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Two- and Three-Dimensional Vision Systems for Inspection, Control, and Metrology II
Editor(s): Kevin G. Harding

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Volume Number: 5606
Date Published: 16 December 2004

Table of Contents
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Slant correction for handwritten English documents
Author(s): Malayappan Shridhar; Fumitaka Kimura; Yimei Ding; John W. V. Miller
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A framework for accurate and fast shape matching
Author(s): Oliver Sidla; Bernhard Nauschnegg
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Background removal for check processing using morphology
Author(s): Yimei Ding; Fumitaka Kimura; Minoru Okada; Malayappan Shridhar; John W. V. Miller
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Shape analysis for an automatic oyster grading system
Author(s): Dah-Jye Lee; Xiaoqian Xu; Robert M. Lane; Pengcheng Zhan
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Contour matching for a fish recognition and migration-monitoring system
Author(s): Dah-Jye Lee; Robert B. Schoenberger; Dennis Shiozawa; Xiaoqian Xu; Pengcheng Zhan
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Camera sensitivity study
Author(s): Jonathan Schlueter; Yi Lu Murphey; John W. V. Miller; Malayappan Shridhar; Yun Luo; Farid Khairallah
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Automated optical device for strain testing in automotive industry
Author(s): Fernando Canal; Jorge Garcia Mateo; Eusebio Carasusan
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A novel optical technique for measuring 5-axis surface movement
Author(s): Weixin Zhao; John Wu; B. Terry Beck
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Depth determination using thermal imaging
Author(s): Craig Cantello
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Application of polarimetric imaging to 3D inspection of highly reflective metallic surfaces
Author(s): Olivier Morel; Christophe Stolz; Patrick Gorria
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Neural-network-based depth computation for blind navigation
Author(s): Farrah Wong; Ramachandran R. Nagarajan; Sazali Yaacob
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Multiresolution reliability scheme for range image filtering
Author(s): Thierry Zamofing; Heinz Hugli
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New dynamic zoom calibration technique for a stereo-vision-based multiview 3D modeling system
Author(s): Tao Xian; Soon-Yong Park; Murali Subbarao
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Image bias correction in structured light sensor
Author(s): Qingying Hu; Kevin G. Harding; Donald Hamilton
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Surface profile measurement using chromatic confocal microscopy
Author(s): Kebin Shi; Peng Li; Shizhuo Yin; Zhiwen Liu
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Design and fabrication of digital dual-frequency patterns for projected fringe profilometry
Author(s): Wei-Hung Su; Yi-Ling Hsu; Cho-Yo Kuo; Hong-Ming Chen; Wei-Chen Su; Shizhuo Yin
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Trapezoidal phase-shifting method for 3D shape measurement
Author(s): Peisen S. Huang; Song Zhang; Fu-Pen Chiang
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Machine vision method for small feature measurements
Author(s): Kevin G. Harding; Shu-Guo Gordon Tang
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Performance enhancement of intensity-modulated laser rangefinders on natural surfaces
Author(s): Andrew J. Barker
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Boundary extraction in the SEM cross-section of LSI by multiple Gaussian filtering
Author(s): Yoshihiro Midoh; Koji Nakamae; Hiromu Fujioka
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Auto-calibration: new method and comparisons
Author(s): Youfu Wu; Jun Shen; Mo Dai
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