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Instruments, Science, and Methods for Geospace and Planetary Remote Sensing
Editor(s): Carl A. Nardell; Paul G. Lucey; Jeng-Hwa Yee; James B. Garvin

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Volume Number: 5660
Date Published: 30 December 2004

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GPS-based remote sensing of the geospace environment: horizontal and vertical structure of the ionosphere and plasmasphere
Author(s): Anthony J. Mannucci; George A. Hajj; Byron A. Iijima; Attila Komjathy; Thomas K. Meehan; Xiao Qing Pi; Jeff Srinivasan; Bruce T. Tsurutani; Brian Wilson; Liwei D. Zhang; Mark Moldwin
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On-orbit characterizations of Earth Radiation Budget Experiment broadband shortwave active cavity radiometer sensor responses
Author(s): Robert Benjamin Lee III; Robert Samuel Wilson; G. Louis Smith; Kathryn A. Bush; Susan Thomas; Dhirendra K. Pandey; Jack Paden
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In-flight calibration and performance of the Solar Extreme ultraviolet Experiment (SEE) aboard the TIMED Satellite
Author(s): Donald L. Woodraska; Thomas N. Woods; Francis G. Eparvier
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The EUV Variability Experiment (EVE) aboard the NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO)
Author(s): Francis G. Eparvier; Thomas N. Woods; David A. Crotser; Gregory J. Ucker; Richard A. Kohnert; Andrew Jones; Darrell L. Judge; Donald McMullin; Gregory D. Berthiaume
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CRISM (Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars) on MRO (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter)
Author(s): Scott L. Murchie; Raymond E. Arvidson; Peter Bedini; K. Beisser; Jean-Pierre Bibring; J. Bishop; John D. Boldt; Tech H. Choo; R. Todd Clancy; Edward Hugo Darlington; D. Des Marais; R. Espiritu; Melissa J. Fasold; Dennis Fort; Richard N. Green; E. Guinness; John R. Hayes; C. Hash; Kevin J. Heffernan; J. Hemmler; Gene A. Heyler; David C. Humm; J. Hutchison; Noam R. Izenberg; Robert E. Lee; Jeffrey Jeffrey Lees; David A. Lohr; Erick R. Malaret; T. Martin; Richard V. Morris; John F. Mustard; Edgar A. Rhodes; Mark S. Robinson; Ted L. Roush; Edward D. Schaefer; Gordon G. Seagrave; Peter R. Silverglate; S. Slavney; Mark F. Smith; Kim Strohbehn; Howard W. Taylor; Patrick L. Thompson; Barry E. Tossman
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Miniature spectrometers for planetary remote sensing
Author(s): Alan D. Scott; Neil Rowlands; Andrew Bell
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An all-reflective computed tomography imaging spectrometer
Author(s): William R. Johnson; Daniel W. Wilson; Gregory H. Bearman; Johan Backlund
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An imaging radiometer for measurement of lunar polar cold trap temperatures
Author(s): Paul G. Lucey; Karl R. Blasius; Ben Bussey; Roger L. Hoelter; Jeffrey J. Gillis; Stefanie L. Lawson; Michael Mellon; John Spencer; Mary Urquhart; Ashwin R. Vasavada; Angel T. Wang
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Mapping the elemental composition of Ceres and Vesta: Dawn’s gamma ray and neutron detector
Author(s): Thomas H. Prettyman; William C. Feldman; Bruce L. Barraclough; Maria Teresa Capria; Angioletta Coradini; D. C. Enemark; Kenneth R. Fuller; David J. Lawrence; D. E. Patrick; Carol A. Raymond; S. A. Storms; R. L. Williford
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A tradeoff investigation for the BepiColombo Laser Altimeter design
Author(s): Kurt S. Gunderson; Nicolas Thomas; Tilman Spohn; Karsten Seiferlin
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Remote Raman and laser-induced fluorescence (RLIF) emission instrument for detection of mineral, organic, and biogenic materials on Mars to 100 meters radial distance
Author(s): Shiv K. Sharma; Syed Ismail; S. M. Angel; Paul G. Lucey; Christopher P. McKay; Anupam K. Misra; Peter J. Mouginis-Mark; Horton Newsom; Edward R. D. Scott; Upendra N. Singh; G. Jeffrey Taylor
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Measurements from an aerial vehicle: a new tool for planetary exploration
Author(s): Henry S. Wright; Joel S. Levine; Mark A. Croom; William C. Edwards; Garry D. Qualls; Joseph F. Gasbarre
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Is random noise causing a poor correlation between the Lunar Prospector TiO2 data and Clementine UVVIS-color ratio?
Author(s): Jeffrey J. Gillis; Paul G. Lucey
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Radar TopoMapper concept for planetary exploration
Author(s): Soren N. Madsen; Yun-Ling Lou; Scott Hensley; Wayne L. Harvey; William B. McKinnon
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Multiple Instrument Distributed Aperture Sensor (MIDAS) for planetary remote sensing
Author(s): Joseph T. Pitman; Alan Duncan; David Stubbs; Robert D. Sigler; Richard Lee Kendrick; Eric H. Smith; James E. Mason; Gregory Delory; Jere H. Lipps; Michael Manga; James R. Graham; Imke de Pater; Sarah Reiboldt; Philip Marcus; Edward Bierhaus; James B. Dalton; James R. Fienup; Jeffrey W. Yu
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An exercise in traceability: quantifying imaging spectrometer noise constraints on geologic interpretation
Author(s): Donovan Steutel; Josh T. Cahill; Paul G. Lucey
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Image fusion based on local deviation and high-pass filtering of wavelet transform
Author(s): Jianping Pan; Jianya Gong; Jun Lu; Huanzhuo Ye; Xiaoling Chen; Jielong Yang
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Design and experimental research of a mega pixels CMOS remote sensing system
Author(s): Shijie Yu; Zheng You; Yang Lin
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Classification based on texture feature of wavelet transform
Author(s): Jianping Pan; Jianya Gong; Jun Lu; Huanzhuo Ye; Xiaoling Chen; Jielong Yang
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A new Fabry-Perot interferometer for upper atmosphere research
Author(s): Qian Wu; R. Daniel Gablehouse; Stanley C. Solomon; Timothy L. Killeen; Chiao-Yao She
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GUVI: a hyperspectral imager for geospace
Author(s): Larry J. Paxton; Andrew B. Christensen; Daniel Morrison; Brian Wolven; Hyosub Kil; Yongliang Zhang; Bernard S. Ogorzalek; David C. Humm; John O. Goldsten; Robert DeMajistre; Ching-I. Meng
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Future developments in planetary Fourier transform spectroscopy at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
Author(s): John C. Brasunas
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Radicals and Oxidants Instrument (ROXI) for Mars surface analyses
Author(s): Albert S. Yen; Soon Sam Kim
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The tiny ionospheric photometer instrument design and operation
Author(s): Phillip Cabrales Kalmanson; Scott A. Budzien; Clayton Coker; Kenneth F. Dymond
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Real-time renewal of the digital map for local government by using remote sensing and RTK-GPS
Author(s): Aki Okuno; Masaaki Shikada
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Combined active-passive remote sensing of aerosol optical properties
Author(s): Michael Pitts; Chris Hostetler; John Hair; Rich Ferrare; Jeng-Hwa Yee
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Scanless ultraviolet remote sensor for limb profile measurements from low Earth orbit
Author(s): Andrey Krywonos; James E. Harvey; Robert E. Daniell Jr.; Nicolas Parent; Richard W. Eastes
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Multichannel integrated optical filters for spectral signature recognition
Author(s): Dmitri Iazikov; Christoph M. Greiner; Thomas W. Mossberg
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Geostationary Imaging Fabry-Perot Spectrometer (GIFS)
Author(s): Jeng-Hwa Yee; M. Frank Morgan; Robert DeMajistre; Elsayed R. Talaat; James F. Garten; William H. Swartz; Wilbert R. Skinner
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