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Machine Vision and its Optomechatronic Applications

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Volume Number: 5603
Date Published: 25 October 2004

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Development of 4D jaw movement visualization system for dental diagnosis support
Author(s): Yoshimitsu Aoki; Masahiko Terajima; Akihiko Nakasima M.D.
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Directional templates for real-time detection of coronal axis rotated faces
Author(s): Claudio A. Perez; Pablo A. Estevez; Patricio Garate
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Face recognition in unrestricted posture using invariant image information
Author(s): Seike Yutaka; Jun'ichi Yamaguchi
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Novel visual sensor system fusing an active trinocular vision and a stereo vision for 3D range data acquisition
Author(s): Min Young Kim; Hyungsuck Cho; Hyun Ki K. Lee
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High-precision on-machine 3D shape measurement using hypersurface calibration method
Author(s): Taeho Ha; Yasuhiro Takaya; Takashi Miyoshi; Shingo Ishizuka; Tatsuhiko Suzuki
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ARCHAEO-SCAN: Portable 3D shape measurement system for archaeological field work
Author(s): George K. Knopf; Andrew J. Nelson
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Using scale-invariant feature points in visual servoing
Author(s): Azad Shademan; Farrokh Janabi-Sharifi
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Using orientation code matching for robust landmark definition and verification
Author(s): Hidenori Takauji; Shun'ichi Kaneko; Takayuki Tanaka
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Night driving assistance system based on spatial perspective approach
Author(s): Chung-Kiak Poh; Chung-How Poh
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A color feature learning and robust interpretation of moving object using HMM
Author(s): Hidehiro Ohki; Takamasa Hori; Keiji Gyohten; Shinji Shigeno
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New horizon of HUTOP production technologies: human sensory factors in total production life cycle
Author(s): Hiroyasu Koshimizu; Seiji Hata; Takashi Anezaki
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Three-dimensional mapping utilizing stereovision and Bayesian inference
Author(s): Tatsunori Kou; Kenji Suzuki; Shuji Hashimoto
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A robust face detector algorithm utilizing neural networks and partial template matching
Author(s): Pitoyo Hartono; Shuji Hashimoto
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Conceptual framework design for integrated visual inspection system
Author(s): Yasuhiro Ueda; Shuhei Yamamoto; Tamon Iden; Masakazu Yanase; Yoshihide Shigeyama; Atsuyoshi Nakamura
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Identification and tracking of particular speaker in noisy environment
Author(s): Hideyuki Sawada; Minoru Ohkado
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Face and facial parts tracking and its applications to nonverbal communication interface
Author(s): Takuma Funahashi; Takayuki Fujiwara; Masafumi Tominaga; Hiroyasu Koshimizu
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3D modeling system using rotary vision sensor
Author(s): Jun-ichiro Hayashi; Daisuke Shima; Seiji Hata; Noboru Higashi; Ken'ichi Kaida
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Lens distortion calibration by explicit straight-line to distorted-line geometric mapping
Author(s): Xianghai Wu; Jonathan Kofman
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Parameter estimation of Riccati motion based on perspective systems
Author(s): Satoru Takahashi; Youzou Miyadera; Bijoy K. Ghosh
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Theoretical error analysis with camera parameter calibration
Author(s): Takashi Fujimoto; Yoshihiko Nomura; Dili Zhang
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Development of automatic inspection of defect of compact camera module
Author(s): Kuk Won Ko; Yu Jin Lee; Beong Wuk Choi; Kyoung Cheol Koh; Jong Hyeong Kim
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Automatic pitching scene archiving system for video indexing support
Author(s): Yuki Shono; Yoshimitsu Aoki
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An automatic inspection of SMT rectangular chips based on PCA algorithm
Author(s): Kyung Cheol Koh; Kuk Won Ko; Byoung-Wook Choi; Jong Hyeong Kim; Hyung Suck Cho
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Development of a high-resolution, high-speed vision system using CMOS image sensor technology enhanced by intelligent pixel selection technique
Author(s): Kenji Tajima; Akihiko Numata; Idaku Ishii
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Hardware implementation of geometric moment functions in a CMOS retina
Author(s): Olivier Aubreton; Lew F. C. Lew Yan Voon; Bernard Lamalle; Tadeusz Sliwa; Michael Roy; Guy Cathebras
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Real-time visual measurements using high-speed vision
Author(s): Yoshihiro Watanabe; Takashi Komuro; Shingo Kagami; Masatoshi Ishikawa
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Development of real-time motion capture system for 3D on-line games linked with virtual character
Author(s): Jong Hyeong Kim; Young Kee Ryu; Hyung Suck Cho
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Real-time fault detection of braiding ropes using recognition methods
Author(s): Lukas Matela
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Noncontact respiration-monitoring system using fiber grating sensor
Author(s): Isao Sato; Masato Nakajima
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Basic examination of a technique to visualize space filled with dense smoke using millimeter-wave radar
Author(s): Yukio Omine; Masaki Sakai; Yoshimitsu Aoki; Mikio Takagi
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Bathroom watching using a breath detection system
Author(s): Tomofumi Nishiura; Masato Nakajima
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RGB look-up table design for color matching between monitor and mobile display
Author(s): Kee-Hyon Park; Myong-Young Lee; Yang-Ho Cho; Yeong-Ho Ha
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