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Integrated Optics: Devices, Materials, and Technologies IX

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Volume Number: 5728
Date Published: 31 March 2005

Table of Contents
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Si-based integrated optics for stellar interferometry imaging
Author(s): Pierre R. Labeye; Jean-Philippe Berger; Patrick Pouteau; Patrice Noel; Pierre Kern
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Focusing integrated mirrors realized by silver ion-exchange: application to laser Doppler velocimeter with ultrahigh spatial resolution
Author(s): Pierre Lemaitre-Auger; Stephane Gluck; Davide Bucci; Alain Cartellier; Pierre Benech
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An integrated 4-bit optical true-time-delay module for synthetic aperture radars
Author(s): James Foshee; Suning Tang; X. Wang; Jennifer Colegrove; Yuanji Tang; Jibing Lin; Zan Shi
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Epitaxial PLZT waveguide technologies for integrated photonics
Author(s): Keiichi Nashimoto
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Experimental and theoretical investigations on localized states in waveguide arrays
Author(s): Henrike Trompeter; Ulrich Streppel; Dirk Michaelis; Andreas H. Braeuer; Ulf Peschel; Thomas Pertsch; Falk Lederer
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Fiber-chip coupling with silicon microlenses
Author(s): Christoph Waechter; Tino Benkenstein; Bernd Hoefer; Andre Matthes; Dirk Michaelis
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Polymer-based thermo-optic switch for optical true time delay
Author(s): Xiaolong Wang; Brie Howley; Maggie Y. Chen; Qingjun Zhou; Ray Chen; Panoutsopoulos Basile
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Electrical and optical property of ferroelectric BaTiO3:Eu
Author(s): Yeonjoon Park; Alexander Grichener; Jacob Jensen; Sang H. Choi
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Integrated optics sensors on glass
Author(s): Pierre Benech; Isabelle Schanen; Vincent Minier
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High-Q microring resonator for biochemical sensors
Author(s): Junpeng Guo; Michael J. Shaw; G. Allen Vawter; G. Ronald Hadley; Peter Esherick; Charles T. Sullivan
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A new integrated optical angular velocity sensor
Author(s): Caterina Ciminelli; Francesco Peluso; Mario N. Armenise
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Polymer-on-glass waveguide structure for efficient fluorescence-based optical biosensors
Author(s): Romeo Bernini; Nunzio Cennamo; Aldo Minardo; Luigi Zeni
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Planar glass integrated optical structure based on prism decoupling for sensing applications
Author(s): Celia A. Sanchez-Perez; Elise Ghibaudo; Jean-Emmanuel Broquin; Augusto Garcia-Valenzuela; A. Esparza-Garcia; M. A. Camacho-Lopez
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Optical amplifier made by reporting an Er3+/Yb3+-codoped glass layer on an ion-exchanged passive glass substrate by wafer bonding
Author(s): Florent Gardillou; Jean-Emmanuel Broquin
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Optical parametric oscillator based on orientation-patterned GaAs
Author(s): Konstantin L. Vodopyanov; Ofer Levi; Paulina S. Kuo; Thierry J. Pinguet; James S. Harris Jr.; Martin M. Fejer; Bruno Gerard; L. Becouarn; Eric Lallier
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Realization of a distributed phase shifted glass DFB laser
Author(s): Lionel Bastard; Jean-Emmanuel Broquin
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Optical logic OR gate using a SOA-based interferometer
Author(s): Qiang Wang; Hao Dong; Guanghao Zhu; James J. Jaques; Alfonso B. Piccirilli; Niloy K. Dutta
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Application of the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method with local grid refinement to nanostructure design
Author(s): Aramais R. Zakharian; Jerome V. Moloney; Colm Dineen; Moysey Brio
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FEM modeling of 3D photonic crystals and photonic crystal waveguides
Author(s): Sven Burger; Roland Klose; Achim Schaedle; Frank Schmidt; Lin Werner Zschiedrich
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Numerical techniques for multimode interference couplers
Author(s): Bobo Hu; Phillip Sewell; Ana Vukovic; Jun Jun Lim; Trevor Mark Benson
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Surface plasmon polariton propagation around bends at a metal-dielectric interface
Author(s): Miriam Deustch; Keisuke Hasegawa; Jens U. Noeckel
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JCMmode: an adaptive finite element solver for the computation of leaky modes
Author(s): Lin Werner Zschiedrich; Sven Burger; Roland Klose; Achim Schaedle; Frank Schmidt
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Submicron planar waveguide diffractive photonics
Author(s): Thomas W. Mossberg; Christoph M. Greiner; Dmitri Iazikov
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All-fiber maskless lithographic technology to form microcircular interference pattern on Azo polymer film
Author(s): Junki Kim; Yongmin Jung; Kyunghwan Oh; Chaemin Chun; Jeachul Hong; Dongyu Kim
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Narrow and wide free spectral range devices based on planar reflective gratings
Author(s): Serge Bidnyk; Matthew Pearson; Ashok Balakrishnan; Mae Gao
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Press-patterned diffraction gratings on high refractive index polyimide films
Author(s): Ramil L. Mercado; Rebecca Rich; Wu-Sheng Shih; Udayan Senapati; Doug Holmes
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Periodically segmented waveguides made by ion-exchange in glass: application to a TE-pass polarizer and to an asymmetric Y-junction wavelength demultiplexer
Author(s): Davide Bucci; Jerome Grelin; Elise Ghibaudo; Jean-Emmanuel Broquin
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Nonlithographic fabrication of polymer reconfigurable waveguide fanout
Author(s): Zhiqiang Liu; Namkhun Srisanit; Xianjun Ke; Michael R. Wang
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Compact single air interface bends in PFCB polymer waveguides
Author(s): Jaime Cardenas; Seunghyun Kim; Jingbo Cai; Gregory P. Nordin
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Waveguide design and fabrication of trench for hybrid integrated optic devices
Author(s): Suntae Jung; Jeong Hwan Song; Kyoung-Youm Kim; Yunkyung Oh
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Integrated optical systems for lab-on-a-chip applications
Author(s): Jorg Hubner; Anders Michael Jorgensen; Thomas A. Anhoj; Dan A. Zauner
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Comparison of domain reversal and electro-optic properties of congruent and stoichiometric lithium tantalate
Author(s): Lili Tian; Venkatraman Gopalan
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Direct-write e-beam sub-micron domain engineering in liquid phase epitaxy LiNbO3 thin films
Author(s): Ji-Won Son; Yin Yuen; Sergei S. Orlov; Ludwig Galambos; Lambertus Hesselink
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Smart guide: lithium niobate large index contrast waveguides fabricated by crystal ion slicing and wafer bonding
Author(s): Payam Rabiei; Peter Gunter
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Fabrication and characterization of tightly confining AlGaAs waveguides and microcavities for nonlinear optical applications
Author(s): Luigi Scaccabarozzi; Zheng Wang; Xiaojun Yu; Meredith Marie Lee; Wah Tung Lau; Mehmet Fatih Yanik; Shanhui Fan; Martin M. Fejer; James S. Harris Jr.
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Guided-wave optical pressure sensor responding only to changing pressure
Author(s): Yoshisumi Endo; Masashi Ohkawa; Seishi Sekine; Takashi Sato
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Optical microphone using a silicon-based guided-wave optical pressure sensor
Author(s): Hiroyuki Nikkuni; Shuuichi Dokko; Masashi Ohkawa; Seishi Sekine; Takashi Sato
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Beam steering type 1:4 optical switch with polymer thermo-optic phase shifters in a silica arrayed-waveguide
Author(s): Kenichi Masuda; Atsushi Tate; Mariko Ishida; Takanori Suzuki; Hiroyuki Tsuda
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Planar 1 x 2 optical prism deflector switch fabricated on a silica waveguide
Author(s): Mariko Ishida; Atsushi Tate; Kenichi Masuda; Takanori Suzuki; Hiroyuki Tsuda
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25-GHz spacing 8-ch compact arrowhead arrayed-waveguide grating using v-bend waveguides
Author(s): Takanori Suzuki; Kenichi Masuda; Atsushi Tate; Hiroyuki Tsuda
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Simplification of the design and the fabrication of a glass integrated displacement sensor with acousto-optic modulation
Author(s): Luis Poffo; Pierre Lemaitre-Auger; Philippe Benech; Pierre Benech
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Shape optimization of asymmetric Y-junction for mode multiplexing in proton-exchange lithium niobate waveguides
Author(s): Xiuping Xie; Takashi Saida; Jie Huang; Martin M. Fejer
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