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High-Power Diode Laser Technology and Applications III
Editor(s): Mark S. Zediker

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Volume Number: 5711
Date Published: 17 March 2005

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325 Watts from 1-cm wide 9xx laser bars for DPSSL and FL applications
Author(s): Norbert Lichtenstein; Yvonne Manz; Pascal Mauron; Arnaud Fily; Berthold E. Schmidt; Juergen Mueller; Sebastian Arlt; Stefan Weiss; Achim Thies; Joerg Troger; Christoph S. Harder
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Highly reliable and efficient laser bars and cost efficient packaging
Author(s): Martin Behringer; Soenke Tautz; Wolfgang Pammer; Klaus Friepes; Ulrich Steegmueller; Marc Philippens; Josip Maric; Harald Koenig; Johann Luft; Gerhard Herrmann; Alexis Schmitt
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> 360 W and > 70% efficient GaAs-based diode lasers
Author(s): Paul Crump; Jun Wang; Trevor Crum; Suhit Das; Mark DeVito; Weimin Dong; Jason Farmer; Yan Feng; Mike Grimshaw; Damian Wise; Shiguo Zhang
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High-reliability high-efficiency 976-nm diode laser pump sources
Author(s): Eric Stiers; Manoj Kanskar
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Conductively cooled high-power high-brightness bars and fiber-coupled arrays
Author(s): Hailong Zhou; Mark Mondry; Michael Fouksman; Eli Weiss; Serguei Anikitchev; Keith Kennedy; Jun Li; Erik Zucker; Paul Rudy; Jukka Kongas; Jouko Haapamaa; Sami Lehkonen
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High-efficiency 970-nm multimode pumps
Author(s): Valentin Gapontsev; Igor Berishev; Glenn Ellis; Alexey Komissarov; Nikolay Moshegov; Oleg Raisky; Pavel Trubenko; Vladimir Ackermann; Eugene Shcherbakov; Jorg Steinecke; Alexander Ovtchinnikov
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1480-nm pump lasers output power improvement by spatial hole burning reduction observation
Author(s): Ali Guermache; Vincent Voiriot; Joël Jacquet
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High-power 1060-nm InGaAs/GaAs single-mode laser diodes
Author(s): Wei Gao; Andre Mastrovito; Kejian Luo; Lisen Cheng; Alan Nelson; Tom Yang; Zuntu Xu
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Reliability of high-power diode laser bars in industrial applications
Author(s): Detlev Wolff; Guido F. Bonati; Petra Hennig; Hermann A. Voelckel
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High-brightness high-power kW system with tapered diode laser bars
Author(s): Bernd Koehler; Jens Biesenbach; Thomas Brand; Matthias Haag; Sandra Huke; Axel Noeske; Gabriele Seibold; Martin Behringer; Johann Luft
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High-brightness spectrally combined array of 980-nm single-mode emitters
Author(s): Nicolas Michel; Michel Calligaro; Michel Lecomte; Olivier Parillaud; Michel Krakowski; Paul Salet; Gaëlle Lucas-Leclin; Patrick Georges; Philippe Bousselet; Christian Simonneau; Dominique Bayart
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Reliable large acceptance optical fibers for high-power transmission
Author(s): Bolesh J. Skutnik; Cheryl A. Smith; Kevin Bakhshpour
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High-brightness 9xx and 14xx single-mode emitter array laser bars
Author(s): Norbert Lichtenstein; Yvonne Manz; Pascal Mauron; Arnaud Fily; Berthold E. Schmidt; Juergen Mueller; Susanne Pawlik; Boris Sverdlov; Stefan Weiss; Achim Thies; Christoph S. Harder
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Desktop cutting of paper using a single-emitter laser diode and inkjet printing
Author(s): Olivier Acher; Hubert Pages; Franck Enguehard; Herve Piombini
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Requirements for long-life microchannel coolers for direct diode laser systems
Author(s): John M. Haake; Brian O. Faircloth
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Reliability of water-cooled high-power diode laser modules
Author(s): Georg Treusch; Raman Srinivasan; Dennis Brown; Robert Miller; Jim Harrison
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New generation of corrosion-resistant microcoolers
Author(s): Thomas Ebert; Marcus Pajunk; Dirk Mueller; Wilhelm Priesterath
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Thermal properties of high-power diode lasers investigated by microthermography
Author(s): Anna Kozlowska; Fritz Weik; Jens W. Tomm; Andrzej Malag; Mateusz Latoszek; Piotr Wawrzyniak; Marian Teodorczyk; Lech Dobrzanski; Mariusz Zbroszczyk; Maciej Bugajski
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High-brightness narrow-line laser diode source with volume Bragg-grating feedback
Author(s): George B. Venus; Armen Sevian; Vadim I. Smirnov; Leonid B. Glebov
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Micro parts for macro power: efficient beam shaping optics for high-power diode lasers
Author(s): Olaf Ruebenach; Stefan Hambuecker; Volker R. Sinhoff
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Performance enhancement of high-power laser diodes and arrays by use of volume Bragg grating technology
Author(s): Boris L. Volodin; S. V. Dolgy; E. D. Melnik; E. Downs; J. Shaw; Vladimir S. Ban
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Nitride facet passivation raises reliability, COMD, and enables high-temperature operation of InGaAsP, InGaAs, and InAlGaAs lasers
Author(s): Christofer Silfvenius; Yanting Sun; Peter Blixt; Carsten Lindstroem; Alfred O. Feitisch
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9xx high-power broad-area laser diodes
Author(s): Berthold E. Schmidt; Boris Sverdlov; Susanne Pawlik; Norbert Lichtenstein; Juergen Mueller; Bernd Valk; Rainer K. Baettig; Bernd Mayer; Christoph S. Harder
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High-efficiency high-reliability laser diodes at JDS Uniphase
Author(s): Matthew Peters; Victor Rossin; Bruno Acklin
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