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Passive Optical Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere and Clouds IV

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Volume Number: 5652
Date Published: 30 December 2004

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Comparison of in situ cirrus cloud water path and optical depth measurements with MODIS retrievals
Author(s): Gerald G. Mace; Ryan Riveland; Sally Benson; Steven E. Platnick; Linnea Avallone; Elliot Weinstock; David Sayres; Cynthia Twohy; Tim Garrett; Greg Kok; Andrew J. Heymsfield
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A method to retrieve cloud optical depth from paronometer data and its validation and application
Author(s): Jinhuan Qiu
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GLI/MODIS cloud mask results, comparisons, and validation
Author(s): Steven A. Ackerman; Richard A. Frey
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Validation of the cloud top height assignment using ground-based observation data
Author(s): Eun-Ha Sohn; Myoung-Hwan Ahn
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An initial analysis of the pixel-level uncertainties in global MODIS cloud optical thickness and effective particle-size retrievals
Author(s): Steven Platnick; Robert Pincus; Brad Wind; Michael D. King; Mark A. Gray; Paul Hubanks
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Ground and aircraft lidar measurements of sea salt and dust plumes with a small wide-field-of-view system
Author(s): John N. Porter
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Short-wave and mid-infrared imagery to distinguish silicate dusts and volcanic aerosols from meteorological clouds
Author(s): Naoko Iino; Kisei Kinoshita; Andrew Tupper; Toshiaki Yano
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Refinements to MISR’s radiometric calibration and implications for establishing a climate-quality aerosol observing system
Author(s): David J. Diner; Ralph A. Kahn; Carol J. Bruegge; John V. Martonchik; Wedad A. Abdou; Barbara J. Gaitley; Mark C. Helmlinger; Olga V. Kalashnikova; Wen-Hao Li
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Simultaneous estimation of optical parameters of the Asian dust and ground reflectance from POLDER data
Author(s): Takashi Kusaka; Tomoya Nishisaka
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Consistency of two global MODIS aerosol products over ocean on Terra and Aqua CERES SSF datasets
Author(s): Alexander Ignatov; Patrick Minnis; Bruce Wielicki; Norman G. Loeb; Lorraine A. Remer; Yoram J. Kaufman; Walter F. Miller; Sunny Sun-Mack; Istvan Laszlo; Erika B. Geier
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Retrieving sources of fine aerosols from MODIS and AERONET observations by inverting GOCART model
Author(s): Oleg Dubovik; Tatyana Lapyonok; Yoram J. Kaufman; Mian Chin; Paul Ginoux; Lorraine A. Remer; Brent N. Holben
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Surface reflectance ratios for several land classes in Japan between visible and infrared bands from satellite and sky measurement data
Author(s): Yoshiyuki Kawata; Haruki Fukui; Kazuya Takemata
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Retrieval of precipitable water using ADEOS-II/GLI near infrared data
Author(s): Makoto Kuji; Nobuyuki Kikuchi; Akihiro Uchiyama
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Preliminary results for HCHO and BrO from the EOS-Aura Ozone Monitoring Instrument
Author(s): Thomas P. Kurosu; Kelly Chance; Christopher E. Sioris
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Improvement of the global surface emissivity from MOPITT measurements and its impacts on the retrievals of tropospheric carbon monoxide profiles
Author(s): Shu-peng Ho; David P. Edwards; John C. Gille; Jarmei Chen; Daniel Ziskin
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Ultra-precise measurement of CO2 from space
Author(s): William S. Heaps; Stephan Randolph Kawa; Elena Georgieva; Emily Wilson
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The NPOESS system: providing improved real-time data to meet future needs
Author(s): Hal J. Bloom; John D. Cunningham
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The atmospheric infrared sounder: an overview
Author(s): Bjorn H. Lambrigtsen; Eric J. Fetzer; Sung-Yung Lee; Fredrick W. Irion; Thomas J. Hearty; Steven L. Gaiser; Luke L. Chen; Thomas S. Pagano; Hartmut H.G. Aumann; Moustafa T. Chahine
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The ozone mapping and profiler suite (OMPS): on-orbit calibration design
Author(s): Quinn P. Remund; David Newell; Juan V. Rodriguez; Scott Asbury; Glen Jaross
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Parallel strategies for SAR processing
Author(s): Jesus Alonso Segoviano
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Test measurements by a BBM of the nadir-looking SWIR FTS aboard GOSAT to monitor CO2 column density from space
Author(s): Tatsuya Yokota; Hiroyuki Oguma; Isamu Morino; Akiko Higurashi; Tadao Aoki; Gen Inoue
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MODIS solar calibration transmission screen modeling
Author(s): Eugene Waluschka; Xiaoxiong Xiong; David Moyer; Bruce W. Guenther; William L. Barnes; Vincent V. Salomonson
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Study of Terra MODIS reflective solar bands calibration stability and mirror side difference using simultaneous MODIS and MISR observations
Author(s): Bruce W. Guenther; Aisheng Wu; Xiaoxiong Xiong
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On-orbit characterization of RVS for MODIS thermal emissive bands
Author(s): Xiaoxiong Xiong; Vincent V. Salomonson; Kwo-Fu Chiang; Aisheng Wu; Bruce W. Guenther; William Barnes
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Recent improvements in the MODIS cloud mask
Author(s): Richard A. Frey; Steven A. Ackerman; Yinghui Liu; Kathleen I. Strabala; Hong Zhang
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Characteristics of tropical cirrus cloud optical thickness fields using MODIS level-3 data
Author(s): Kerry Meyer; Ping Yang; Bo-Cai Gao; Warren Wiscombe
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AIRS single-field-of-view cloud detection and cloud property retrieval
Author(s): Li Guan; Hung-Lung Allen Huang; Jun Li; Elisabeth Weisz; Kevin Baggett; James E. Davies; Wei Gao
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Aerosol optical depth images derived from MODIS sensor near Hawaii: volcano plumes, Asian plumes, and clear sky
Author(s): John N. Porter; Sheldon Kono; Scott Gennari; Torben Nielsen
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Aerosol retrieval over urban cities
Author(s): Sonoyo Mukai; Itaru Sano; Shoji Mizobuchi; Yuzuru Nakaguchi
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Role of polarization in aerosol remote sensing
Author(s): Itaru Sano; Sonoyo Mukai; Shoji Mizobuchi; Yasuhiko Okada
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Aerosol and CO loading in the atmosphere observed by the MODIS and MOPITT: Russian forest fire case
Author(s): Jhoon Kim; Sung Hwa Choi; Hi Ku Cho; Sang Hee Lee; David P. Edwards; Hee Choon Lee; Hyo Suk Lim; Gi Hyuk Choi
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Satellite remote sensing of boreal forest fires over Northeast Asia during May 2003
Author(s): Kwon Ho Lee; Jeong Eun Kim; Young Joon Kim; Jhoon Kim; Wolfgang von Hoyningen-Huene
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A comparative study of stratospheric temperatures between ILAS-II and other data
Author(s): Takafumi Sugita; Tatsuya Yokota; Hideaki Nakajima; Hirokazu Kobayashi; Naoko Saitoh; Hiroyuki Kawasaki; Masatoshi Usami; Hisaya Saeki; Mariko Horikawa; Yasuhiro Sasano
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Vertical O3 profiling and error analysis by UV radiometer onboard KSR-III
Author(s): Seung-Hyun Hwang; Soo-Jin Lee; Jhoon Kim; Hi Ku Cho; Eui-Seung Chung
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Determination of CERES flight models 1 and 2 sensors zero-radiance response variability with elevation and azimuth scan angles on-orbit aboard TERRA Spacecraft
Author(s): Susan Thomas; Kory J. Priestley; Robert B. Lee III
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Dust aerosol retrieval results from MISR
Author(s): Olga V. Kalashnikova; David J. Diner; Ralph A. Kahn; Barbara J. Gaitley
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