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Optically Based Biological and Chemical Sensing for Defence

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Volume Number: 5617
Date Published: 29 December 2004

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Design considerations and signal processing algorithms for laser-induced fluorescence airborne pathogen sensors
Author(s): Geoffrey A. Wilson; James Brady
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Biological aerosol warning sensor model: an approach to model architecture and accelerated false alarm prediction
Author(s): Jonathan D. Pitts; Daniel Cousins; Amanda Goyette
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Detect-to-warn scenarios for defense against airborne contaminants
Author(s): Daniel Cousins; Steven D. Campbell; Rose Joseph
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Optical detection of chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals
Author(s): Michael E. Webber; Michael B. Pushkarsky; C. Kumar N. Patel
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A low-cost multichannel aerosol fluorescence sensor for networked deployment
Author(s): Paul H. Kaye; Edwin Hirst; Virginia E. Foot; James M. Clark; Karen L. Baxter
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Multispectral-diode-laser-induced fluorescence biological particle sensor
Author(s): Geoffrey A. Wilson; Richard K. DeFreez
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AirSentinel: a real-time bioaerosol monitor
Author(s): Charles J. Call; Ezra L. Merrill
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Development of a fluorescence-based point detector for biological sensing
Author(s): Per Jonsson; Fredrik Kullander; Melker Nordstrand; Torbjorn Tjarnhage; Par Wasterby; Mikael Lindgren
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Micro-UV detector
Author(s): Jerry B. Cabalo; Richard Sickenberger; William J. Underwood; David W. Sickenberger
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An enhanced multiwavelength ultraviolet biological trigger lidar
Author(s): Alexander Achey; Jack Bufton; Jeffrey Dawson; Wen Huang; Sangmin Lee; Nikhil Mehta; Coorg R. Prasad
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Remote bioaerosol detection using a broadband 1.5-micron laser
Author(s): Nicholas J. Wood; James B. Gillespie; David A. Ligon
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Segmentation and classification with point target detection
Author(s): Yoni Simson; Max Cohen; Stanley R. Rotman
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Honeywell’s organic air vehicle chemical-biological sensing platform
Author(s): Barry E. Cole; Brian Krafthefer; Daniel Knee; Vaughn M. Fulton; Kristen Law
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Extremely sensitive CWA analyzer based on a novel optical pressure sensor in photoacoustic gas analysis
Author(s): Jyrki K. Kauppinen; Vesa Koskinen; Juho Uotila; Ismo K. Kauppinen
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High-sensitivity photoacoustic detection of chemical warfare agents
Author(s): Michael B. Pushkarsky; Michael E. Webber; Tyson MacDonald; C. Kumar N. Patel
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Photoacoustic spectroscopy for remote detection of liquid contamination
Author(s): Michael Harris; Brian Perrett; David M. Benton; David V. Willetts
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A traceable quantitative infrared spectral database of chemical agents
Author(s): Alan C. Samuels; Barry R. Williams; Avishai Ben-David; Melissa Hulet; Geoffrey J. Roelant; Ronald W. Miles Jr.; Norman Green; Changjiang Zhu
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Concepts for scalable CDMA-networked M/LWIR semiconductor laser standoff chemical detection system
Author(s): Yi Wang; Yang Wang; Chuan Peng; Huanlin Zhang; Anush Seetharaman; Han Q. Le
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Experimental and theoretical model of reactivity and vibrational detection modes of triacetone triperoxide (TATP) and homologues
Author(s): Leonardo C. Pacheco-Londono; Oliva M. Primera-Pedrozo; Samuel P. Hernandez-Rivera
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Make light, not heat: toward higher efficiency nitride semiconductor ultraviolet optical sources
Author(s): Michael Wraback; Gregory A. Garrett; Anand V. Sampath; Charles J. Collins; Paul Hongen Shen
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Quantum cascade laser progress and outlook
Author(s): Manijeh Razeghi; Jae Su Yu; Allan J. Evans; Steven Slivken; Shaban Ramezani Darvish; John Edward David; Jean Nguyen; Burc Gokden; Shahriar Khosravani
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Interband cascade lasers: progress and outlook
Author(s): John D. Bruno; John L. Bradshaw; Nicholas P. Breznay; John G. Gomes; Richard L. Tober; Mary S. Tobin; Frederick J. Towner
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AlGaN-based deep-UV LEDs for fluorescence sensing
Author(s): Pranciskus Vitta; Natalija Kurilcik; Algirdas Novickovas; Saulius Jursenas; Henrikas Calkauskas; Arturas Zukauskas; Remis Gaska
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A novel UV-laser source for fluorescence excitation of proteins
Author(s): Mikael Tiihonen; Valdas Pasiskevicius; Fredrik Laurell; Mikael Lindgren
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Optical techniques for biological triggers and identifiers
Author(s): Bruce A. C. Grant
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Real-time biological agent detection using particle size, shape, and fluorescence characterisation
Author(s): Matthew J. Shelton; Steve P. Evans; Paul D. Smith; Innes A. Simpson; Paul H. Kaye; James M. Clark
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Characterising single airborne particles by fluorescence emission and spatial analysis of elastic scattered light
Author(s): Virginia E. Foot; James M. Clark; Karen L. Baxter; Natasha Close
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Optical classification of bioaerosols using UV fluorescence and IR absorption spectroscopy
Author(s): Alan L. Huston; Vasanthi Sivaprakasam; Cathy S. Scotto; Horn-Bond Lin; Jay D. Eversole; Abraham Schultz; Jeff M. Willey
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High-sensitivity detectors based on cavity ring-down spectroscopy
Author(s): Barbara Alice Paldus; Bernard G. Fidric; Steve S. Sanders; Sze Meng Tan; Hoa Pham; Alexander A. Kachanov; Edward H. Wahl; Eric R. Crosson
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Characterization of photonic nanostructures used as surface-enhanced Raman substrates for bacterial spores
Author(s): Jay Pendell Jones; Troy A. Alexander; Nicholas F. Fell Jr.; Augustus W. Fountain III
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Detection of low chemical concentrations by cavity ring-down in an evanescently coupled fused optical fibre taper
Author(s): Mark C. Farries; Andrew M. Shaw; Jonty Fisk; Liam Garvey
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Terahertz technology in biological and chemical sensing for defence
Author(s): Ruth M. Woodward
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Novel fluorescence-based integrated sensor for chemical and biological agent detection
Author(s): Greg Frye-Mason; Martin Leuschen; Lara Wald; Kateri Paul; Lawrence F. Hancock; Steve Fagan; Justin Krouse; Kira D. Hutchinson
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High-throughput screening of surface-enhanced fluorescence on industrial standard digital recording media
Author(s): David Mira; Roberto Llorente; Sergi Morais; Rosa Puchades; Angel Maquieira; Javier Marti
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Rapid identification of biological particles using on-the-fly fluorescent marking
Author(s): Matthew B. Hart; Horn-Bond Lin; Jason Deich; Alan L. Huston; Jay D. Eversole; Scott Knudsen
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Nanoparticle-labeled DNA capture elements for detection and identification of biological agents
Author(s): Johnathan L. Kiel D.V.M.; Eric A. Holwitt; Jill E. Parker; Jeevalatha Vivekananda; Veronica Franz
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Tunable UV LIF of terbium-doped bacteria endospores
Author(s): Anali Makoui; Dennis K. Killinger
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Backscattering of agglomerate particles
Author(s): Evgenij Zubko; Andrey Ovcharenko; Sergey Bondarenko; Yuriy Shkuratov; Cathy S. Scotto; Charles Merritt; Matthew B. Hart; Jay D. Eversole; Gorden W. Videen
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An instrument for the simultaneous acquisition of size, shape, and spectral fluorescence data from single aerosol particles
Author(s): Edwin Hirst; Paul H. Kaye; Virginia E. Foot; James M. Clark; Philip B. Withers
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AlGaN materials for semiconductor sensors and emitters in 200- to 365-nm range
Author(s): Alexander S. Usikov; Elizaveta V. Shapvalova; Yuri V. Melnik; Vladimir A. Ivantsov D.V.M.; Vladimir A. Dmitriev; Charles J. Collins; Anand V. Sampath; Gregory A. Garrett; Paul Hongen Shen; Michael Wraback
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Raman microspectroscopy crystallization studies of 2,4,6-TNT in different solvents
Author(s): Cesar A. Manrique-Bastidas; Oliva M. Primera-Pedrozo; Leonardo C. Pacheco-Londono; Samuel P. Hernandez-Rivera
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Infrared fiber optic evanescent wave spectroscopy and its applications for the detection of toxic materials in water, in situ and in real time
Author(s): Yosef Raichlin; Sharon Marx; Leah Gerber; Abraham Katzir
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Quantum cascade laser development efforts for implementation into chemical and remote sensing systems
Author(s): Michael D. Wojcik; Tanya L. Myers; Matthew S. Taubman; Bret D. Cannon; Bryan Broocks; Trinesha Mosely
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