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Micromachining Technology for Micro-Optics and Nano-Optics III

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Volume Number: 5720
Date Published: 22 January 2005

Table of Contents
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Holographic fabrication of photonic crystals
Author(s): David N. Sharp; Emma R. Dedman; Jan Scrimgeour; Olivia M. Roche; Christopher F. Blanford; James C. Saunders; Robert G. Denning; Andrew J. Turberfield
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Fabrication of three-dimensional Yablonovite photonic crystals by multiple-exposure UV interference lithography
Author(s): Garrett J. Schneider; Eric D. Wetzel; Janusz A. Murakowski; Dennis W. Prather
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Modeling the formation of photonic crystals by holographic lithography
Author(s): Raymond C. Rumpf; Eric G. Johnson
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Fabrication of three-dimensional photonic crystals with multilayer photolithography
Author(s): Peng Yao; Garrett J. Schneider; Binglin Miao; Dennis W. Prather; Eric D. Wetzel; Daniel J. O'Brien
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Etching of micro- and nano-structures in semiconductor and glass material systems
Author(s): Gregg T. Borek; Jared A. Shafer; Lamarr R. Simmons
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Etching three-dimensional photonic crystals in GaAs
Author(s): Janusz A. Murakowski; Chris Schuetz; Garrett J. Schneider; Dennis W. Prather
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Submicron sculpturing on chalcogenide films
Author(s): Raphi Dror; A. I. Feigel; Maya Veinguer; Bruno G. Sfez; Matvei Klebanov; A. Arsh; Victor Lyubin
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Electron-beam lithography for micro and nano-optical applications
Author(s): Daniel W. Wilson; Richard E. Muller; Pierre M. Echternach; Johan P. Backlund
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Design and fabrication of trihedral corner-cube arrays using analog exposure based on phase masks
Author(s): Heidi Hockel; Ricardo F. Martins; Jinwon Sung; Eric G. Johnson
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Fabrication of optical microstructures through fractional Talbot imaging
Author(s): T. J. Suleski; Y.-C. Chuang; P. C. Deguzman; R. A. Barton
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Study on 193-nm immersion interference lithography
Author(s): Lon A. Wang; W. C. Chang; K. Y. Chi; S. K. Liu; C. D. Lee
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Fabrication techniques for low-loss silicon nitride waveguides
Author(s): Michael J. Shaw; Junpeng Guo; Gregory Allen Vawter; Scott Habermehl; Charles T. Sullivan
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Spectral-band engineering with interacting resonant leaky modes in thin periodic films
Author(s): R. Magnusson; Y. Ding
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Deep PFCB polymer etch development for photonic devices
Author(s): Jaime Cardenas; Gregory P. Nordin
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Improved fabrication accuracy of Bragg gratings
Author(s): Jeremiah D. Brown; Alok Mehta; Heidi Hockel; Eric G. Johnson
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Formation of discrete space-variant subwavelength dielectric gratings for polarimetric measurements
Author(s): Gabriel Biener; Avi Niv; Yuri Gorodetski; Vladimir Kleiner; Erez Hasman
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Dielectric pinholes for laser-beam filtering
Author(s): Thomas Kaempfe; Ernst Bernhard Kley; Andreas Tuennermann
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UV laser cutting of organic nanofibers
Author(s): Frank Balzer; Juergen Ihlemann; Adam C. Simonsen; Horst-Guenter Rubahn
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Integrated optics devices for long-ranging surface plasmons: fabrication challenges and solutions
Author(s): Greg A. Mattiussi; Nancy Lahoud; Robert Charbonneau; Pierre Berini
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Photonic systems formed by proximity field nanopatterning
Author(s): Seokwoo Jeon; Gary P. Wiederrecht; John A. Rogers
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CAD-integrated system for automated multi-photon three-dimensional micro- and nano-fabrication
Author(s): Ivan B. Divliansky; Gregory Weaver; Michael Petrovich; Toufic Jabbour; Hubert P. Seigneur; Caleb Parnell-Lampen; Amy Thompson; Kevin D. Belfield; Stephen M. Kuebler
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Advanced laser micro-structuring of super-large-area optical films
Author(s): Karl L. Boehlen; Ines B. Stassen Boehlen; Ric M. Allott
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Polarization converting element for minimizing the losses in cylindrical hollow waveguides
Author(s): Waleed S. Mohammed; Mahesh Pitchumani; Jeremiah D. Brown; Eric G. Johnson
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On-chip replication of high-sag micro-optical components fabricated by direct laser writing
Author(s): Daniel Asselin; Patrice Topart; Lieyi Sheng; Felix Cayer; Sebastien Leclair; Min Wang; Hubert Jerominek
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Fabrication of macroporous TiO2 monoliths for photonic applications
Author(s): Junko Konishi; Koji Fujita; Kazuki Nakanishi; Kazuyuki Hirao
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Multilayer coating method for x-ray reflectivity enhancement of polysilicon micro-mirrors at 1.54-Å wavelength
Author(s): Marie K. Tripp; Francois Fabreguette; Cari F. Herrmann; Steven M. George; Victor M. Bright
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Characterization of chemically assisted ion beam etching and form birefringence structure fabrication in GaAs using SU-8
Author(s): Lin Pang; Maziar Nezhad; Uriel Levy; Chiaho Tsai; Yeshaiahu Fainman
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Formation of photonic structures in Sm2+-doped aluminosilicate glasses through phase separation
Author(s): Koji Fujita; Shunsuke Murai; Kazuki Nakanishi; Kazuyuki Hirao
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Polarization separation element (subwavelength structure)
Author(s): Seiichiro Kitagawa; Kazuya Yamamoto; Makoto Okada
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