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Smart Materials III
Editor(s): Alan R. Wilson

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Volume Number: 5648
Date Published: 16 February 2005

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2004 developments of actuator materials
Author(s): Yoshitake Nishi
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High-temperature fatigue strength of crack-healed Al2O3 toughened by SiC whiskers
Author(s): Kotoji Ando; Sang-Kee Lee; Koji Takahashi; Masahiro Yokouchi
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Machine-augmented composites displaying control of unusual spin for a bouncing ball
Author(s): G. F. Hawkins; M. J. O'Brien; C.-Y. Tang
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Cost-reduction method for delamination monitoring using electrical resistance changes of CFRP beam
Author(s): A. Todoroki; M. Ueda
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Self-crack-healing behavior under cyclic stress of silicon nitride composite at elevated temperature
Author(s): Koji Takahashi; Shoko Yoshida; Kotoji Ando; Shinji Saito
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Functional attachment of horse radish peroxidase to plasma-treated surfaces
Author(s): Marcela M. Bilek; David R. McKenzie; Neil Nosworthy; Kerrie Davies; Richard Morrow; Palli Thordarson; Bee K. Gan; Cristobal G. dos Remedios
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In situ fabricated smart material active sensors for structural health monitoring
Author(s): Victor Giurgiutiu; Bin Lin
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Piezoelectric properties of Sr2-XCaXNaNb5O15 (SCNN) ceramics (0.05
Yoshio Akimune; Tatsuo Sugiyama; Kazuo Matsuo; Rong-Jun Xie
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In situ deposition of epitaxial PZT films by pulsed laser deposition
Author(s): Zhan Jie Wang; Li Jun Yan; Hiroyuki Kokawa; Ryutaro Maeda
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Parameter identification method for piezoelectric shunt damping
Author(s): Kentaro Takagi; Kenji Nagase; Kazuhiko Oshima; Yoshikazu Hayakawa; Zhi-Wei Luo
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Electrical and optical properties of ZnO nanowires
Author(s): Jia G. Lu; Zhiyong Fan; Dawei Wang; Pai-Chun Chang
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RF MEMS devices for communication systems
Author(s): R. R. Mansour; D. Yan; M. Bakri-Kassem; M. Daneshmand; Neil Sarker
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Smart supporting structures in space applications
Author(s): M. A. Caponero; D. Colonna; A. Paolozzi; I. Peroni; M. Vescovi
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Study of interface properties of electrodes for the Alq3 base OLEDs
Author(s): A. Uddin; C. B. Lee; X. Hu
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Biomimetic soft robots with artificial muscles
Author(s): Yoshihiro Nakabo; Toshiharu Mukai; Kinji Asaka
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Synthesis, modeling, and characterization of conducting polymers
Author(s): Geoffrey M. Spinks; L. B. Zhao; W. H. Li; Y. Z. Wu; D. Zhou; Gordon G. Wallace
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Hydrophobically modified acrylamide-based hydrogels
Author(s): Sandra Cram; Hugh Brown; Geoffrey M. Spinks; Dominique Hourdet; Costantino Creton
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Mechanical performance of PPy helix tube microactuator
Author(s): Mehrdad Bahrami Samani; Geoffrey M. Spinks; Christopher Cook
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Development of carbon nanotubes/EAP actuators by multiscale numerical analyses
Author(s): Xinyun Liu; Cheol Kim
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Highly responsive unimorph actuator of LaNi5 hydrogen storage alloy film deposited on polyimide sheet
Author(s): Kenishi Numasaki; Takamitsu Honjoh; Haruhisa Uchida; Yoshihito Matsumura; Yoshitake Nishi
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Biopsy applications of Ti50Ni41Cu9 shape memory films for wireless capsule endoscope
Author(s): Hejun Du; Yongqing Fu; S. Zhang; Jack K. Luo; Andrew J. Flewitt; William I. Milne
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Physical constraints in SMA applications. One study case: dampers in civil engineering
Author(s): F. Martorell; A. Isalgue; F. C. Lovey; A. Yawny; V. Torra
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Phase transformations of nitinol shape memory alloy by varying with annealing heat treatment conditions
Author(s): Sung Ho Yoon; Dong Jin Yeo
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Nanoindention response of superelastic materials
Author(s): A. J. Muir Wood; J.-H. You; T. W. Clyne
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Structure and properties of fullerene nanowhiskers prepared by the liquid-liquid interfacial precipitation method
Author(s): Kun'ichi Miyazawa; Masahisa Fujino; Jun-ichi Minato; Tetsuro Yoshii; Tokushi Kizuka; Tadatomo Suga
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Structural, mechanical, and electrical properties of high-pressure sintered C60 nanowhiskers and C60 powder
Author(s): Jun-ichi Minato; Kun'ichi Miyazawa; Hisao Kanda; Minoru Akaishi
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Improvement of nanostructured GaN films grown on sapphire by laser-induced reactive epitaxy
Author(s): H. Zhou; J. M. Bell; F. Phillipp; H. Schroeder
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Dewetting-induced self-organization of nano- and microstructures for optoelectronic applications
Author(s): Olaf Karthaus; Chihaya Adachi; Shiho Arakaki; Ayataka Endo; Toshihiro Wada
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Vanadium dioxide nanomaterial for smart thermochromic glazing of windows
Author(s): Xiaoping Li; Sihai Chen; Shuangbao Wang; Jianjun Lai; Changhong Chen; Xinjian Yi
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New evolutionary algorithm for EBG materials optimization
Author(s): Alessandro Gandelli; Francesco Grimaccia; Marco Mussetta; Paola Pirinoli; Riccardo E. Zich
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Development of structural ceramics having large crack-healing ability and fracture toughness
Author(s): Koji Takahashi; Masahiro Yokouchi; Sang-Kee Lee; Kotoji Ando
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Characteristics of multilayer bender actuator using two piezoelectric ceramics
Author(s): Soon-Jong Jeong; Dong-Man Lee; Mun-Su Ha; Dae-Su Lee; Jae-Sung Song
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Self-assembled silicon nanostructure growth by electron beam annealing
Author(s): S. Johnson; A. Markwitz; M. Rudolphi; H. Baumann; P.-Y. Kuo; R. Blaikie
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Characterization of conducting-polymer-based bimorph vibration sensors
Author(s): W. H. Li; Geoffrey M. Spinks; L. B. Zhao; Y. Z. Wu; D. Zhou; Gordon G. Wallace
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Synthesis and characterization of 10 mol% Dy2O3-doped ceria nanopowders via homogeneous precipitation
Author(s): Yarong Wang; Toshiyuki Mori; John Drennan; Ji-Guang Li; Yoshiyuki Yajima
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Self-sealing materials for space debris shield
Author(s): M. Tochizawa; N. Inoue; M. Tanaka; Yoshitake Nishi
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Fabrication of tunable superhydrophobic surfaces
Author(s): Jau-Ye Shiu; Chun-Wen Kuo; Peilin Chen
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Effects of EB irradiation on stress-strain curves for carbon fiber reinforced composite materials
Author(s): H. Kobayashi; K. Yamada; A. Mizutani; N. Uchida; K. Tanaka; Yoshitake Nishi
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EB-irradiation induced intelligent properties of polymers
Author(s): Tatsuya Takahashi; Kazuya Oguri; Akira Tonegawa; Yoshitake Nishi
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Giant magnetostrictive iron-based alloy thin film for optical scanner
Author(s): Atsushi Kadowaki; Yoshitake Nishi; Mitsuaki Takeuchi; Yoshihito Matsumura
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Synthesis, characterization, and application of nanostructured Ti-MSU
Author(s): P. T. Dang; T. C. Dinh; T. A. Vu; H. T. K. Tran; T. V. Thang; P. H. Nguyen
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Synthesis, characterization, and catalytic activity of Fe-SBA-15 mesoporous materials
Author(s): P. T. Dang; Y. Hoang; T. V. Hoang; T. A. Vu; H. G. Le; H. T. K. Tran; P. H. Nguyen; A. T. Nguyen
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High-K ZST material for microwave and millimeter wave applications
Author(s): A. Ioachim; R. Ramer; M. I. Toacsan; M. G. Banciu; L. Nedelcu; D. Ghetu; G. Stoica; G. Annino; M. Cassettari; M. Martinelli
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Physical properties of regioregular polythiophene derivatives containing mesogenic or ionic group in the side chain
Author(s): Takashi Mihara; Hiroyuki Kohno; Naoyuki Koide
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Polyaniline-nanotube multifunctional fiber: capabilities toward the manufacturing of smart fabric
Author(s): Vahid Mottaghitalab; Geoffrey M. Spinks; Gordon G. Wallace
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Potential biomedical and commercial applications of cold hibernated elastic memory (CHEM) self-deployable foam structures
Author(s): Witold Sokolowski
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Research and fabrication of conducting polyaniline nanoparticles by electrochemical and chemical methods
Author(s): Nguyen Tuan Anh; Nguyen Van Khuong; Vu Van Binh; Pham Minh Chau; Yoshinori Muranaka
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Recent developments in smart structures and MEMS in India: fruits of national initiatives
Author(s): A. R. Upadhya
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