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Nanofabrication: Technologies, Devices, and Applications

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Volume Number: 5592
Date Published: 19 January 2005

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Bicontinuous cubic photonic crystals via level set and 3D interference lithography
Author(s): Edwin L. Thomas; Martin Maldovan
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The convergence of top-down and bottom-up nanofabrication: formation of 3D structures
Author(s): Da Yang; Junyan Dai; Mingqi Li; Christopher Kemper Ober
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Recent development activities and future plans for EUV lithography in Japan
Author(s): Shinji Okazaki
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Experiments in structural DNA nanotechnology: arrays and devices
Author(s): Nadrian C. Seeman; Baoquan Ding; Shiping Liao; Tong Wang; William B. Sherman; Pamela E. Constantinou; Jens Kopatsch; Chengde Mao; Ruojie Sha; Furong Liu; H. Yan; Philip S. Lukeman
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Using DNA to assemble and power the nanoworld
Author(s): Bernard Yurke
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A plasma etching perspective of patterning novel materials and small structures
Author(s): Jane P. Chang
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Lithographic nanofabrication of optical cavities
Author(s): Guy A. DeRose; Marko Loncar; Mark L. Adams; Michael Hochberg; Axel Scherer
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Nano-optical devices and integration based on nanopattern replications and nanolithography
Author(s): Jian Jim Wang; Lei Chen; Stephen-W. Tai; Xuegong Deng; Paul F. Sciortino; Feng Liu; Jiandong Deng; Xiaoming Liu; Anguel Nikolov; Dino Sinatore
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Controlled nanoparticle arrays for transparent SERS/optical trapping substrates
Author(s): Alma E. Wickenden; Troy A. Alexander D.D.S.
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Conductance of molecular nanojunctions: roles of surface topography and metal contacts
Author(s): Nikolai Zhitenev; Artur Erbe; Zhenan Bao; Weirong Jiang; Eric Garfunkel
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STM and XPS investigation of molecular electronics bonded to substrates
Author(s): Moses W. Haimbodi; Adam M. Rawlett; Conan Wieland; Korhan Demirkan; Anshuman Anshuman; Robert L. Opila
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Modular materials synthesis: from structure to function
Author(s): Dirk G. Kurth; Helmuth Mohwald
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Electrostatic layer-by-layer nano-assembly: films, cantilevers, micropatterns, and nanocapsules
Author(s): Dinesh Kommireddy; Jingshi Shi; Xiaodong Yan; Haifeng Ji; Yuri M. Lvov
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Morphological classification of nanoceramic aggregates
Author(s): Giovanni F. Crosta; Bongwoo Kang; Carolina Ospina; Changmo Sung
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Bio-scaffolds for ordered nanostructures and metallodielectric nanoparticles
Author(s): Corey J. Radloff; Shane B. Juhl; Richard A. Vaia; Jason Brunton; Vernon Ward; James Kalmakoff; Terje Dokland; Yung-Hoon Ha; Edwin L. Thomas
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Self-assembled ultra-low-k porous silica films for 45-nm technology node
Author(s): Takamaro Kikkawa; Y. Oku; K. Kohmura; N. Fujii; H. Tanaka; A. Ishikawa; H. Matsuo; Y. Sonoda; H. Miyoshi; T. Goto; N. Hata; Y. Seino; S. Takada; T. Yoshino; K. Kinoshita
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Spatial organization of ZnO nanorods on surfaces via organic templating
Author(s): Julia W. P. Hsu; Zhengrong R. Tian; Neil C. Simmons; Carolyn M. Matzke; James A. Voigt; Jun Liu
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Properties of ZnO nanotips selectively grown by MOCVD
Author(s): Hanhong Chen; Jian Zhong; Gaurav Saraf; Zheng Zhang; Yicheng Lu; Linus A. Fetter; Chien-Shing Pai
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Photosensitive porous low-k interlayer dielectric film
Author(s): Shin-Ichiro Kuroki; Takamaro Kikkawa
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Carbon nanotube transistors for biosensing applications
Author(s): George Gruner
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Nanopatterned structures for biomolecular analysis toward genomic and proteomic applications
Author(s): Chia-Fu Chou; Jian Gu; Qihuo Wei; Yingjie Liu; Ravi Gupta; Takeyoshi Nishio; Frederic Zenhausern
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DNA statics and dynamics in nanoscale confinement
Author(s): Walter W. Reisner; Keith Morton; Robert Riehn; Yan Mei Wang; Stephen Chou; Robert H. Austin
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Fabrication of nanofluidic devices and the study of fluid transport through them
Author(s): Haim H. Bau; Shashank Sinha; Byong Kim; Michael Riegelman
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Simulations of nanoscale flow: water, proton, and biopolymer transport through carbon nanotube membranes
Author(s): Gerhard Hummer
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Oxygen electro-reduction catalysts for self-assembly on supports
Author(s): Jennifer Dougan; Raquel Panton; Qiling Cheng; Don F. Gervasio
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Microreactors for efficient on-chip fuel processing and hydrogen generation
Author(s): Mayuresh V. Kothare; A. V. Pattekar; K. A. Alfadhel; L. Bleris; S. Mukherjee
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Cavities and devices for sound and light
Author(s): Alejandro Fainstein; N. D. Lanzillotti Kimura; Bernard Jusserand
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Making waveguides containing nanocrystalline quantum dots
Author(s): Dan T. Fuchs; Ronen Rapaport; Gang Chen; Ylva K. Olsson; Vikram C. Sundar; L. Lucas; S. Vilan; Assaf Aharoni D.V.M.; Uri Banin D.V.M.; Jonathan S. Steckel; Moungi G. Bawendi
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Design, fabrication, and characterization of whispering-gallery mode miniature sensors
Author(s): Haiyong Quan; Zhixiong Guo; Lei Xu; Stanley Pau
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Highly effective thin film optical filter constructed of semiconductor quantum dot 3D arrays in an organic host
Author(s): Yongwang Gao; N. Q. Huong; Joseph L. Birman; Mary J. Potasek
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Nanotechnology evolution in piezoelectric resonator sensors
Author(s): John A. Kosinski
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Design and fabrication of novel II-IV semiconductor quantum wire infrared detectors/sensors
Author(s): David Thomas Crouse; Ataul Aziz Ikram; Albert E. Miller; Michael Crouse
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Laterally deformable optical NEMS grating transducers for inertial sensing applications
Author(s): Bianca E.N. Keeler; Gregory R. Bogart; Dustin W. Carr
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New low-cost MEMS capacitive pressure sensor concept
Author(s): Yun Wang; Kin P. Cheung; Kuang Sheng; Chien-Shing Pai
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Fabrication-limited design of a reconfigurable PBG MEMS waveguide device
Author(s): David M. Mackie; Weimin Zhou; Monica Taysing-Lara; Gerard Dang
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Six-port reflectometers for terahertz scattering parameter measurements using submillimeter-wavelength detectors
Author(s): Robert M. Weikle II; Zhiyang Liu; Heng Liu; Lei Liu; Sadik Ulker; Arthur W. Lichtenberger
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Heterostructure barrier varactor (HBV) frequency multipliers for terahertz application
Author(s): Qun Xiao; Jeffrey Lee Hesler; Thomas W. Crowe; Yiwei Duan; Robert M. Weikle II
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1.6-THz frequency upconverter with integrated GaAs diode circuit
Author(s): Haiyong Xu; Gerhard S. Schoenthal; Jeffrey Lee Hesler; Thomas W. Crowe; Bascom S. Deaver; Robert M. Weikle II
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Self-alignment method by buried mask implantation for double gate MOS and nanodevices fabrication
Author(s): Remy Charavel; Jean-Pierre Raskin
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Plasmon resonant Au nanospheres and nanorods in anodic alumina matrix
Author(s): Valeria G. Stoleru; Elias Towe
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Detailed simulation of two-photon absorption for 3D micro-nano engineering and patterning
Author(s): Mary J. Potasek; Yongwang Gao
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Electrophoresis coating of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in anodic nanotemplate
Author(s): Ahalapitiya Hewage Jayatissa
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Nanoparticle production line with in situ control of the chemical composition, size, and morphology of nanoscale particles
Author(s): Gotze H. Popov; Yuri O. Glukhoy
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Zonal spherical aberration correction utilizing axial electrodes
Author(s): Liang Chiun Chao
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From microchannels to nanochannels in a bilayer resist
Author(s): Leonidas E. Ocola; Aaron Stein
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Memory cell with photoacoustic switching
Author(s): Dmitry E. Milovzorov
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Self-assembled monolayer modifications of organic thin film transistors
Author(s): Ivan Shuvalov; Rhys Lawson; Hong Ma; Alex K.-Y. Jen; Larry Raymond Dalton
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Genechip-detecting mutations in exon 8 in cTnI gene associated with FHCM
Author(s): Yuanying Zhang; Nongyue He; Huishi Guo; Di Yang; Wenhui Wan; Zhiping Bian; Jinan Zhang
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