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Optoelectronic Integration on Silicon II

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Volume Number: 5730
Date Published: 7 March 2005

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Silicon photonics: the early years
Author(s): Graham T. Reed; William Robert Headley; C. E. Jason Png
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Silicon photonics technology: past, present, and future
Author(s): Richard Soref
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Broad-spectrum light emission from metal-insulator-silicon tunnel diodes
Author(s): James G. Mihaychuk; Mike W. Denhoff; Sean P. McAlister; W. Ross McKinnon; Jean Lapointe; Albert Chin
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Scaling laws of nonlinear silicon nanophotonics
Author(s): Bahram Jalali; Ozdal Boyraz; Dimitri Dimitropoulos; Varun Raghunathan
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Si-based optical receivers
Author(s): Joe C. Campbell; Jungwoo Oh; Zhihong Huang
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Higher efficiency silicon CMOS light-emitting devices (450nm – 750nm) using current density and carrier injection techniques
Author(s): Lukas Willem Snyman; Monuko du Plessis; Herzl Aharoni
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Design rules for high-speed low-power optoelectronic-VLSI (OE-VLSI) circuits and systems
Author(s): David V. Plant; Andrew G. Kirk
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Recent development in silicon photonics: 2.5 Gb/s silicon optical modulator and silicon Raman laser
Author(s): Ansheng Liu; Ling Liao; Haisheng Rong; Richard Jones; Dean Samara-Rubio; Doron Rubin; Rami Cohen; Oded Cohen; Dani Hak; Thorkild Franck; Ulrich D. Keil; Mario Paniccia
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A miniaturizable integrated Si-based light modulator
Author(s): Antonella Sciuto; Sebania Libertino; Salvo Coffa; Giuseppe Coppola
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Switching and modulating light on silicon
Author(s): Michal Lipson
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Waveguide-vanishing-based optical modulator in embedded all-silicon structure
Author(s): Mario Iodice; Giuseppe Coppola; Rocco Cristian Zaccuri; Ivo Rendina
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Feasibility study of integration of electro-optic polymer waveguide device with MOSFET circuitry on silicon
Author(s): Susan Soggs; Haishan Sun; Antao Chen; Kian Kaviani; Nishant Bhatambrekar; Anna Pyajt; Jingdong Luo; Larry Dalton; Babak Parviz; Alex Jen
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Challenges for on-chip optical interconnects
Author(s): Kenneth C. Cadien; Miriam R. Reshotko; Bruce A. Block; Audrey M. Bowen; David L. Kencke; Paul Davids
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Inter-chip and on-chip optical interconnects for FPGA applications
Author(s): Laurence W. Cahill; Terry V. Clapp
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Oxidation lift-off technology
Author(s): Serge Oktyabrsky; Michael Yakimov; Vadim Tokranov; Jobert van Eisden; Alexei Katsnelson
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Design of polarization-insensitive components using geometrical and stress-induced birefringence in SOI waveguides
Author(s): Dan-Xia Xu; Winnie N. Ye; Alexei Bogdanov; Dan Dalacu; Andre Delage; Pavel Cheben; Siegfried Janz; Boris Lamontagne; Marie-Josee Picard
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Preliminary experimental results of a dual grating-assisted directional coupler on SOI
Author(s): Goran Z. Masanovic; Graham T. Reed; Vittorio M. N. Passaro; William Robert Headley; Branislav Timotijevic; Raghied M. H. Atta; Mike Josey; Graham Ensell; Alan G. R. Evans
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On-chip silicon-based waveguide with light guiding in low-index core materials
Author(s): Yasha Yi; Peter Bermel; Shoji Akiyama; Xiaoman Duan; Lionel C. Kimerling
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Hollow optical waveguides with omni-directional reflectors
Author(s): Shih-Shou Lo; Chia-Hung Hou; Hung-Ta Chien; Fu-Li Hsiao; Chii-Chang Chen
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Enhanced polarization-independent optical ring resonators on silicon-on-insulator
Author(s): William Robert Headley; Graham T. Reed; Frederic Gardes; Ansheng Liu; Mario Paniccia
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Integrated MEMS-based variable optical attenuator and 10Gb/s receiver
Author(s): James Aberson; Pierre Cusin; H. Fettig; Ryan Hickey; James Wylde
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Fully integrated optical systems for lab-on-a-chip applications
Author(s): Soren Balslev; Brian Bilenberg; Daniel Nilsson; Anders Michael Jorgensen; Anders Kristensen; Oliver Geschke; Jorg P. Kutter; Klaus B. Mogensen; Detlef Snakenborg
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Low-loss integrated optical sensors based on hollow-core ARROW waveguide
Author(s): Dongliang Yin; John P. Barber; Aaron R. Hawkins; Holger Schmidt
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Integrated planar lightwave bio/chem OEIC sensors on Si CMOS circuits
Author(s): Nan Marie Jokerst; Martin A. Brooke; Sang-Yeon Cho; Mikkel Thomas; Jeffrey Lillie; Daeik Kim; Stephen Ralph; Karla Dennis; Benita Comeau; Cliff Henderson
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Fiber Bragg grating sensor monitoring with thermally tuned Fabry-Perot cavity integrated in an all-silicon rib waveguide
Author(s): Giuseppe Coppola; Mario Iodice; Nunzia Saffioti; Rocco Cristian Zaccuri; Maurizio Indolfi; Ivo Rendina; Alessandra Rocco; Pietro Ferraro
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All-optical modulation in thin film silicon-based waveguiding structures
Author(s): Francesco Giuseppe Della Corte; Massimo Gagliardi; Krzysztof Malecki; Maria Arcangela Nigro; Caterina Summonte
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Optical and structural characterization of PECVD-silicon oxynitride films for waveguide device applications
Author(s): Marco Isaias Alayo; Marcelo Nelson Paez Carreno; Denise Criado; Ines Pereyra
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A dual-rate optical transceiver for power-on-demand operation
Author(s): Yongrong Zuo; Fouad Kiamilev; Xiaoqing Wang; Ping Gui; Xingle Wang; Jeremy Ekman; Michael McFadden; Michael Haney
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