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Advanced Microlithography Technologies
Editor(s): Yangyuan Wang; Jun-en Yao; Christopher J. Progler

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Volume Number: 5645
Date Published: 27 January 2005

Table of Contents
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The next generation of RET
Author(s): Franklin M. Schellenberg
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Methodology for a sub-90nm contact layer OPC with DFM flow demonstration
Author(s): Chi-Yuan Hung; Bin Zhang; Jian Zhang; GuoQiang Xing
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Development of automatic OPC treatment and layout decomposition for double dipole lithography for low-k1 imaging
Author(s): Tsann-Bim Chiou; Alek C. Chen; Stephen D. Hsu; Mark Eurlings; Eric Hendrickx
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Novel contact hole reticle design for enhanced lithography process window in IC manufacturing
Author(s): Chung-Hsing Chang
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Method of printing 100-nm random interconnect pattern with alt-PSM
Author(s): Jing Lu; Baoqin Chen; Ming Liu; Xiaohui Kang
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Lithography simulation in semiconductor manufacturing
Author(s): Chris A. Mack
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Etching analysis of inductively coupled plasma technology for fabrication of micro-optical elements
Author(s): Shunquan Wang; Changhe Zhou; Huayi Ru; Yanyan Zhang
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Photomask development for 90-nm technology
Author(s): Yuan Zhang; Rand Cottle; Scott Mackay; Guangming Xiao; James Unruh; Christopher J. Progler
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Achieving CDU requirement for 90-nm technology node and beyond with advanced mask making process technology
Author(s): San-De Tzu; Chung-Hsing Chang; Wen-Chi Chen; Karl-Heinz Kliem; Peter Hudek; Dirk Beyer
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The study on causes and control methods of haze contamination
Author(s): Sung-Jae Han; Bo-Hye Kim; Jin-Hong Park; Yong-Hoon Kim; Seong-Woon Choi; Woo-Sung Han
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Improving the performance of E-beam 2nd writing in mask alignment accuracy and pattern faultless for CPL technology
Author(s): Booky Lee; Richard Hung; Orson Lin; Yuan-Hsun Wu; Makoto Kozuma; Chiang-Lin Shih; Michael Hsu; Stephen D. Hsu
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CD variation control based on accurate characterization of 193-nm material and CD metrology
Author(s): Youxian Wen; Heath Pois; Jon Opsal
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Advanced 2D structures metrology with CD-SEM for OPC challenges
Author(s): Roman Kris; Aviram Tam; Ram Peltinov; Ovadya Menadeva; Ofer Adan; Nadav Wertsman; Arcadiy Vilenkin
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Effects of high moisture on the purification of clean compressed air
Author(s): Min Guo; Joseph P. Rotter; Allan H. Tram; Russell J. Holmes; Daniel J. Alvarez Jr.
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Verification of height and sidewall angle SEM metrology accuracy using Monte Carlo simulation
Author(s): Roman Kris; Ofer Adan; Aviram Tam; Albert Karabekov; Ovadya Menadeva; Ram Peltinov; Oren Zoran; Nadav Wertsman; Arcadiy Vilenkin
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A new method to determine the energy range for the FOCAL technique
Author(s): Dongqing Zhang; Xiangzhao Wang; Weijie Shi; Fan Wang; Liping Guo; Jianming Hu; Mingying Ma; Le He
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Evolution of light source technology to support immersion and EUV lithography
Author(s): Gerry M. Blumenstock; Christine Meinert; Nigel R. Farrar; Anthony Yen
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ArF immersion lithography using TWINSCAN technology
Author(s): Jan Mulkens; Bob Streefkerk; Martin Hoogendorp
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Coma measurement by transmission image sensor with a PSM
Author(s): Fan Wang; Xiangzhao Wang; Mingying Ma; Dongqing Zhang; Weijie Shi; Jianming Hu
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Polarization effects associated with hyper-numerical aperture (NA>1) lithography
Author(s): Donis G. Flagello
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Exposure dose control for step-and-scan lithography
Author(s): Liping Guo; Huijie Huang; Xiangzhao Wang; Dongqing Zhang
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Using the aerial image measurement technique to speed up mask development for 193-nm immersion and polarization lithography
Author(s): Axel Matthias Zibold; Wolfgang Harnisch; Thomas Scheruebl; Norbert Rosenkranz; Joern Greif
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Application of BP-neural networks in the FOCAL technique
Author(s): Weijie Shi; Xiangzhao Wang; Dongqing Zhang; Fan Wang; Mingying Ma
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Microfabrication technology by femtosecond laser direct scanning using two-photon photo-polymerization
Author(s): Ming Zhou; Li-Peng Liu; Qi-Xun Dai; Chuan-Peng Pan
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Synchrotron radiation stimulated etching SiO2 thin films with a contact micropattern mask
Author(s): Changshun Wang; Tsuneo Urisu
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Process study of ZEP520 positive electron-beam resist and its application in single-electron transistor
Author(s): Shibing Long; Zhigang Li; Xinwei Zhao; Baoqin Chen; Ming Liu
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The thermal cross-linking plate with high quality for CTP with laser
Author(s): Yang Zhang; Cunlin Zhang; Heling Zhang
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The advanced nanofabrication technology
Author(s): Ming Liu; Qiuxia Xu; Baoqin Chen; Changqing Xie; Tianchun Ye; Xinchun Liu
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Soft nanoimprint lithography
Author(s): Y. Chen; E. Roy; Y. Kanamori; M. Belotti; D. Decanini
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EUV/soft x-ray multilayer optics
Author(s): Sergiy A. Yulin; Torsten Feigl; Nicolas Benoit; Norbert Kaiser
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Analysis of nanometer-isolated trench diffract aerial image of both conventional and second-generation synchrotron-based proximity x-ray lithography
Author(s): Changqing Xie; Dapeng Chen; Ming Liu; Tianchun Ye; Futing Yi
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Imaging simulation of maskless lithography using a DMD
Author(s): Chi Liu; Xiaowei Guo; Fuhua Gao; Boliang Luo; Xi Duan; Jinglei Du; Chuankai Qiu
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Lithography yield enhancement through optical rule checking
Author(s): James C. Word V; J. Andres Torres; Thomas Roessler; Neal Lafferty; Shumay Shang
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Increasing post OPC layout verification coverage using a full-chip simulation based verification method
Author(s): Chi-Yuan Hung; Yong Dong Wang; Ze Xi Deng; Gen Sheng Gao; Ming Hui Fan
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Minimal area of average height parameter for surface microtopography measurement
Author(s): Fusheng Yu; Xiaoqin Shen; Changlin Leng
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A new ZEP520/P(MMA-MAA)/ZEP520 trilayer process for T-shaped gate using synchrotron-based proximity x-ray lithography
Author(s): Changqing Xie; Dapeng Chen; Jiebing Niu; Ming Liu; Tianchun Ye; Futing Yi; Liangqiang Peng
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Study on ion etching technology of infrared antireflection subwavelength relief structure
Author(s): Lianhe Dong; Yu Dong; Yanjun Sun
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90-nm dual damascene patterning with a new via fill material
Author(s): Chao Jung Chen; Xiang Yang Gao; Yi Shih Lin; Lien Huang Cheng; Chia Chu Kuo; GuoQiang Xing; De-Ling Zhou; Makoto Muramatsu; Masahiko Nakashima
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Resolution enhancement in optical lithography with chromium wire-grid polarization mask
Author(s): Guobin Yu; Wumei Lin; Tingwen Xing; Hanmin Yao
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The application of optical resolution enhancement technology and e-beam direct writing technology in microfabrication
Author(s): Yulin Qiu; Baoqin Chen; Ming Liu; Qiuxia Xu; Lijun Xue; Liming Ren; Yong Hu; Shibing Long; Jing Lu; Xiaohui Kang; Ling Li; Jinru Li; Yueke Tang
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Soft-imprint technique for 3D microstructures using poly(dimethylsiloxane) mold combined with a screen mask
Author(s): Won Mook Choi; O Ok Park
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Hybrid nanocontact printing (HnCP) process technology
Author(s): Jeongdai Jo; Jun-Ho Jeong; Kwang-Young Kim; Eung-Sug Lee; Choon-Gi Choi
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