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Wavelet Applications in Industrial Processing II

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Volume Number: 5607
Date Published: 1 November 2004

Table of Contents
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Wavelets in industrial applications: a review
Author(s): Frederic Truchetet; Olivier Laligant
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Application of wavelet analysis to lithography metrology
Author(s): Jiro Imada; Koji Nakamae; Masaki Chikahisa; Hiromu Fujioka
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Parametric PSF estimation via sparseness maximization in the wavelet domain
Author(s): Filip Rooms; Wilfried R. Philips; Javier Portilla
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Monitoring of sludge dewatering equipment by image classification
Author(s): Sandro Maquine de Souza; Yves Grandvalet; Thierry Denoeux
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Depth from (de)focus by local transform
Author(s): Thomas Chalumeau; Fabrice Meriaudeau; Olivier Laligant; Frederic Truchetet; Luciano da Fontoura Costa
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A wavelet filter performance criterion
Author(s): Frederic Nicolier; Frederic Truchetet
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Real-time wavelet domain video denoising implemented in FPGA
Author(s): Mihajlo Katona; Aleksandra Pizurica; Vladimir Zlokolica; Nikola Teslic; Wilfried R. Philips
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Error protection and concealment of motion vectors in MCTF-based video coding
Author(s): Maryse R.L. Stoufs; Joeri Barbarien; Fabio Verdicchio; Adrian Munteanu; Jan P.H. Cornelis; Peter Schelkens
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Scalable multiple description coding of video using motion-compensated temporal filtering and embedded multiple description scalar quantization
Author(s): Fabio Verdicchio; Adrian Munteanu; Augustin Gavrilescu; Jan P.H. Cornelis; Peter Schelkens
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Interest point detection in wavelet and curvelet domains
Author(s): Francois Tonnin; Patrick Gros
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Revisiting scaling, multifractal, and multiplicative cascades with the wavelet leader lens
Author(s): Patrice Abry; Stéphane Jaffard; Bruno Lashermes
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Compression of volumetric data sets using motion-compensated temporal filtering
Author(s): Raphael Redondo; Joeri Barbarien; Adrian Munteanu; Gabriel Cristobal; Peter Schelkens
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Comparison of wavelet- and FFT-based single-channel speech signal noise reduction techniques
Author(s): Ningping Fan; Radu V. Balan; Justinian Rosca
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Denoising 3D models with attributes using soft thresholding
Author(s): Michael Roy; Sebti Foufou; Frederic Truchetet
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Gabor filters and SVM classifier for pattern wafer segmentation
Author(s): Pierrick T. Bourgeat; Fabrice Meriaudeau; Patrick Gorria; Kenneth W. Tobin
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Video watermarking based on spread spectrum and wavelet decomposition
Author(s): Mihai P. Mitrea; Titus B. Zaharia; Francoise J. Preteux; Adriana Vlad
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Image watermarking technique based on the steerable pyramid transform
Author(s): Fadoua Drira; Florence Denis; Atilla M. Baskurt
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