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Advanced Biomedical and Clinical Diagnostic Systems III

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Volume Number: 5692
Date Published: 1 April 2005

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Research results on biomagnetic imaging of the lung tumors
Author(s): Laurel O. Sillerud; Sorin G. Popa; Evangelos A. Coutsias; Daniel Sheltraw; Dean Kuethe; Natalie Adolphi
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Use of acousto-optic tuneable filters for imaging fluorescence spectroscopy applications in vivo and in vitro
Author(s): Mounir Bouhifd; Maurice Patrick Whelan; Marc Aprahamian
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Hyperspectral fluorescence image analysis for use in medical diagnostics
Author(s): Seong Gon Kong; Zheng Du; Matthew Martin; Tuan Vo-Dinh
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Multivariate analysis of Monte Carlo generated images for diagnosis of dysplastic lesions
Author(s): Jun Q. Lu; Yuanming Feng; Rosa E. Cuenca; Kai Li; Yalin Ti; Kenneth M. Jacobs; Shawn B. Jackson; Ron R. Allison; Claudio H. Sibata; Gordon H. Downie; Xin-Hua Hu
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Classification of optical tomographic images of rheumatoid finger joints with support vector machines
Author(s): Vivek Balasubramanyam; Andreas H. Hielscher
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Noninvasive imaging of oral premalignancy and malignancy
Author(s): Petra Wilder-Smith D.D.S.; T. Krasieva; W. Jung; J. Shik You; Z. Chen; K. Osann; B. Tromberg
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An observer-based study of an x-ray imaging system for small animal research
Author(s): Eric Potter; Fabrice Ouandji; Yuhua Li; Pascal Laignier; Preeti Kshirsagar; Wei R. Chen; Hong Liu
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A new biomedical device for in vivo multiparametric evaluation of tissue vitality in critical care medicine
Author(s): Avraham Mayevsky; Assaf Deutsch; Nava Dekel; Eliyahu Pevzner; Alex Jaronkin
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Ultrasound-tagged light assessment of osteoporosis
Author(s): Aner Lev; Evgeni Rubanov; Bruno Sfez; Shraga Shany; Joseph Foldes
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Small and cheap: accurate differential blood count with minimal sample volume by laser scanning cytometry (LSC)
Author(s): Anja Mittag; Dominik Lenz; Paul J. Smith; Susanne Pach; Attila Tarnok
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Detection of CT occult aneurismal subarachnoid hemorrhage using a novel spectrophotometric analysis of cerebral spinal fluid
Author(s): Vasant A Salgaonkar; Prashant R. Bhadri; Jian Huang; Alla S. Kumar; Gail J. Pyne; James Caffery Jr.; Joseph F. Clark; Rakesh Shukla; Fred R Beyette Jr.
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Piezoelectric optical MEMS scanning fluorescence biosensor
Author(s): Joe Lo; Eun Sok Kim; Martin A. Gundersen; Laura Marcu
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Instrumentation for the measurement of autofluorescence in human skin
Author(s): Reindert Graaff; Robbert Meerwaldt M.D.; Helen L Lutgers M.D.; Rene Baptist; Ed D de Jong; Jaap R Zijp; Thera P Links M.D.; Andries J Smit M.D.; Gerhard Rakhorst
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Study of acetowhitening method to distinguish normal and cancerous tissue at cellular level
Author(s): Tao T. Wu; Tak-Hong Cheung; So Fan Yim; Yick Fu Wong; Jianan Y. Qu
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Depth-resolved fluorescence of human ectocervical tissue
Author(s): Yicong Wu; Peng Xi; Tak-Hong Cheung; So Fan Yim; Mei-Yung Yu; Jianan Y. Qu
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Dual modality fluorescence and reflectance hyperspectral imaging: principle and applications
Author(s): Matthew E. Martin; Musundi B. Wabuyele; Masoud Panjehpour; Mary N. Phan; Bergein F. Overholt M.D.; Robert C. DeNovo D.V.M.; Tamberlyn Moyers; Seong Gon Song; Tuan Vo-Dinh
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Diagnostic potential of Raman spectroscopy in Barrett’s esophagus
Author(s): Louis-Michel Wong Kee Song M.D.; Andrea Molckovsky; Kenneth K. Wang M.D.; Lawrence J. Burgart M.D.; Brion Dolenko; Rajmund L. Somorjai; Brian C. Wilson
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Breast cancer diagnosis using FT-RAMAN spectroscopy
Author(s): Renata A. Bitar; Airton Abrahao Martin; Carlos Julio Tierra Criollo; Leandra Naira Zambelli Ramalho
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Analysis of biomedical properties of tissues by the entropy factor for the detection of pathological diseases
Author(s): David Pereda Cubian; Jose Luis Arce Diego; Felix Fanjul Velez
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Quantitative assessment of oscillatory components in blood circulation: classification of the effect of aging, diabetes, and acute myocardial infarction
Author(s): Alan Bernjak; Aneta Stefanovska; Vilma Urbancic-Rovan; Katja Azman-Juvan
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Fluid flow analysis in microfluidic devices by spectral-domain optical Doppler tomography
Author(s): Mark C. Pierce; Chulmin Joo; Barry Cense; Eli Weinberg; Boris Hyle Park; Mircea Mujat; Jeffrey Borenstein; Guillermo J. Tearney; Brett E. Bouma; Johannes F de Boer
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Video stroke assessment (VSA) project: design and production of a prototype system for the remote diagnosis of stroke
Author(s): Adrian R. Urias; Nicole Draghic; Janet Lui; Angie Cho; Calvin Curtis; Joseluis Espinosa; Christopher Wottawa; William P. Wiesmann; Lee H. Schwamm
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Drying drops of biological liquids: dynamics of the optical and mechanical properties. Application in rapid medical diagnostics
Author(s): Tatiana A. Yakhno; Anatoly G. Sanin; Vladimir G. Yakhno; Artem S. Pelyushenko; Michael B. Dowell; Christina Vacca; Valentina A. Goutorova M.D.
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Biosensor-controlled gene therapy/drug delivery with nanoparticles for nanomedicine
Author(s): Tarl W. Prow; William A. Rose; Nan Wang; Lisa M. Reece; Yuri Lvov; James F. Leary
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Surface-enhanced Raman scattering molecular nanoprobes
Author(s): Musundi B. Wabuyele; Fei Yan; Guy D Griffin; Tuan Vo-Dinh
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High-throughput flow cytometric screening of combinatorial chemistry bead libraries for proteomics and drug discovery
Author(s): James F. Leary; Lisa M. Reece; Xian-Bin Yang; David Gorenstein
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The adaptive BioCD: interferometric immunoassay on a spinning disk
Author(s): Leilei Peng; Manoj M. Varma; Fred E. Regnier; David D. Nolte
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Terahertz spectroscopic characterization of cancer cells
Author(s): Tatiana Globus; Dan Theodorescu M.D.; Henry Frierson M.D.; Tatyana Khromova; Dwight Woolard
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An analytical model of skin: comparison with experimental results in vivo
Author(s): Ruth M. Woodward
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High speed terahertz reflection imaging
Author(s): David Zimdars
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Dynamic effects and applications for nanosecond pulsed electric fields in cells and tissues
Author(s): Stephen J. Beebe; Peter F. Blackmore; Emily Hall; Jody A. White; Lauren K. Willis; Laura Fauntleroy; Juergen F. Kolb; Karl H. Schoenbach
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Real-time imaging of membrane potentials during exposure to nanosecond pulsed electric fields
Author(s): Juergen F. Kolb; Wolfgang Frey; Jody A. White; R. O. Price; Peter F. Blackmore; Stephen J. Beebe; Ravindra P. Joshi; Karl H. Schoenbach
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Ultrahigh resolution OCT imaging with a two-dimensional MEMS scanning endoscope
Author(s): Aaron D. Aguirre; Paul R. Herz; Yu Chen; James G. Fujimoto; Wibool Piyawattanametha; Li Fan; ShuTing Hsu; Makoto Fujino; Ming C. Wu; Daniel Kopf
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A low-cost customized analog circuit design for optical coherence microscopy
Author(s): Wei Xu; Garret T. Bonnema; Kirk W. Gossage; Norman H. Wade; June Medford; Jennifer K. Barton
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Ex vivo optical coherence tomography and laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy imaging of murine gastrointestinal tract
Author(s): Lida Hariri; Alexandre R. Tumlinson; Norman Wade; David Besselsen; Urs Utzinger; Eugene Gerner; Jennifer Barton
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Endoscopic ultrahigh-resolution OCT for in vivo imaging colon disease model mice
Author(s): Alexandre R. Tumlinson; James McNally; Angelika Unterhuber; Boris Hermann; Harald Sattmann; Lida Hariri; Wolfgang Drexler; Jennifer K. Barton
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Multicolor fluoroimmunoassays based on surface plasmon-coupled emission
Author(s): Evgenia G. Matveeva; Joanna Malicka; Ignacy Gryczynski; Joseph R. Lakowicz; Zygmunt Karol Gryczynski
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Refractive index changes during germination of bacillus subtilis spores
Author(s): Alvin Katz; Alexandra Alimova; Min Xu; Elizabeth Rudolph; Paul Gottlieb; J. C. Steiner; Robert R. Alfano
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Portable Raman device for detection of chemical and biological warfare agents
Author(s): Musundi B. Wabuyele; Matthew E. Martin; Fei Yan; David L. Stokes; Joel Mobley; Brian M. Cullum; Alan Wintenberg; Roberto Lenarduzzi; Tuan Vo-Dinh
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Fluorescence detection of proteins released by Bacillus subtilis spores during heat shock germination
Author(s): Alexandra Alimova; Alvin Katz; Misu Paul; Elizabeth Rudolph; Paul Gottlieb; J. C. Steiner; Robert R. Alfano
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A fast method for detecting Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts in real world samples
Author(s): Shona Stewart; Lindy McClelland; John Maier M.D.
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Novel approach for in situ biohazard detection utilizing surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): L. Sona; J Heathcote; A. Sklyarov; R. Klaper; Vladislav V. Yakovlev
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Multispectral cytometry of single bio-particles using a 32-channel detector
Author(s): J. Paul Robinson; Bartek Rajwa; Gerald Gregori; James Jones; Valeri Patsekin
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Multi-analyte multicolor enhanced fluorescent immunoassay on silver island-coated surface
Author(s): Evgenia G. Matveeva; Zygmunt Karol Gryczynski; Joseph R. Lakowicz
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Application of near-infrared spectroscopy in monitoring blood perfusion in digital replantation
Author(s): Jian-Min Mao; Leigh P. Wright; Mohamed Elmandjra
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In situ measurement of free zinc in an ischemia model and cell culture using a ratiometric fluorescence-based biosensor
Author(s): Hui-Hui Zeng; Rebecca A. Bozym; Robert E. Rosenthal; Gary Fiskum; Cynthia Cotto-Cumba; Nissa Westerberg; Carol A. Fierke; Andrea Stoddard; Michele L. Cramer; Christopher J. Frederickson; Richard Thompson
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