ju Kim; Jae-Rock Lee; Tae-Wook Kim
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Polarization plane's weak rotation amplifiers and polarization azimuth stabiliziers
Author(s): G. A. Vardanyan; A. H. Gevorgyan; A. Kocharian; Zh. B. Khachatryan; S. A. Mkhitaryan
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Ferroelectric based multiple radiations source for in situ multifunctional analytical instruments
Author(s): Yoseph Bar-Cohen; Shyh-Shiuh Lih; Xiaoqi Bao; Stewart Sherrit
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Efficient electromechanical network model for wireless acoustic-electric feed-throughs
Author(s): Stewart Sherrit; Mircea Badescu; Xiaoqi Bao; Yoseph Bar-Cohen; Zensheu Chang
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Identifying dynamic characteristics of structures to estimate the performance of a smart wireless MA system
Author(s): Gwanghee Heo; WooSang Lee; Giu Lee; Donggi Lee
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Real-time highway pull-over vehicle monitoring using fiber microbending-loss reflectometry
Author(s): Ke Wang; ZhanXiong Wei; Bingquan Chen; Hong-Liang Cui
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An improved fiber optic strain sensor for gas tank monitoring with rf subcarrier phase and I&Q demodulation techniques
Author(s): Graham Thursby; Fengzhong Dong; Brian Culshaw; Guido Massaro; Branko Glisic; Daniele Inaudi
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Fiber optic sensor reliability issues in structural health monitoring
Author(s): Zhihong Xu; Asadollah Bassam; Hongqiang Jia; Adam Tennant; Farhad Ansari
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Long-term reliability testing of packaged strain sensors
Author(s): Daniele Inaudi
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Failure mechanisms of fiber optic sensors placed in composite materials
Author(s): Eric Udd; Mike Winz; Stephen Kreger; Dirk Heider
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Reliability of components for fiber optic sensors
Author(s): Francis Berghmans
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Validation of commercial fiber optic components for aerospace environments
Author(s): Melanie N. Ott
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Radiation and cladding modes as independent measurements of Bragg grating sensor integrity
Author(s): Mohanraj Prabhugoud; James Pearson; Kara Peters; Mohammed Zikry
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An application of data fusion technology in structural health monitoring and damage identification
Author(s): Xiao Chun; Weilian Qu; Dongmei Tan
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A resonant coding passive wireless SAW sensor array system
Author(s): Ping Li; Yumei Wen
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Pavement deflection vehicle weighing method with embedded piezoelectric sensor
Author(s): Lianhe Guo; Xuemin Chen; Jingyan Yu; Yumei Tang; Richard Liu; Richard Rogers; Josef Leidy; Geman Claros
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Distributed sensing of composite over-wrapped pressure vessel using fiber Bragg gratings at ambient and cryogenic temperatures
Author(s): Joseph Grant
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