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Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits VII

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Volume Number: 5729
Date Published: 25 March 2005

Table of Contents
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The potential benefits of photonics in the computing platform
Author(s): Jerry Bautista
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Silica waveguide devices and their applications
Author(s): C. Jacob Sun; Kevin M. Schmidt; Wenhua Lin
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Monolithic integration of microelectronics and photonics using molecularly engineered materials
Author(s): Ronald M. Kubacki
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Deep ultraviolet light-emitting diodes and photodetectors for UV communications
Author(s): Manijeh Razeghi
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Toward quantum-dot-based photonic integrated circuits
Author(s): Lan Fu; Penny Lever; Sudha Mokkapati; Qiang Gao; Hark Hoe Tan; Chennupati Jagadish
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Integrated laser with low-loss high-index-contrast waveguides for OEICs
Author(s): Rebecca J. Welty; Tiziana C. Bond; Elaine Behymer; Michael Pocha; Gary Loomis; Jesse Wolfe; Stephen Vernon
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Disordering of InGaAs/GaAs multiquantum well structure by impurity-free vacancy diffusion for advanced optoelectronic devices and their integration
Author(s): Jae Su Yu; Jong Min Kim; Yong Tak Lee; Jin Dong Song; H. Lim
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Ultrasmall resonant tunneling/dropping devices in 2D photonic crystal slabs
Author(s): Akihiko Shinya; Satoshi Mitsugi; Eiichi Kuramochi; Takasumi Tanabe; G. Kim; Go Kira; Shingo Kondo; Kouji Yamada; Toshifumi Watanabe; Tai Tsuchizawa; Masaya Notomi
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Selectively grown quantum well active layer in a photonic crystal optical microcavity
Author(s): Victor C. Elarde; Yong Kwan Kim; Kent D. Choquette; James J. Coleman
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High-confinement nanophotonic structures on chip
Author(s): Michal Lipson
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Silicon nanowire active integrated optics
Author(s): Richard M. Osgood Jr.; Richard L. Espinola; Jerry I. Dadap; Sharee J. McNab; Yuri A. Vlasov
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Integration of polymer-based optical waveguide arrays and micro/nano-photonic devices for optical printed circuit board (O-PCB) application
Author(s): El-Hang Lee; Seung Gol Lee; Beom Hoan O; Se-Geun Park; Kyong Heon Kim; Jin Ku Kang; Young Wan Choi
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32-channel reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer on a chip
Author(s): Junichiro Fujita; Tomoyuki Izuhara; Antonije M. Radojevic; Reinald Gerhardt; Louay Eldada
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Design and fabrication of a polymer-based micron-scale semispherical vertical interconnecting structure for 3D photonic integrated circuit application
Author(s): Min-Woo Lee; Chul-Hyun Choi; Soo-Beom Jo; Beom-Hoan O; Seung-Gol Lee; Se-Geun Park; El-Hang Lee
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Fabrication of vertically coupled silicon nanophotonic circuits via SIMOX 3D sculpting
Author(s): Bahram Jalali; Prakash Koonath; Tejaswi Indukuri
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Magneto-optical semiconductor waveguides for integrated isolators
Author(s): Xiaoyun Guo; Tauhid Zaman; Rajeev Jagga Ram
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Integrated InGaAlAs/InP laser-modulator using an identical multiple quantum well active layer
Author(s): Brem Kumar Saravanan; Christian Hanke; Thomas Knoedl; Martin Peschke; Roberto Macaluso; Bernhard Stegmueller
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Device physics of an optoelectronic integrated wavelength converter
Author(s): Joachim Piprek; V. Lal; John Hutchinson; Jeff Henness; Anna Tauke-Pedretti; Matthew Dummer; Larry Coldren
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Widely tunable photocurrent-driven wavelength converters
Author(s): Jonathon S. Barton; Matthew N. Sysak; Anna Tauke-Pedretti; Matthew Dummer; Jonathan Klamkin; Jonathan Getty; Erik J. Skogen; James Raring; Leif A. Johansson; Milan L. Masanovic; Larry A. Coldren
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Planar lightwave integrated circuits integrated with thin film active optoelectronic devices
Author(s): Nan Marie Jokerst; S. Cho; S. Seo; Martin A. Brooke
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Hybrid organic-inorganic optoelectronic subsystems on a chip
Author(s): Louay Eldada; Junichiro Fujita; Antonije Radojevic; Reinald Gerhardt; Tomoyuki Izuhara
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Optical biosensors based on etched fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Mario Dagenais; A. N. Chryssis; Hyunmin Yi; Sang Mae Lee; S. S. Saini; William E. Bentley
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Semiconductor and dielectric microsphere-based channel dropping filters and detectors
Author(s): Ali Serpenguezel; Yigit Ozan Yilmaz; Adnan Kurt
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A photonic crystal multimode interference wavelength demultiplexer
Author(s): Insu Park; Hyun-Jun Kim; Seung-Gol Lee; El-Hang Lee
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Switching characteristics of generalized Mach-Zehnder optical switches
Author(s): Laurence W. Cahill
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Low-loss InP-based photonic crystal waveguides and resonators
Author(s): Martin Kamp; Joerg Zimmermann; Reinhard Maerz; Srinivasan Anand; Alfred W.B. Forchel
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Integrated micro-racetrack resonator arrays and photonic crystal bandpass filter arrays for WDM application
Author(s): Hyun-Shik S. Lee; Insu Park; Kyung-Mi Moon; Beom Hoan O; Seung-Gol Lee; El-Hang Lee
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Design and analysis of small-area air trench bends and splitters
Author(s): Seunghyun Kim; Jaime Cardenas; Nazli Rahmanian; Jingbo Cai; Jianhua Jiang; Gregory P. Nordin
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Strip-loaded waveguides: low-cost and high-performance waveguide technology in single polarization applications
Author(s): Terry V. Clapp; Jon V. DeGroot Jr.
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Compact CWDM: a low-cost high-performance packaging platform
Author(s): Daoyi Wang; Kyle Yang; Lingzhi Li; Jing Li; Frank Wu; Yao Li
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Measurement of propagation characteristics of optical printed circuit board with low-coherence interferometer
Author(s): Wonsoo Ji; Sungjun Jang; Beom-Hoan O; Se-Geun Park; El-Hang Lee; Seung Gol Lee
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Integrated electrically switchable gratings for optical interconnects
Author(s): Yuanji Tang; Suning Tang; X. Wang; Jibing Lin; Jennifer Colegrove; Douglas M. Craig
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An electrical model of VCSEL as optical transmitter for optical printed circuit board
Author(s): Do-Kyoon Kim; Young-Seol Yoon; Jin-Ho Choi; Kyung-Min Kim; Young-Wan Choi; Seok Lee
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Use of waveguide bending as a new approach in the design of a triangular-lattice photonic crystal bandpass filter
Author(s): Kyung-Mi Moon; Insu Park; Hyun-Shik Lee; Seung-Gol Lee; Beom-Hoan O; Se-Geun Park; El-Hang Lee
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Nonlinearity measurements of PIN photodiode based ROSA for FTTX applications
Author(s): Xinzhong Wang; Chun He; Yao Li; Andy Zhou; Wei-Shin Tsay
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Silica microspheres as high-Q microcavities for semiconductor quantum-dot lasers
Author(s): Jean Hare; Sebastien Steiner; Fedja Orucevic; Valerie Lefevre-Seguin
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