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Mobile Robots XVII
Editor(s): Douglas W. Gage

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Volume Number: 5609
Date Published: 29 December 2004

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Status report on next-generation LADAR for driving unmanned ground vehicles
Author(s): Maris Juberts; Anthony J. Barbera
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Obstacle avoidance for unmanned air vehicles using optical flow probability distributions
Author(s): Paul Clark Merrell; Dah-Jye Lee; Randal W. Beard
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See and avoidance behaviors for autonomous navigation
Author(s): Dah-Jye Lee; Randal W. Beard; Paul C. Merrell; Pengcheng Zhan
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Active vision and image/video understanding systems built upon network-symbolic models for perception-based navigation of mobile robots in real-world environments
Author(s): Gary Kuvich
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Noise maps for acoustically sensitive navigation
Author(s): Eric Martinson; Ronald C. Arkin
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Task analysis of autonomous on-road driving
Author(s): Anthony J. Barbera; John A. Horst; Craig I. Schlenoff; David W. Aha
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Identifying sensory processing requirements for an on-road driving application of 4D/RCS
Author(s): John A. Horst; Anthony J. Barbera; Craig I. Schlenoff; David W. Aha
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Cost-based adaptive planning for on-road driving
Author(s): Stephen B. Balakirsky; Christopher Scrapper; Elena R. Messina
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Towards autonomous on-road driving via multiresolutional and hierarchical moving-object prediction
Author(s): Jerome Ajot; Craig I. Schlenoff; Raj Madhavan
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Performance evaluation of road detection and following systems
Author(s): Tsai H. Hong; Aya Takeuchi; Michael Foedisch; Michael O. Shneier
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Achieving intelligent performance in autonomous on-road driving
Author(s): Craig I. Schlenoff; John M. Evans; Anthony J. Barbera; James S. Albus; Elena R. Messina; Stephen B. Balakirsky
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Software design for distributed sensing and computing tasks
Author(s): Anthony Cowley; Hwa-Chow Hsu; Camillo J. Taylor
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A framework for robust mobile robot systems
Author(s): Nik A. Melchior; William D. Smart
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The robotics bus: a local communications bus for robots
Author(s): Daniel Gomez-Ibanez; Ethan Stump; Benjamin P. Grocholsky; Vijay Kumar; Camillo J. Taylor
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Intelligent behaviors for a convoy of indoor mobile robots operating in unknown environments
Author(s): Nathan M. Farrington; Hoa G. Nguyen; Narek Pezeshkian
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Hardware platform for multiple mobile robots
Author(s): Otto Parzhuber; D. Dolinsky
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Coordinated perception by teams of aerial and ground robots
Author(s): Benjamin P. Grocholsky; Rahul Swaminathan; Vijay Kumar; Camillo J. Taylor; George J. Pappas
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Composable communication constraint-based control
Author(s): Mong-ying Ani Hsieh; Pranav Srivastava; Vijay Kumar; Camillo J. Taylor
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Achieving autonomous navigation in ground robotic vehicles
Author(s): Lawrence D. Jackel; Scott Fish; Eric P. Krotkov; Michael R. Perschbacher; James Pippine
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Segway robotic mobility platform
Author(s): Hoa G. Nguyen; John Morrell; Katherine D. Mullens; Aaron B. Burmeister; Susan Miles; Nathan Farrington; Kari M. Thomas; Douglas W. Gage
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Autonomous river navigation
Author(s): Franklin D. Snyder; Daniel D. Morris; Paul H. Haley; Robert T. Collins; Andrea M. Okerholm
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Automated launch, recovery, and refueling for small unmanned aerial vehicles
Author(s): Katherine Mullens; Aaron Burmeister; Mike Wills; Nicholas Stroumtsos; Thomas Denewiler; Kari Thomas; Stephen Stancliff
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A Segway RMP-based robotic transport system
Author(s): Hoa G. Nguyen; Greg Kogut; Ripan Barua; Aaron Burmeister; Narek Pezeshkian; Darren Powell; Nathan Farrington; Matt Wimmer; Brett Cicchetto; Chana Heng; Velia Ramirez
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Effective design choices for skid steering robotic vehicles
Author(s): Aakash K. Sinha; Mark Rosenblum
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Toward a warfighter’s associate: eliminating the operator control unit
Author(s): Hobart R. Everett; Estrellina B. Pacis; Greg Kogut; Nathan M. Farrington; S. Khurana
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The effect of situation awareness acquisition in determining the ratio of operators to semi-autonomous driving vehicles
Author(s): Jean C. Scholtz
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Behavior construction and refinement from high-level specifications
Author(s): Andrew J. Martignoni III; William D. Smart
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Two-dimensional localization using nonlinear Kalman approaches
Author(s): Gregory Robert Hudas; Ka. C. Cheok; James L. Overholt; G. Edzko Smid
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Head-aimed vision system improves tele-operated mobility
Author(s): Kent Massey
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